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Rambling thoughts about being kind…

Happy Friday everyone! I am in slow motion this morning and not moving very quickly yet. Sleep was scarce and interrupted and I feel the morning fatigue or it all this morning. I sometimes wish I could just lie here. Nothing else…just lie here, until I don’t want to lie here anymore. I wonder how long that would be…I mean I wonder how long, if I could just lie here, how long would I lie here? How long would you just lie there? Anyway, that is my intricate thought process this morning so far. I’m booked solid today and so I shall not just lie here. Just a thought about what if I did and how long I would just stay in bed if I didn’t have to get out of bed at all. Random thoughts from my meandering mind this morning.

I was hopping to have some inspiration or some words of wisdom this morning. I wanted to reach out and inspire you this morning with my words; and words elude me a bit. I do hope that you have a lovely day and that you find happiness in the small stuff. If you’re hurting, I hope it passes quickly. If you’re sad, I hope a smile finds you today. If you are beat down, I hope someone reaches down to lift you up. Most of all, I hope you are enough for you today. I pray for your health and your happiness and you safety. I pray for your family and for your friends and for the animals in your care. I pray you make more than enough money and that your kitchen is full of your favorite healthy foods. I hope you will always put a hand out for someone who needs a hand. We must start living the basics differently, if we expect to see sustainable and substantial change in our world. We cannot act the way we act and expect the results to be different than they are. We don’t make time and we don’t speak with love and light and praise for those whom we see suffering. Surely someone else will help them, right? We are all someone. We all have something that we can offer. What do you offer? What do you give away to those who need something from you? The small acts of caring and sharing and loving…those acts make a huge difference. Just ask the person you bought water for or the guy you gave your lunch to on the corner yesterday. When we walk by like we don’t care, the people we walk by feel that we don’t care. How would you feel if you were the other guy? How many people would you have to watch walk by you, with no love or assistance at all, before you just gave up on asking for it? When did we stop loving each other you guys? Truly, what happened to cause us to justify not loving certain people and groups of people? When did throwing dogs out of windows, to their death on the pavement, become acceptable to us? When did witnessing violence become our norm? When did we lose our hearts and our sense of eight and wrong? Why do we stay silent about things that really do matter? Just some food for thought this morning…who the fuck are we? Truly, who are we becoming? This world that we are all bitching about…this is our world. What are we doing to right what’s wrong? What are we doing to be the change? Sitting around complaining about it surely isn’t turning this tide, is it? Maybe be love, in action? Go out there today and be love. At work…at home…in public…hold doors and say “hello”…smile and give a shit about each other. We never know what someone else is going through, so always be kind.

Have a beautiful day everyone! I love you.