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Random Sunday morning thoughts…

Happy Sunday everyone. I am glad to be here with you this morning. I have been pretty distant and isolated, in my own journey and life circumstances. It is nice to emerge with you this morning for a brief moment. I hope you are doing well and that you are ready for a beautiful day. I am going to create some beauty in my world today and give thanks for all of those beautiful things in my world already. I am going to commune with nature on this day, as these mountains are my church in the woods.

I have come to realize that we are all just wounded little warriors, just making our way through the chaos and the beauty. We have all been hurt. We have all been betrayed in ways we cannot even speak of. We have all been the betrayers and the naysayers and the toxic one in the relationship. We have been flawed and wrong and shameful in our antics. We have made horrible decisions…every single one of us has done these things. We are wrong and we are flawed. We are spiritual beings, having a temporary human experience. We have more to offer than we put out there. We are more than we appear to be. We are the greatness of the sum of all of our parts. Guess what? So is everyone else. Everyone else has a struggle that is real, a secret they can’t share, a pain they cannot speak of…a heart broken and dreams shattered. We are ever the same, flailing around in clumsy and perfectly imperfect bodies, just trying to make our way home. So is everyone else. So is everyone else. Kindness matters ya’ll. Kindness matters. When you’ve got nothing left to offer anyone, always be kind.

I am learning how to love and how I want to be loved. I am traveling my path backwards to learn this. I thank each of you who has grown and encouraged and inspired me with your love. The struggle is real to be seen, to be heard…just to fucking be at all…the struggle is real for each of us. Remember this and be kind. We are all just walking each other home and we could actually enjoy the walk together. We could slow down and look, laugh and smile more. We can say thank you more and we can live I love you more. We each can do whatever the fuck we want. Let us do something amazing, shall we?