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Asking for love and prayers for Aiden…

Good morning everyone! This morning I am calling up love for Aiden and his family. Aiden has been struggling with Tracheal Collapse. The way his mom describes it, the cartilage in Aiden’s trachea gets weak and so when he breathes harder, his trachea literally collapses. It’s like drinking thick milkshake through a straw and if you try to drink too quickly, the straw collapses and nothing gets through. So…imagine trying to breathe through that! The struggle to breathe is real for Aiden and Quality of life for everyone in Aiden’s family is diminished, as Aiden must lie fairly still to avoid the coughing that ensues if he gets agitated or excited by getting up and moving about the cabin. Once the coughing starts, everyone is caught in its turbulence and it’s uncomfortable grasp. At only four pounds, this collapsed trachea is rocking Aiden’s little world, literally. Much consulting is going on and everyone who can help is being contacted to get Aiden whatever help is needed to improve his quality of life. As we are gathering and assembling teams to get Aiden all fixed up, I ask for your love and your prayers for Aiden. I ask you to lift Aiden and his mom up as high as you can and into the healing light. Please pray for the competence and steadfastness of Aidens medical team and everyone on this team, as we all place our love and hands and healing energies on Aiden to return him to wellness.

As many of you know, Aiden and his mom, and his entire family…are my heart. Aiden is part of me. Aiden and I are spending nights together and long afternoons lying still together. Although I cannot seem to explain exactly who I am or what I do, to most people, Aiden knows. Aiden and I are the same and I do my best to work with Aiden and his body through my own body. My heart functions as Aidens and Aidens as mine. Aiden and I are the epitome of walking each other home. So…when Aiden is not feeling well, I am not feeling well. And when Aiden needs love and prayers and healing energy, I am going to go out there and get it for him! I ask each of you to take a moment this morning to lift up Aiden and his family. Please pray for their hearts and for relief and healing and a return to wellness for Aiden. Aiden really is someone spectacular and special and extraordinary! Aiden is part of me and I ask you to lift us up as we embark on a healing and telling journey together. Aiden needs us and so I will be rallying the troops and gathering tribe to carry our precious Aiden through this storm.

I began growing my hair out yesterday, for Aiden. I have never grown my hair, only ever shaved it, for anyone. So, this is a bit of a twist for me. Divinely guided and full of faith…trusting and knowing…I begin my fro grow for my beautiful friend Aiden! All of my hair and all of the strength that it symbolizes, I grow, with all of my love for Aiden.

Please pray with me:


Hear our prayer. This morning Lord, I lift my friend Aiden up into your loving arms. I turn him over to you Lord that you mend him and make him well again. Aiden is so special to so many of us and we need Aiden down here Lord. Aidens trachea is in collapse and Aiden is struggling to breathe and to be well. Please Lord, open Aidens throat clear and wide. Let Aidens air pass through with ease and please remove Aidens discomfort and struggle to breathe. Lord, in your will and your capabilities, please take Aiden into your arms and make him well again. With all of our love and gratitude, and in your name, we pray these things. Skill our hands and open our hearts. Fill our minds with knowing of what to do and bring forth the people who can make Aiden well again, to assemble his team, to raise him up to you, that you may make him whole again. And so it is. Amen.

Have a beautiful day everyone and thank you for loving Aiden and for praying with me for his wellness and for his beautiful family. All of my love and gratitude this morning. Thank you. And please, if you will, say it with me…”We love you Aiden!!!!!”