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Calling up love for the Dyer family and Happy Birthday Regina!!!!!

I have been blessed beyond measure. Truly, I have been. My hard days are less difficult and my good days are getting better and better. I’m coming back into myself a bit and I feel so blessed to have been journeying with Robin and her family for the past couple of weeks. Life is precious and death reminds me of that. Memories make and sustain us. Everything else…well, that’s just everything else. When we leave here, we cannot take any of it with us. So thankful for the reminder of that and so honored and blessed to be a part of the Dyer family. Please lift them up and hold them in prayer and in your hearts, as they navigate their world without Robbi. The days after are difficult and I encourage you to reach for them and love them and lift them up. When I lost my mom, the days after were almost surreal. Let us all take a moment to love them up and to remind them that we are here for them. They need us now. If everyone would say it with me…”We love you Dyer family! We are here if you need us!”…I would really appreciate it. We need people the most when we can call upon them the least. Please surround this family in love and light at this time, as they learn to live differently, to heal and to say goodbye for now.

Today is the Birthday of one of the dearest and most angelic and beautiful souls that I have ever known. Today is my cousin Reginas Birthday. Please wish her a beautiful day and the happiest of Birthdays this morning, will you? My rock and my calm in life’s storms. The beauty in my ugly and the truth amongst the lies. A very piece of my own soul and an angel in a human body…my cousin. Happy Birthday Regina! Have a beautiful day my love! I will be celebrating you ALL day long!!!!