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A short good morning to everyone…

Good morning beautiful people! Happy Wednesday! We are chugging along, aren’t we? Hump day has arrived and we are still here! Good for us! Some days just being here is a pretty amazing accomplishment and so good for you, for being here with me this morning! Thank you!

Today is going to be spent productively scheduling my next couple of months. I have a 60/90 from my sponsor, which turns out to be five meetings a week. 60 meetings in 90 days, client appointments, Santuario and Tamara and I…it’s all just a lot right now for me to manage.

I did a studio session on Sunday and I know the power in those sessions, so I really am trying to open up some more time and space for that. Sessions out here in the studio and hopefully soon in our secret gardens are powerful beyond measure and I know you guys need me, so we will get you scheduled. I have time on Saturday afternoon for two clients, so hit me up if you need one of the slots. Once these two fill, I’m not sure when I will open my schedule again. I will look forward to hearing from you! Once my life becomes more manageable, we will open the schedule up a bit more and roll up our sleeves and get busy on our healing. How does that sound?

For today, it’s a meeting and then therapy for me AND thanking God for being back in the rooms, thanking God for Tamara and our beautiful life and home and for our work in the world. For today, that’s enough.

Have a beautiful day everyone! I love you!