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Look at the mirror before you and see the God within you….

Happy Tuesday everyone! I am glad we are here! Life kicked me square in the teeth and I have not been able to rise above it as much as I would like to. Pain subsides a bit and then it hits me like a fucking Tsunami. There really is no outrunning it or outsmarting it. We must just stay the course and allow its process. Your love and prayers sustain me and I am so very thankful for all of you. I aim to not be ambiguous and yet I will only say what I need to say to heal through all of this. My journey and my process as I learn to navigate my terrain…and I am figuring it out, healing and letting it all go. The undercurrents in my life have failed to pull me under…and yet, they remind me of exactly who I do not want to be. Staying above water has been a challenge and if you’ve been pulling on my fucking legs, you best be going now, before I rise up from this. I am beyond done dealing with people who hurt people, like it’s some sort of fucking hobby. I have chosen the word “undercurrent” and want to add that I could just as easily call it bullying. We all know that hurt people hurt people. We all hurt people. Most of us also know when to say when and move on though. Most of us have a filter that calls it long before it exacerbates itself. Bullies bully. That’s how they do it. I will not be bullied any longer. To stop being bullied, one must first acknowledge that they are being bullied. We use more appropriate words. We sugar coat piles of steaming shit! We cover for the ones triangulating our lives. We make excuses for the very people responsible for destroying our fucking lives! We must stop this. We must take our power back. Our power lies in truth. Our power lies in forward movement and momentum. Our power lies in the heart in our chest. Our power lies in our community. If we build it, they will come. We are our own power source and we have cut ourselves completely off. We are looking for power outside of ourselves and it will not be found out there. Power will only ever be found in here. We are only ever disempowered if we stop moving forward. We are only stagnant when we cease movement. We must know that we are all the pot and the kettle. We cannot claim one side, as though we have not ever been the other. To be better is to always admit that we have room to be better. Today, I will be better than I was yesterday. I hope that you will too. We are only ever competing with ourselves. Our demons and our mirrors are one in the same sometimes. Our angels and our mirrors are the same all the time. Our divinity is only ever clouded by our inability to see it as our own. Let us all see the God in us today…our highest selves in us today. Let us also see those things in one another. We have forgotten that we are here to walk each other home. We have forgotten to hold hands and to stick together. None of us is getting out of here alive, you know? Maybe we ought to live like we are living, instead of living like we are dying. Maybe love like we are living and not love like we are dying?

Today, I challenge each of us to only compete with ourselves, to only be better than we were yesterday…to see the mirror before us and the God within us and to make better choices. Just for today, can we all give this an honest effort?

Have a beautiful day everyone! I love you! Thank you for loving me. Truly, I feel you. Thank you.