Coral’s Healing Room at 505-269-9242 I rise early. I go to bed early. If you need me, I will make myself available to you.

Rest easy sister. I love you. Happy Birthday mom. Thank you.

My blog, my Facebook page and my phone will be silent for the remainder of the day, as we honor and celebrate the life of Robin Dyer and to sit in gratitude for my own mom helping me to help Robin and her family, on what would have been her 70th earthly birthday today.

Tomorrow, I will deliberately miss my blog entry, missing my first ever since I began blogging. I go completely silent right now, through the entire day tomorrow, in loving memory and honor of my dear sister Robin, who entrusted me with the final steps of her earthly journey. Robin is at peace and all soul contracts with her have been fulfilled, on both sides.

Rest easy sweet sister and please give my mom a hug from me. Thank you Aiden, Teddy, Duncan, all of the animals at Santuario de Karuna, and to each of you who helped and held space for our sister as she made her final journey today, from the bottom of my heart and from the hearts of her family, thank you.

I am steering this ship now, at my sisters request. Please jump on board and help us get her home.

I have an urgent prayer request for my sister Robin Dyer. Robin is journeying home and she is stuck. Our communication is diminished and I am going back in, for Robin, as Robin, to help her cross over.

Aiden is working diligently and has called in the big guns. Aiden called in Sherry. Today would have been my moms birthday and today, I call her up to carry our sister home. My communication with my mom is also diminished and so please send me all of your love to orchestrate a peaceful passing for our beautiful sister.

Sherry, please come down and meet me, that I may hand my sister over to you, that you may carry her rest of the way home. Our sister is weary and her body is broken. Between dementia and the fall that caused a head injury and her non-verbal nature, we need a fucking miracle here. We need an angel! I’m calling the angels down to pull her up and the angels on the ground to lift her up. We are the angels on the ground and I am asking you to lift Robin up with me, to the angels in the higher realms to bring her home.

Robin cannot sort this out with her brain injury. Robin is stubborn as hell and this is not that. This is her inability to get go because of the damage to her brain. The damage crossed hemispheres and our sister is stuck. Sisters family is exhausted and ready for her release. We need to all gather round and send our girl home today.

April 6th is my moms birthday and shall be the last day of Robins life here on earth. We must all come together and pray in our own ways for her release today. Our sisters body is worn out and her spirit is fading from us. Robin simply needs a little help and so I am asking each of you to step up and help us here. If you pray, pray. Do whatever you do to grant her release for departure.

On behalf of Robins family and with all of our love and gratitude, I am asking you to walk our sister Robin home with me today. However you do it, please get with us now and love our sister home.

Robin, sister, it is time. It is finished. Now is the time for you to rise up to the angels. I lift you up to the heavens and place you in my own mothers hands, that she take you to your destination on this day sister, April 6th, 2019. I pull your dementia and your brain injury that you may be able to return to your departure plan for yourself. We stand silently by in wait, in celebration and in love as you sort yourself out without these ailments. Sister, I command you to let go. I say this to you in earnest, in truth and with all of my love, now is the time and today is the day. I pull your need to control this because of the damage to your melon and I place it in my own hands. I lift you up now sister and I take over your decision in this matter. We are going home today sister. We are going home today. And so it is.

Happy Birthday to my own Mom, in heaven. Thank you for coming for Robin today mom. Blessed be her journey as she joins the angels herself.

A very heartfelt thank you for all of your love and assistance on this day, from myself and the Dyer family and from my sister Robin, who has finally submitted and asked for a ride home.

Robin Dyer is still in the building

Final words…maybe there are no final words. Nothing is final, after all. All but an illusion. All just below the surface. Last breath. Only the last breath before the next one. In another time and place possibly and always right here. We are vast. We are infinite. We are one. Death will show you that in a fraction of a moment. Nothing separates us, except maybe, and disputable at best, possibly time, although who knows? Who cares. I’m death, all that we care about it gone in a flash. All that we relied upon and knew…all ripped from us. Some slowly and some quickly. You don’t die in pain. You don’t die in unforgiving space. You just don’t.

We journey don’t we? Like we have any idea what we are doing or where the fuck we are going…we journey. Even in the conquering of death on deaths terms. Fuck death on deaths terms! I shall do it my way. Die in seven days…Ha! Renal failure without dialysis…a joke. I am an anomaly. I am a miracle. I am on deaths door and I am not knocking, for she has come for me. Imagine that…her, death, coming for me. She can wait! They can all wait. The priests be gone. My angels send them away for me. What a farce. Bringing God at death, to abate fear. Where was God before? What were the priests doing before? Before they were in the rooms of the dying, offering unsolicited counsel…where were those fucking priests before? Don’t ask me about the priests. Don’t send the priest to me now. I’ve my angels standing by and we are good to go.

Final thoughts. Mine just keep on flowing. My heart though…tired little bastard. My heart has seen better days indeed.

You’ve not heard the last of me. My beautiful family surrounds me and I am at peace. I battled it out today with my own demons. I had words that were unflattering and I meant them. I am not a doormat. I stand in gratitude for the reminder to forgive and to let go and to leave my anger. Anger I swore I didn’t have. It hit me in my ass today. It kept me here and I am thankful. For the resolve, I am thankful.

I just needed to say to you that I am still here. You knew that though. If you knew me at all, you know I will go only when I am done. I will be done when I am done.