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If you can’t help them, please don’t hurt them

Good morning. Happy Monday everyone. I hope you had a nice weekend. I had a nice weekend. I have a nice life. I am blessed beyond measure. My struggle is not because my life is bad. My struggle is because there are such mother fucking atrocities and such fucked up and sick and twisted and un-evolved, unconsciousness surrounding me. My struggle is real because hurt people hurt people. My struggle is real because I would rather be a mother fucking liar than to accept some of the truth I have come to know. My struggle is real because so many people are not real. My struggle is real because the shame that covers me isn’t even mine, and yet, I must do the work to remove it. There have been many breaking points in my life. This one though…point break…this one fucking matters. This is going to determine the outcome of this game. This determines if we level up, lose another life or finally hit “GAME OVER” status all together. And let me just say this, I don’t do GAME OVER until it’s fucking over. It’s not over and I’ve plenty of extra lives saved up. I have spent my life mastering the skills that I will need to blow this fucking game sky high. Unfortunate for those who thought I crawled under a rock and fucking died, it will be to realize that the game is over. This game is fucking over. With the lives that I have saved up, the skills that I have mastered and the inertia built up inside of me, I will blow this game into non-existence. Life is not a game. Life is not to be manipulated and twisted and toyed with. Life is to be lived. My life is mine to live, as your life is yours to live. You’ve plenty to do over there, without concerning yourself with what I am or am not doing over here. What I am doing over here, is the best I can fucking do right now. What I am doing over here is rebuilding myself again. What I’m doing over here is wishing I was a fucking liar, while I find a way to swallow this truth. So, if you can’t help me out over here, please do me a favor and stay over there, okay?

Truly, I am not in a good place. I am not a ray of fucking sunshine today. I am not feeling the love. I’m feeling beat the fuck down and anxious and agitated and pissed the fuck off. I am at my limit and so I turn inward and wish you all a beautiful day. And if you can’t help them, do us all a favor and at least don’t hurt them, okay? Please…can each of us just commit to that? If you can’t help them…don’t hurt them either. Please.

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