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Calling all huggers!!!!! (This morning’s blog is in honor of and loving memory of “The Hack Pack”)

Happy Saturday everyone! I wasn’t sure if my sister Robin was going to heist my blog this morning or not. Robin has been very close lately, with much to say, so we should prepare for a visit soon, I would imagine. My sister has been so active in my life and I am so grateful. As I just signed up for CEU credits that I know absolutely nothing about, I knew my sister had her hand in it. Thank you Robin for your love and guidance. I’m looking forward to the classes you chose for us this year! I rented a room for a couple of days and I am good to go! Thank you to all who offered to put me up for a couple of nights. I truly appreciate you and your hospitality! I have the most amazing people in my life and I am so thankful!

Here is some amazing news for everyone! We will be gathering for “Free Hugs on Friday, July 26th from 5:30-7:30pm at Trail Rider Pizza! I am beyond excited to be doing this again. Thank you Ashlea and Elton for hosting us again! We need as many huggers as we can get lined up to come up and hug it up with us! This is an informal event, so come as you are and share some hugs and amazing food with us on Friday in Cedar Crest! My goal is to make this a regular event and to pack the house! We are all lacking love and touch and hugs, and a couple of years ago, I decided to do something about that. I decided to practice hugging and loving and being available. It happened when I woke up in such despair one morning after my mom passed away. I called up my sister Ashlea and I asked if I could give way free hugs at The Trailer of Love in Tijeras. We made some signs and some T-Shirts and off we went to hug whomever would let us! The rest is history! I really hope to see all of you there on Friday to share the love with all of us!

This morning I really am grateful to be able to do hugs again. I’ve not been very active or available in my own life, due to the depths of my grief and my pain, to reach out to others as much as I would like to. This morning I am aware that many people need hugs and I want to make hugs available to everyone.

I ask you to lift up some of the loveliest people in my life who have recently lost the most important friends in their lives. Sadly, there are more than a few of you right now, and so I send you all of my love this morning. The Rainbow Bridge has been flooded with our friends lately and so we must hold each other up. We must carry each other through. We must be the change my friends and hold hands and stick together. This world is no place to wander around alone and lost. Take my hand. I’ve got you. I love you. It’s going to be okay. I dedicate this morning’s blog to the “Hack Pack”, in loving memory and in honor of Gable, Max, Baxter and Moxie. I lift up their mom and dad, with all of my heart this morning and I ask you to shower down some amazing love on them. Today is the first day that they wake without their Pack, so please everyone, lift them up high this morning and shine your love and light down upon them. Heal their hearts and let them feel their Pack surround them now, in love and in light. For all the love you guys gave them while them were here, the “Hack Pack” sends you all of their love and gratitude. Never was a dog more loved or provided for, than those of the “Hack Pack”. Moxie and Baxter are front and center this morning, and have asked me to share something with you;

Dear Mom and Dad,

This morning as we look down over you, we see your hearts torn apart. The silence and the emptiness in a home that we departed. We see how it has left you dismantled and broken hearted. We feel your pain and we know it’s the love. The love That has no place to go right now, except for down your cheeks. We are closer than you think, you know? The pain won’t let you see us right away and so we ask you to have faith. For as the grief subsided and as the veil lifts, you will know that this was only an illusion anyway. No one…nothing…no time or force…no thing will ever separate us, one from the other. Death to you is the end and you must know that not to be true, right? I mean…GOD….DOG….backwards, forwards, and even completely inside out, this is no coincidence. I assure you of that. DOG has you. GOD has you. We have you, as you always had us…we all have you now.

How do you like how We picked a person just crazy enough to speak for us, that you couldn’t not know that it was really us? We didn’t really like her much while we were in our bodies. I mean, we liked her okay…we just didn’t really jive with her in body, if you know what I mean? I mean she’s cool and all…she’s just a lot sometimes. In body, frankly, she was a bit much. Now though, she is just what we need to let you guys know that we made it home and that we are all together. We are all okay and we are all surrounding you and Dad right now. (She’s sitting there, isn’t she? She heard that we didn’t like her too much, didn’t she? LOL…It’s all good you guys. Please continue with your note to mom and dad 😊). Anyway, we know you guys were worried about us finding each other and we wanted to let you know we found each other. You don’t know or feel it now and you will know it sooner than you think…we never left you guys either. We are quite simply gone from your sight. So…what to do? Close your eyes, open your heart up wide and here we come!!!!! Thank you mom and dad, for everything and for all of the love you have to us. Furever right beside you and in your hearts. Close your eyes and feel us when you can’t stand that you can’t see us. We are all right there. We will always be right here. We are going rainbow chasing this morning and we will throw you some rainbows down…that will be your knowing of us being here right beside you. Every rainbow until forever shall be your upside down smile from the “Hack Pack”. We’ve always got your back! We always love you! Thank you for your amazing and flawless love for all of us, Always, in all ways.


Gable, Max, Baxter and Moxie

And with that, I lift up the entire “Hack Pack” this morning. Please shower this beautiful family with all of your love and light, all of your prayers and good juju, for they have lost their friends and they need us to love them through. And so it is.

I am going to print some fliers for this event today and ask that everyone share “Free Hugs” far and wide! Our world needs our love you guys. No one else can do this for us. We must rise up and love each other. As we take this upon ourselves and realize that we must be the change we wish to see in our world, we will begin to heal. Just you watch and see! We will begin to heal when we step across the threshold from our comfort zones, into the world that needs us, to love us all home. I can’t wait to see you all on Friday!!!!

In the series of unfortunate events that piled up and created many resentments and my inability to move past my past, I lost my way to myself. I got tangled up in blaming and shaming. I started to become negative and to begrudge the world my presence and my peace. My smile fell off of my face for a long time, when I realized some of the people I loved the most had hurt me the most. Some of the faces at the end of those hands were just a bit too much for me to take, and I crumbled completely. I’ve done my best to eliminate any further resentments by making amends the best I can. I have said some ugly things and I have been hella fucking pissed off a lot since my mom died. The hurt turned to anger and I fell apart. My family turned and left and it hurt. Now, I remind myself that we never lose any of our friends or our family. We simply find out who our true friends and our true family are, when the pressure of our world finally crushes us under its weight. I have been so blessed to find the strength of angels as I emerge from this rubble. I have been blessed to find and be given forgiveness in this pain and in all of the torment and misunderstanding of a life so far gone from me now. I am changing the way I look at things and the things I’m looking at are changing. I am so thankful for the ability to see differently and more clearly.

Thank you God. For everything. Amen.

And if you are absolutely, positively, under no circumstances what so ever; a hugger…I absolutely hope to see you on Friday! Truly, from one non-hugger to another, I dare you to come and share a long hugging embrace with me. And…in front of others….And then, you’ll be hugged and loved by others too. The more this freaks you out, the more I encourage you to attend! I’ve got you! I love you and I want to hug you!!!

Have a beautiful Saturday everyone! I am off to see what awaits me on this glorious day before me! I love you! I’m already hugging you from here!!! I just can’t wait to see you on Friday!!!!!

My blog this morning, my shave yesterday and our hugging event on Friday, are all in honor of and loving memory of “The Hack Pack”, some of my very dearest and most cherished friends, and literal angels amongst us. With all of our love this morning you guys, we lift you up!

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