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Calling up your love and asking you to share it…

Happy Friday everyone! I am glad you are here this morning. I know the struggle has been so real for many of us and so I’m glad you are with me this morning.

My heart is heavy with all of the pain. So much loss and so much hurt…so much dying and such difficulty living. We do our best, don’t we? We hold on and we let go. We lose and we begin again. We fall and we get back up. We fuck up and we try again. We fail and we learn new ways for next time. We are human and we are flawed and we expect much of ourselves and of each other. So, with all of that being so, we must give ourselves some love and realize that we are doing our best. We must also know that everyone else is doing their best too. We have to stop expecting everyone else to have the same best as we have and to love each other up, rather than tearing each other down. Positive instead of negative talk. Positive self talk and positive affirmations. Be kind to yourself and to everyone you meet. Be patient. Be love. Hold space. We are here to love each other home. We must know this and stop acting as though we aren’t here for one another. We are here for one another and we really ought to start living as such. I love this lyric by SOJA…”Am I my brothers keeper? Yes I am.” Be the love my friends. Give a shit about your fellow humans. Be a good person.

We have an opportunity this morning to make different choices in our lives. We have a chance to change the world we live in, just by being love. Get to a meeting and commune with your fellows. Buy two coffees and give one to the brother struggling outside Starbucks. Hold the door for everyone today. Pay it forward. Say “hello”. Say “I love you”. Ask someone how they are and give a shit to actually listen. Be the love my friends be the love.

I challenge each of us to do something for someone today for someone who can never repay us. Be there for someone. Listen to someone. Hold someone’s hand. Hug someone like you mean it. Do something amazing for someone amazing today! I love you and I need you to help me to change our world. I need you to love more with me and to give more and to try harder…I need you to give a shit and to act like you give a shit. Be positive and heal with me. Be kind and love with me. Be real and do your best. I’m inviting you to change the world with me!!! Will you join me in a love revolution my brothers and sisters? We are here to change the world by first changing ourselves and I am on fire today! I am ready today. I am going to go out there today and love with all I’ve got…because that’s all I’ve really got to give away anyway…myself and my love. So…here I am and here you are…let’s get out there and share our love with the world today, shall we?

I’m calling up your love today and asking you to share it with everyone you meet. You can do that for us, can’t you? You can be the love and you can change the world every time you choose love over hate or fear. Dial it up you guys…dial it all the way up today. Let’s get out there and get to loving our world to peace! I know we can do this! I know we can! Let’s do it! I love you and I hope you have a beautiful day!

We made it through today…

Happy Thursday evening everybody! Wow, would you just look around at all of this fucking pain? Truly, today has been a doozie of epic proportions of pain. Death and relapse and exclusion and judgment and blame…hurt people annihilating other hurt people. Such a sad, sad cycle of sickness, don’t you think? We are sick people who judge and hate and exclude and ostracize sick people. Our sickness is rampant and we don’t even know we are killing ourselves. We are killing each other and we don’t even care enough to stop. If I am sick, you are sick. If you are sick, I am sick. As long as one of us is unwell, we are all unwell. We must begin to know this. We must get this if we are to survive ourselves.

Back in the rooms of AA and also and though I am there for the very first time…I am home. I am finally home. My sobriety and my program…my clients and my chosen family…my health and my wellness…my girl and our life…this is home for me. Home is my people loving me and me loving my people. Home is forgiveness and home is talking and being open and raw and sad and real and true.

I am thankful for my sponsor, for all of the beautiful souls in the rooms, for my beautiful partner and for the best friends in the whole wide world! I am blessed for each of you and so, so thankful for my sobriety!

Have a beautiful evening everyone! I love you!