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Prayer request for my girl today…

Good morning everyone. Happy Tuesday. I am really struggling to be here. My life and my blog feel to be under scrutiny right now. Taken out of context and out of proportion, my words seem to be twisted against me. I have so, so much going on right now. I am desperately trying to heal and grow and evolve. Thank you for staying with me as I figure things out. Thank you for loving me through my trials and tribulations.

Today, I ask for all of your love and prayers for my girl. We are taking this day unto ourselves and we simply ask that you surround us in love and light, prayers and healing energy.

I will be re-evaluating my place in my world and in my friendships and in my community. I will be reassessing who I am and where I want to fit in. I am not well, with things plaguing me and taunting me, that most people cannot even begin to fathom. I am doing my very best right now, and I am painfully aware that I am lacking.

There are no details. This is not about anyone in particular. I am not pointing fingers, naming names and I’m not being ambiguous. I am simply stating that I need to reassess, ground and center and allow myself my process.

Today is about Tamara and no one and nothing else. Today is a difficult day for us and again, I ask you to pray for healing…surround us in love and lift us up. All Sanctuary matters can be directed to me and everyone and everything else in our lives will just have to wait. And so it is.

I thank you for being here. I thank you for loving us. I want you to know that we love you back. We are so appreciative for each and every one of you.

If you would please, pray with me and lift my girl up today, surround her with all of your love and allow us our peace. Thank you for being here. Truly, thank you. I love you.