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Don’t have much, except thank you for the love

Good morning everyone. I’ve got nothing this morning, other than many thanks for your love and prayers for Tamara. Tamara is home and resting and will be restricted for the next two weeks. No lifting or bending over. Please continue to shower her with all of your love and prayers for expeditor healing.

They had to go in five times during her MOHS procedure, to get clear margins. Yesterday, they went in and reconstructed and closed her up with 65 sutures. My girl is a warrior and I am so proud of her. Please love her all you can as she heals.

Many things in my life are too much for me right now. My focus is on Tamara and the Sanctuary. If I’ve ignored you, hurt you, disappointed or upset you lately, I really am sorry. It isn’t personal. I’m just in a really difficult and painful place in my life. I’m still coming back into Coral from my time with Robin and so I’m still a little off.

I remind myself and everyone else that this blog is for me to get it all out. I mean no harm or ill intent. The thing is, I’m done being harmed and being the recipient of harm and so I’m stating that out loud. I sincerely do apologize to anyone this may have upset or harmed. I am very clearly throwing up some boundaries so that I can get through this and heal. My journey is a difficult one and I need a moment.

Have a beautiful day! I love you.

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