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Exhaulting the pinnacle by Aiden….

Happy Monday everyone! Aiden and I are up and ready for this day! We have been working non-stop to get Aiden exhaulted to his highest heights and we will keep working until he gets there! Building new tracheas and laying in positions that humans don’t execute nearly as well as four pound dogs…practicing barking and making the trachea vibrate at different octaves to get vibrations and depths of sound…all I can say about my life some days is that my life is a trip! I am blessed beyond measure to be here with Aiden and I wouldn’t have it any other way! I am also so blessed to have an amazing partner who lets me fly my freak flag high and fucking proud…and I have all of you rallying around me and with me for Aiden! So…life is pretty fucking amazing and I am truly grateful to be on this journey with Aiden and his mom!

I hope that each of you had a beautiful weekend! For my friends with birthdays, happy birthday! I truly do celebrate my friends on their birthdays, as all of you complete all of me! The day of our birth is kind of a big deal, as we begin another trip around the sun, as we incarnate again to evolve some more, to love and grow and ebb and flow some more. So happy birthday to anyone celebrating! I celebrate you too!

My life is definitely a trip! I woke up to Tamara’s distress call of our guinea fowl had landed on the gate wrong and his foot got stuck between the gate slats. Manny must have been trying to roost and exhault (that was for Aiden) himself up into the trees Saturday night. Failure to launch and his inability to break free rendered him stuck and hanging upside down on that gate all night long, we suspect. When we found him, he was nearly dead and exhausted and his leg got torn up a bit. Lots of love and rest and a bandage job by Dr. Tamara, and we pray he does okay. God do we pray for these guys. Manny is in solitary and healing space and we ask for your love and prayers for his recovery.

The vet will be out today for inoculations and teeth floating and hoove trims, so we will have her care for Manny too. Today is a big day at Santuario, as all of the pigs and the goats and the dogs get vet care here today. We ask that you love our veterinarian and all of her techs and Tamara and I and all of our volunteers deeply this morning as we have our hands on these guys. I have mad respect for all of my friends who are veterinarians and doctors, as they have a lot of pressure on them to do it right, all of the time. Thank you to each of you who went to school so long and worked and studied so hard to take such great care of all of us. I’ve some mad love and respect for each of you and the path you travel. Thank you. Truly, thank you.

Aiden has a lot going on in that little head of his, almost all of the time. More than that though…Aiden has a lot going on in that huge heart of his all of the time! Aidens heart is all love, all of the time. Being in Aidens head and being Aidens heart is a privilege that I cannot find enough grateful words for. As human beings, we miss so much of the wonder and the glory and the contentment of just being a dog and so I embrace this time to just be a dog with Aiden. My life is much more beautiful behind Aidens eyes than it often is behind my own eyes. As I come in and out of Aiden and as I switch roles back and forth with Aidens mom, I know how blessed I am to be loving and working at this sacred level. The rest periods and the work periods are equally important to all of us and as we figure out how to ebb and flow in perfect precision with one another. The triangle…transforming itself into a pinnacle is the human experience. Guided by a dog like Aiden, it’s all pinnacle…every single bit of it! Brushing your teeth, getting married, making love….eating dinner, watching sunsets, riding shotgun next to mom in the race car and FJ cruisin…all pinnacle stuff. The triangle, and never to be triangulated, is only ever used to line us up for the pinnacle. Our lives, Aiden says, every single moment of our lives, can be pinnacle moments just like Aidens. I’ve asked Aiden to chime in on this, so everyone please welcome Aiden to our healing space this morning! Good morning Aiden!

  • Hi everyone! This is Aiden! Good morning and happy happy happy Monday! Thank you for loving me into the pinnacle. I feel each of you in my heart. Each feel makes me stronger. Each feel makes me weller and better and happier. Thank you. The pinnacle is what you humans look for and so I want to explain it to you. You have it all wrong and you all get stuck in the triangles a lot. You triangulate when you could be pinnacling. Here is how we pinnacle people! We surround ourselves with our greatest treasures and with those who love us the most and we spread them out like our favorite toys all around us. We make ourselves comfortable and secure first and then we make sure our love buttons are in full activation. We close our eyes and we imagine that every person in front of us is the person that we live the very most, in all of life. My person is my mom. I pinnacle her like this…My mom is the most beautiful and smart and dedicated and caring and kind person in my world…maybe even in the whole world, so that’s your world too. I take my mom in my arms and I love her with all of myself. My body…my mind and my heart…with all of me, I love all of her. There is not one thing about my mom that I don’t love. AND it seems like I love the things about my mom the most that she loves the least about herself. Some days if she doesn’t feel or look just right before we go to the race car, I feel her a little sad and so I just sing my loudest to her that she is beautiful! Sometimes my dad tells her she is beautiful and she doesn’t believe him at all and I don’t know why. My dad sees really good. When I tell my mom she is beautiful, she begins to pinnacle…the pentagram becomes alive again. So, dogs have hard work some days…telling beautiful humans that they are beautiful, only to be doubted. My mom though…my mom is my rock and my hero and my best friend. My mom is my pinnacle and I’m teaching her to pinnacle too. Coral is learning to pinnacle and to exhault herself too. So, I want you to know that you can learn to pinnacle and exhault yourself to the highest of highs with us too! Today, I know I have to reboot my mom. I know because some mornings when I see her, I know she is going to need me to beam her up!!! Coral is rebooting now. Coral beamed me up! Anyway, we have to pull out these words like pinnacle and exhault sometimes to remind us of where we are at and of who we are. We came here for greatness, to be great….and I think we should start being that, don’t you? I hope you have a beautiful day! I’m hoping to go race car driving later…after I spend some time with Jackson. I love you guys! I’ll talk to you later! My mom is sending more pics so be ready for some cuteness overload!!!!

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