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Good morning. Goodnight.

Good morning everyone! Happy Friday. I am glad this week is winding down. The struggle is real for me lately and so I’m glad to be toward the end of the week. Somehow, my body and my psyche have been hit really hard and being upright hurts me. Days like this remind me how human I really am.

Thank you for all of your love. I really cannot tell you what a life line your love is for me. On my worst days, your love carries me through and I thank you for that. On my best days, your love inspires me to love more and I thank you for that also. I hate to complain, as I am more blessed than most. I really am. I just hurt at those who went on without me, especially my own family. I just didn’t see that coming and the reality of having no family at all anymore is a horror I wouldn’t wish on anyone. I am so blessed for the few of my family members who still hold me close to them. I am so thankful for the family who still reaches for me. You know who you are. Thank you. To everyone else, I hope you enjoy your family reunion…you know the one I wasn’t invited to. I guess being an outcast your whole life and then having a dead mom leaves you pretty isolated and alone in an abusive family structure. Anyway, my family, without me, and I without them…it just fucking hurts me all the time…

And…it’s nighttime and I worked my ass off on this day, in spite of me. Now I must go lie down. I love you. Goodnight.