Coral’s Healing Room at 505-269-9242 I rise early. I go to bed early. If you need me, I will make myself available to you.

So thankful for each of you…and for my time on the bench…

Good morning everyone! I am feeling your pulse this morning and we are a hot fucking mess, aren’t we? What can we do to shift our vibration? How can we come up instead of constantly bringing each other down? How can we move from being and living in constant fear, and back into a place of love? We must be the change in our world. We must be the love in all of this fear. This morning I ask each of us to be the love. In some way today…be love.

To each of my friends struggling…all of my love on this day. I feel you and today feels like a good day to hold hands and stick together, doesn’t it?

We have lost our parents and partners and siblings and pets. We have strayed from our own paths. We have fallen and cannot get back up. Our friends are sick and out of commission and in need of assistance. Cancer diagnoses have us spending our final days with those we have no fucking idea how to live without. Our fear has us going completely off of our rails, doesn’t it? How do we move out of fear? How do we learn to love ourselves and each other home? How can we make each other’s journey just a little bit more comfortable than it is right now? What can I do for you? Truly, is there anything that I can do to help you on your journey? If there is something, please let me know. I am here for you, even if I’m buried under me…I’m still here for you if I can help.

Today, I lift up my friends battling cancer, and with their loved ones battling cancer and the battling of all sicknesses and all diseases. I lift up the broken-hearted and the downtrodden this morning, that we find the courage to rise up together from these ashes. I lift up those who talk about others as though they themselves are somehow superior, for they seem to have no idea of the pain they cause by doing so. I am guilty of these things and so I lift me up to be cleansed this morning and bathed in the holy light, that I may be a light to us all.

We all have a chapter in our stories that we aren’t chomping at the bit to read aloud to the class this morning, don’t we? Let’s pull that bitch out and read her, shall we? Let’s just get ‘er done, shall we? There is nothing in your story any worse than the fact that you keep your story to yourself. That’s what’s killing you…it’s not the story…it’s the fucking secret. You are killing yourself slowly with your own story that you can’t tell and it will eat you alive. Bit by bit and piece by piece, we are killing our selves with our own shames and regrets. We are flailing around lost and confused and unable to publish our very own books, simply because we can’t be authentic and raw and real. We fucked up and we can’t say so. We make mistakes and we don’t own them. We blame and shame and crucify each other for the things that we have done, that we can’t speak about at all, so we attack people who do come clean. We use people all up and toss them aside when we are done with them and we wonder why they snap and lost their shit. We light our bridges aflame and burn those bitches to the ground and then we cannot grasp why we can’t get back across. We burned those fuckers to the fucking ground…and now we don’t know why we can’t go back across. We did that and we blame someone else for fucking with our shit, don’t we?

We are losing our best friends, our families and our jobs and careers at alarming rates. We are being diagnosed with life threatening illnesses and terminal cancer. We are abusing and killing our children, our pets and each other and all we can do is blame someone else. We must be the change. At some point, we all have to live with who we are and with what we have done in our lives. Guess what? So does everyone else….everyone else has to ride that karma bus too. Everyone else has driven the karma bus and been run right over by her also. Am I wrong? Let us show each other some love and some mercy today my friends. Make that call. Meet for lunch. Show up and be of service. Go sit on that bench my friends and heal what you can while you’re here. It is up to us to heal what we can and to love each other up, and this morning I challenge each of us to raise our own bars a bit. We are better than we are letting the world see. We have more to offer than what we are putting out there, so we not? Let’s give our best today…every single one of us…just for today, let’s give it all we’ve got! If I can help you in any way, you pick up that phone and call me, would you? Please call me if I can help you and I will do what I can. I love you. I really do love you.

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