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Who the fuck is in that mirror?

Good morning everyone! Thank you for all of the love and support from my last post. Depression certainly has aged and fucked with this girl. I was shaving my head this morning and looked in the mirror…and I was like who in the fuck is this looking back at me? Who the fuck is that girl? Broken down and busted, mentally ill alcoholic, piece of worthless shit….and I realized that I was speaking out loud and Tamara was behind me in that mirror. Who was I talking to? I sure as hell wouldn’t talk to Tamara that way, so I clearly was talking to myself. And then I just went blank all over…if I talk to me this way…there is no way that I don’t talk to Tamara and others this way too. If I think of me this way, others must also. The reflection in that mirror…the puffy eyes and tear-stained face…the sad eyes and the lost and the empty…FUCK!!!!! Just fuck…not my best look for sure…not my most flattering side. And yet I must know, as we must all know, this is not all that I am….For all that I am not, there is much that I am. For all that you are not, there is much that you are. What a beautiful fucking disaster looking back at me! What a hot fucking mess of the most epic proportions!!! Broken down…fuck yes…broken completely, not today satan, not today. Alcoholic? Yes, my name is Coral and I am one grateful alcoholic this morning! I am here! One day….fuck, one minute at a time right now….thank You God for not giving up on me, even when I did. Thank you for this hit fucking mess looking back at me. As I rise, I will definitely need to spend more time and effort on hair and makeup!

Have a beautiful day everyone! I love you! For all that you are not, there is so, so much that you are! I fucking love you…have a beautiful and blessed day!

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