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So Thankful for Aiden…

Good morning everyone! Happy Tuesday! Aiden and I have been very busy working on some things. Thank you for fueling us with all of your love and prayers while we work! We love and appreciate how you love us.

This time with Aiden is teaching me so much. Truly, giving your life over to someone else, to be them, to heal them…to unconditionally love them in a way that gives all of yourself to them…it is humbling and eye opening and surreal and beautiful and sometimes a little scary in spots. Aiden is a a great spotter though and we do not touch the ground. Ebbing and flowing, healing and growing and fro growing…Aiden and I are one. An opportunity presented itself for me to leave town for a week of musical medicine and festivities and I just could not leave and miss Aidens court date next week or my time with Aiden and his mom during this very important time in Aidens healing. Decisions like this bring me full circle to realize that some things are just more important than other things and Aiden is most important to me! I am blessed to be as I am and to be so close to Aiden and he is most important to me. Our time in healing space together is opening my eyes and my heart to many things. Thank you Aiden. I love you!!!

Our vet came out for all of the pigs, the goats, the cows and Hondo yesterday. It was about five hours of inoculations, hoove trimming and tusk trimming. It was humbling for sure to hear and see the stress and the fear of all of the animals as their turn approached, and to watch them react and adapt. If you have never heard a pig scream, you’ve absolutely no idea how that decibel registers in your own heart as it cuts through the air. It’s a sound like no other and it literally penetrates my soul every time I hear it. We were so blessed with skilled techs, an amazing veterinarian and our faithful volunteer and everything went off without a hitch. Thank you Western Trails and Dr. Thornton for an amazing afternoon taking care of our babies! We love you guys and are so thankful for you!!! Thank you Rob for always being so fucking amazing! We love you! And to my amazing girl, living her amazing dream, all of my love and respect. Truly, I am in constant awe of the passion that you have and the dedication that you have, to the love and commitment that you have to these animals and to your work in the world with and for them. Living your dream with you is an experience that I am so thankful for and I thank you for making me part of your world. We are so blessed and on days like yesterday, when it all just comes together, we are reminded just how blessed we are. Thank you universe for blessing my life so abundantly!

Today I woke in gratitude. Exhausted from yesterday and sore all over, I know I gave my all and did my best and that feels good. I’ve been working on a prosthetic for Aiden and I am going to drop that off to his mom today, so please pray that it works to help Aiden to keep his trachea open so he can breathe with ease. All of my love went into this design and Aiden and I think that it just may work! Love always works Aiden says!

I hope each of you have a beautiful day today! I’ve a full day today, so I’m off! Looking forward to seeing Aiden this morning and ready for some healing with my clients today. I hope each of you has a beautiful moment today that you share with someone else. A smile. A coffee. Lunch. A phone conversation. Go be for someone what you need in someone and see how your world opens up! Go hug someone…and I mean really hug them…and change your own world. Say you love someone and mean it and see how your heart feels. Open the door for someone. Buy two coffees and give one away. Start doing for others and see how much it does for you to do so. Aiden and I dare you! I love you guys! Have a beautiful day everyone! And say it with me, loud and proud…I love you Aiden!!!!

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