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A leap of faith is on the horizon for me!

Happy early Sunday morning everyone! I cannot sleep, as I’ve been working on plans for my new office space. I have been in constant prayer and meditation over this opportunity, as it’s a big decision for me. I am close to submitting an offer for the space I have chosen. I am asking for love and prayers to guide me in this decision and to light me up as I take a new platform and a new role in my life. This opportunity comes at a time when I am transitioning my focus and my work into spiritual overdrive.

It feels as though I have Always and forever obsessed with job descriptions and credentials and resumes. I have put in a lot of hours, sweat and tears, never really fulfilling my dharma. This opportunity comes at the perfect time, as I enter a place in my life where I do not give a shit about any of that. I do not care what my resume looks like or how many jobs or career paths I have previously chosen. I’m not attached to who you think I am or to what people think I do anymore. This venture is not about any of that. This is about being the light and this is about coming with that light and passing this torch. My mission is simple and that is to love us all home. This opportunity…this space…this opening…is simply an invitation for us all to show up and to work together. I will be available in my new office space three days a week. I am scheduling myself in office on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday to start with. My appointments will be scheduled in one hour segments and two hour segments. My rate will be $100 per hour for all services and must be paid at the time of service. I accept cash, checks, PayPal and Zelle. Appointment times for Studio Sessions and for Animal Communication and Animal Reiki and for all Human and Animal Massage will all be conveniently billed at the same rate per hour, to keep it simple and affordable for everyone! All of everything else, I’m doing away with. Simple is my motto moving forward. Being available to everyone is extremely important to me, and so I am taking a huge leap of faith here and making myself available, by opening office space, continuing my mobile and pet sitting clients and by offering studio space at Santuario de Karuna on a one on one basis.

If there is enough interest, I will offer a monthly group meditation. I also have some workshops in the planning phases and will be available for lectures and silent space opportunities. I want to offer you plenty of time with me one on one. So…there are a lot of good things coming!

As I said, I need some extra hands and a skill set outside of my own to help me to demo a wall and to build a couple of walls. It seems pretty straight forward and yet, it’s not my strength, so is anyone available for a few hours this week to help me out? I am looking at this week on Wednesday or possibly Thursday? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Please hit me up if you can help a girl out. Thank you in advance!

I can feel the momentum building and the energy lighting up! I know that we are in for some amazing things coming! We must be the change. We must be the love. We must hold hands and stick together.

As I prepare to take this leap of faith, I ask each of you for all of your love and prayers. As I program for being both a provider and for being so provided for, I pray for each of us to give and get what we need from one another. My mission is to be of service and to be available. This leap of faith makes that more possible than it has been and for that, I am very grateful.

With my proposal in hand and my offer ready, I walk into the light, ready for all of the amazing opportunity, the financial security, the abundance and healing headed our way. Please pray for my offer to be accepted and for my proposal to be embraced and accepted, so that we can get moving toward all of the amazing things coming our way!

With all of my love and thanks this morning, I ask for all of your love and prayers as I jump, with all of my heart, into my amazing future. I really do hope you will join me!

All of my love today! I believe in the good things coming! And so it is.