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Turning inward for a while…

Good morning everyone. I am really struggling to be here and so I will make this brief. My blog is reflective of my feelings and my experiences in my life. Coralsblog and Santuario de Karuna are two of my passions and they express very different aspects of me. Coralsblog is fairly unedited and yet so edited you can’t possibly imagine. Santuario, well that’s the important stuff. I regret any moment where coralsblog has seeped into the Sanctuary somehow. I see times where my personal journey has been too much, and believe it or not, I toned it down. I do my best to be neutral and objective and compassionate. Right now, I am not those things. Right now I am just hurt and done being in this position…a position that so many scrutinize and so few really understand.

My blog and my Facebook have been used for the good of so many…my mom when she was dying, Aiden when he was trying to get home, and Robin as she journeyed with us here at the end of her life’s journey. My body and me have been available for so many, for the same reasons. I am here for you, really, I am. With that being said, I am going to pull myself back in a bit. I am going to retreat and go inward. I am going to journey within, with me for a while. This world hurts me and right now, it’s damn near destroying me. All of the ugly and all of the hurt…all of the prejudice and judgement and rhetoric…I just need to step away from it for a while.

I will be pulling my blog off of Facebook completely. I will be off of Facebook as much as humanly possible. To keep Max and Me active, I will continue to post quotes that inspire me. Other than that, I am taking some time away from social media. I am taking some time away from social functions.

I am doing some amazing work and yesterday and the day prior, I was rendered completely unable to do what I do. I had to pull all of my energy back off of everyone I am working with, to deal with shit that isn’t even mine. I had to stop doing me to sort out and unravel things that have absolutely nothing to do with me.

With all of this being said, I hope to still meet you here, in the healing room every day. I am making a very clear choice here, to pull myself back and to do my personal work from a different forum. I am deciding that I’ve too much to offer to continue being consumed by or worried about what others think of me. Several times, I have pulled my blog back from Facebook and then I think many of you would benefit from a post and so I begin posting again, or Robin needs my blog, or Aiden has a song to share…and here I am again, back on Facebook, feeling this way again. This is a pattern that I am ending now, as social media seems more detrimental to me than beneficial to me at this time. For those of you who do want to find me, please follow and subscribe at you are welcome to comment and interact with me there.

Thank you for being here and for sharing this time and space with me. I remind myself and each of us, that I come here to heal and to get it all out, rather than keeping it all in. My intent has never been to harm anyone or to be ambiguous. If I have mentioned you, you know who you are. To everyone else, no need to concern yourself with it. This blog, this space, this time and this commitment…this is for me. I pull it back into me and I invite you to join me if you are so inclined. To anyone I have ever hurt, harmed or upset with my words and my journey, I Am deeply sorry. My blog does not reflect the ideas, opinions, thoughts or feelings of Santuario de Karuna or Tamara. My blog…corals blog…well, it simply is Coral, trying to heal.

Have a beautiful day everyone! I love you and I hope you will follow me here and share space with me here.