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Not many words today…

Good evening everyone! I had a blessed day today and I am thankful. My private journey is difficult for me in some moments. Like a game of Tetris, the pieces coming together, complete the puzzle. The puzzle pieces inside the box do not match the picture on the outside of the box. The confusion becomes frustration. The pain is tangible. The questions endless and completely pointless anyway. Not being wrong does not make one right. It simply makes someone not wrong to not be wrong. Being right is an inside job. One can only ever hope to be right with themselves. Everyone else…well they are just everyone else. You are the only one who has to live with you, to wake up and sleep with you…to be next to you. Days like today…knowing this and feeling this are separate for me. My mind knows and my heart hears and cannot yet grasp, what the mind has already accepted as truth. The abstraction of this truth knows no words. I simply am and it simply is and so it is. For me though, when the struggle is the most real in my deepest depths, I have trouble finding words. Blogging with words becomes challenging. So this evening, I close and wish you a peaceful evening and wonderful and restful sleep. I love you!

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