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A list of 20 things to make us better…and please send the Dyer family some extra love on this day…

Happy Sunday everyone! I am so glad you are here this morning. I am so glad I am here this morning. I have been battling a lot lately and this morning I was able to set it down, to be here with you. Lost and consumed by the struggle, I have so appreciated your love and prayers. I want to remind everyone of why I come here. I come here to write, to heal, to get it all out, rather than keeping what no longer serves me inside. I come here to heal. I come here to love. I come here for each of us, that we may heal and live a life of love and purpose. My life experiences are mine and I can only share them from my perspective…hence you being here, on my blog. You’ve your own experience and I honor that. No more than I would deny you your life experiences and your processes, do I appreciate energy and intention that deny me of mine. We have no idea what other people are going through…we need only always be kind and loving. If we cannot be kind…we really ought to be silent. I am flawed. I am human. I fuck up daily. I am wrong sometimes. I lose my way. I talk shit. I lose focus and balance and decorum. The thing is, we all do. We all fuck up. We all make mistakes. We all lose our moral compass from time to time. We may not know we have done so, unless someone tells us that we have done so. I came up with a list this morning to help us all. I give us twenty opportunities here to be better. I will be the first to implement this in my own life. I miss the mark sometimes. And so today, I began again and I do better. We can all do that, can’t we? We can all do better, so how about we do that? Let’s all do better today than we did yesterday. Let’s just start there. Here are some things that I believe could help us all, and so I share them and encourage you to make your own lists. Let people worry about themselves. Let people be. Work on you. And most importantly, if you cannot help them, no matter who they are, please do not harm them.

My Sunday morning list to help us all be kind today:

1. Be the person who tells the person and not the person who attempts to destroy the person to everyone else.

2. Be the girl who straightens the girls crown, and not the girl who tells everyone that it’s crooked in the first place.

3. Be the man who tells the man he’s a coward and not the man who rallies all the other men against him, to teach him a lesson.

4. Be the truth amongst the lies and the shelter in the storm. Be steadfast and honest and loyal.

5. Be brave and stand up for what you think and feel, especially when you are standing by yourself.

6. Be a friend that you would like to have. Be silent if you cannot find positive words to speak.

7. Know that “no” is a complete sentence. You don’t have to explain or justify yourself.

8. You are not always right and that is okay. This does not ever mean that you need to make others wrong. Your rightness does not depend upon my wrongness.

  • 9. When someone is really struggling and going through it, grab some of their load and give them a hand. If you cannot do this, leave them alone.
  • 10. If you have nothing nice to say, how about you don’t say it at all?
  • 11. If you aren’t out there doing it better, don’t criticize those out there doing it. We are here to learn by doing, not to criticize and critique behind our computer screens, those doing the actual work.
  • 12. If what is coming out of your mouth would hurt you, it is going to hurt the person you are talking about too. Think before you speak. If it hurts, don’t say it.
  • 13. If you’ve something to say about someone, say something to them. Don’t speak ill of them to everyone else. Be the friend you would like to have. Be a good and decent human being.
  • 14. Does it pass through all three gates? Is it kind? Is it necessary? Is it true? If it does not pass through these three gates, zip your lips until it does.
  • 15. We are all just walking each other home. We are all struggling. We are all wrong sometimes. We are here to help each other through it. Life is not a competition.
  • 16. If you aren’t going to get off of your ass and work for it, go out on a limb to reach for it or wake up every single day and do it, please stand out of the way of those of us who are.
  • 17. We all basically want the same things in life. We want to be safe and loved and heard and accepted. We should want that for everyone else too, if we are to ever have it for ourselves. We want it more for someone else and it comes to fruition in our own life experiences, because that’s just how it works.
  • 18. As much as we don’t want it to be true, there are people pretending to love us that are causing more harm to us in this moment, than people who openly admit that they hate us.
  • 19. Hate will only ever destroy anything it comes in contact with. Love is the only thing that will ever counteract the damage and ugliness that hate causes. Hate is fear. Fear is hate. Love is the only thing for these two ailments, which are actually one in the same.
  • 20. If you have something to say, and it passes all three doors, and you’re saying it to the person whom it’s about, we could begin to live in harmony right now. We perpetuate our own hell by being in other peoples lives and business more than we are in our own. Keep your own side of the street clean and don’t worry about the other side. If it’s not your circus, they are not your clowns. Set the circus and the clowns down and go find your happy.
  • This is just my list. I’m sure you’ve your own. Like I said, if you take nothing else from all of this today, take this with you…if you cannot help them, please don’t harm them. Today, I will be better than I was yesterday. And so it is.
  • If you would, please send all of your love to Robin Dyer’s family today. Robin left us last Saturday and her family is trying to find their new normal. We have all departed and they are all still having to come to terms with this loss and what it means to them. At this time, please surround them all in love and light. Lift them up. Hold them close. Love them more. Losing ones mom is no easy feat…and you will never suffer another loss such as this. If you’ve lost your mom, you know exactly what I speak of. If you’ve not lost your mom, you won’t know until you do. Either way, please take Tiffany and Tam and Dennis in your arms today and lift them up. Love them through this. All of our love to you all…truly…all of my love. I feel you guys today and I’m here if you need me. I love you.
  • Have a blessed and beautiful Sunday everyone and love the Dyer family a little extra today, would you? I love you!
  • Thankful for a good day!

    Today has been a beautiful day…a new day…a true day and I am grateful. Life has a way of being what you make of it and I’ve made a decision to make it fucking amazing. Thank you to everyone who reached out for me and checked in on me. My struggle is real and I will do all I can to overcome the adversity and survival mentality that overcomes me at times. Today was a good day and I am so thankful!

    I am off to enjoy an evening with my girl! Have a beautiful evening everyone! I love you!