Coral’s Healing Room at 505-269-9242 I rise early. I go to bed early. If you need me, I will make myself available to you.

And we dance for Aiden…

Happy Friday everyone! Thank you for all of the love for Aiden. We really do appreciate each and every one of you for loving Aiden so much. Aiden is an ambassador and the world needs him. We really do need Aiden well and feeling good, and The world needs Aidens spirit and his unconditional love. So this morning, we dance for Aiden.

There are many of us working together for the best solution for Aidens predicament. Many hands and many hearts coming together to get Aiden on the mend. There are acrobatics involved and juxtaposing and getting it just right. Juggling and moving and dancing bodies into the just right position. There is me holding this here while you go up there and do that. And I’ll submit my diagram to you and you edit it and kick it back to your colleagues, until our design is flawless for Aidens new windpipe. I will hold you up until you collapse on top of me and we will rest and then you will hold me up to do my work. We will do this, switching roles until it’s done, with Aiden heart center the whole time, getting well! We are learning how intricately we must all work together, with such fine tuning and precision. We are dancing to the left and holding it just right…and rebalancing and getting centered. And guess what? Every single one of you has a role in this…a tool in your hand, love in your heart…a loving intention…we each have something that Aiden needs from us. Love is coming together unconditionally to get it to him, and we are doing that. Love is a verb and in this, Aiden is teaching us how to love. Aiden is teaching us how to show up, even when we feel we’ve so little to offer. Aiden is big enough to ask for help, to show us that we too can ask for help. Aiden teaches us that no matter who are are or what we do, we can always be love. Working together and using what we have to lift someone up who can offer more…that’s why we are here. I can lift you higher than I can go sometimes and so I lie down on the bench and I press you up. I give all I’ve got from underneath you to reach your heights. Bench pressing you and dead lifting you to your heights, and catching you when you fall exhausted on top of me…that’s how we heal Aiden. We take our turns and our shifts doing our best work and we stand on each others feet and we balance on each other’s hands…we move about and up and down and to and fro with absolute precision. We ebb and flow and we take turns being on top and lying as the spotter on the bottom. We realize that both positions are imperative and on our rest breaks, we connect hearts and recharge ourselves and one another. After our rest, I begin to push you back up to your heights. I arch my back and I push your hands up on my palms…I balance your feet flat on the bottoms of my feet and I extend my knees as I raise you up. In fluid form and motion, we dance. First you lead and I follow and learn your steps and then I shall teach you my steps. Together, in perfect rhythm and balance, with love as our guide, we dance! For Aiden, we dance.

Aiden says thank you for dancing for him! He will be back to dancing with all of us in no time at all! We love you guys! Have a beautiful Friday!

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