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Thank you for your love. I’m taking it with me on blog sabbatical ❤️

Good afternoon everyone! Today is bittersweet for me in many ways. I am moving in a new direction and will be taking some time away from this blog to do that. I ask for your love and support as I venture out to discover and learn new terrain. Please stand by and hold loving energy and space for me. Please hold me in love and prayer as I embark on a new and very exciting journey!

Thank you for your beautiful love and prayers for Cheii Dennis Hardy Sr. Last update, Cheii is still missing. Please continue to lift he and his family up and Lord, offer him protection. I will not have further updates on Cheii on this page after today.

This will be my last blog post for a while, as I am taking a sabbatical of sorts from writing and social media. I am embarking on something new and exciting! I cannot wait to tell you all about it as it develops! I will post details about a launch on April 12, 2020 a bit later on.

For now though, all of my love and an overflowing bowl of gratitude for all of your love and support. Thank you for being here in the healing room with me. I look forward to meeting you again soon, a bit further down the road.

I love you and I Thank you for all of your love!

My blog will be silent until Dennis Hardy returns home

Please keep Dennis Hardy and his family in your prayers and lift them up, as they continue their search to bring their Cheii home.

My blog will be silent until he returns home. I love each of you and thank you for lifting Dennis and his family up at this time. With all you’ve got, please give all you’ve got to bring Cheii home today.

Please help us sing Cheii home to his family today….

Happy Tuesday everyone. We are so capable of so much, aren’t we? Sitting here in Tijeras with Chii, praying for divine guidance to get him back to his family. Ancient wisdom and intuition haven’t availed is quite enough strength yet, to get him home to his people. Chii and I sit silently with Spirit. We know you want to help and so this is what we need from you. We need your love and prayers. We need your intention to get Cheii from where he is now, which we do not know, therein lies our dilemma, back to his home or Summit. I am using all I’ve got to block energetic boundaries in all directions. Nahko is doing his work in musical medicine with Trevor Hall and I am channeling and weaving their work into mine. “Directions” by Nahko and Medicine for the People is the song chosen by Cheii and I this morning to get his chariot to roll by and pick him up and take him to safety.

The help I need for my work in this is for you to use all of your love and energy while playing this song to summon the courage and vibration, the love and integrity of tribe…the humanity and the acceptance of oneness…to literally bring Cheii our into the light so we can see him and usher him to warmth and safety. Often, when we are lost, we are also scared. When we are scared, sometimes we hide. We get cold and lonely and disoriented and frightened and we become prey. I have placed myself as a human shield around our beloved Cheii and I will hold him, without cessation until he rests again in the loving arms of his people. With my arms around Cheii, I am seeing you all from the inside of him, as he is heart center in front of me. This beautiful man has seen oppression and this man has been persecuted. I take any arrows lobbed his way and I break them in two. I disarm any energy that does not vibrate to his highest frequency. Let it be known that this man is protected by Great Spirit and he should be handled with the greatest care and love. Should he be under the thumb of someone to whom he does not belong, I order his safe and immediate release at this moment, to the loving and protective arms of the Navajo Nation. By the power vested in me by Great Spirit, I demand that this man be handed over and cared for deeply until he returns to safety. And so it is.

And so this morning, with all of my love, I return to prayer and meditation, to honor the highest place in myself, the one that we each have, to use what we have for someone else. Whatever it is and however you use your gift, we could really use your talents to bring Cheii home. There are search parties and many other ways to help. If each of us did a little something, we could all get much more substantial results. We must stop with the mentality that says that we, one person, do not or cannot make a difference. We are all we’ve got. What we do with what we’ve got…well that is entirely up to us, isn’t it? “This little light of mine…I’m gonna let it shine, let it shine, let it shine….”

Please help! Missing Elder from the Navajo Nation

I would really appreciate if everyone could throw some serious love and prayers to get Dennis home today. This came across my feed this morning and grabbed my heart strings. Time feels to be of the essence and so I ask each of you to send up a prayer and to do what you can to get Dennis safely home. We must honor and respect our Elders and I raise the bar for each of us today to just that.

Let us love this family up while we bring their brother back home to safety. All of my love and thanks to each of you for placing this as priority this morning. All together now, let us pray:

Our Heavenly Father,

Please watch after Dennis and surround him safely in your loving arms. Please ease his pain and fear, and carry him that he not get further from his home and his people. God, please take this man unto you to ensure his safety and his peace, his comfort through your grace and mercy. Please Lord, hear our prayers and being Dennis safely home. And so it is. Amen.

The day the silence offered herself to me…

Happy Sunday everyone! I find myself in both tribal and sacred spiritual space. I have taken a vow of silence until 09/21/2019. During this time, I will be going deep within myself to do some evaluating and assessing and healing. I will also be fasting during this time. I only mention this at all because my dealings in the world will be minimal during this time. My outings will be silent and my meals will be bread and water. Should I encounter you during this time, I will not speak to you. Please be patient as I learn to use and interpret your body language better.

All of my life, I have been talking and cannot stop. Literally. My family once paid me .25 an hour to just shut the fuck up. I made only a couple of dollars and it was excruciating for me. I think it was excruciating because I knew that no one wanted to hear me. I just didn’t know how to stop talking. That happens to me still and it is problematic sometimes. In my relationship with Tamara, I literally talk and cannot stop fucking talking. I’m learning that this has been my coping mechanism through all of the trauma and pain of the past. I filled my empty space and my void with words. My silence inside echoed me completely out and somehow, my words kept me company in my silence and abandonment. Somehow, no matter how dead I was inside and how much nobody wanted me to talk, my words gave me breath and kept me alive, if only to myself. It’s like a Tourette’s of my broken soul, spewing out of my mouth like a fountain of ignorance sometimes and I just can’t stop talking. And that brings me to the vow of silence. I stand in silent solidarity for us all this week to exercise pause and contemplation and decorum. My silence speaks for us all, as we close our mouths and minds and open our ears and hearts. The silence and the space in between the words is where I shall find my new rhythm, my inner peace and my strength to go on.

My silence would earn me $42 if I were being paid by my family this week to shut the fuck up. Seven days at .25 per hour. I needed the money and I tried with all of my might to stay quiet through their sneers and taunts that I wouldn’t last…that I just simply could not stop talking. That $1.50 or whatever I earned was the most excruciating wage I ever earned, ever. I knew what I needed to do, what everyone had been asking me to do my whole life, to just shut the fuck up. I simply could not and I haven’t been able to since then. I guess I thought that I simply hadn’t said the right thing yet. Surely, if I talked non-stop, I would find words that my family wanted to hear. I never did. I still have not. This clarity is painful for me…jagged and deep…and honest and fair and true and necessary.

Many of you have encountered this side of me…this awkward and bumbling idiot of nervousness, who simply cannot shut the fuck up. And so…there it is…Why Coral has not stopped talking…ever. I guess I was horrified that if I stopped talking, I would cease to exist at all. I don’t know exactly when or how or why it all began. I simply know that it’s time for me to stop talking, for me. I will take $42 from my wallet and honor the pain of my silence and a family willing to pay for it, who only ever wanted me to watch my mouth and what and how I say it…and truth be told, to shut the fuck up. I get it. I hear me sometimes. I get it. So, for the next week, as I go within, my gift to each of you, enjoy the silence. (Thank you Depeche Mode).

For those I have inflicted myself upon and to those harmed by my constant rhetoric, in any negative way, I truly am sorry. Most especially to Tamara…I am taking this vow of silence to honor you. I am taking this time and space to honor us and our relationship. I love you and I honor the highest place in you that simply needs some peace and quiet. At the beginning and end of this day, I am doing this for the evolvement of my own soul, to exhault my pinnacle with Aiden and to lift us all up. And so it is.

To my clients and friends who will encounter me this week, I will be in silence when I see you and you may talk to me and act as you normally would. There will be just be more space for both of us as I remain inside myself and my words. I will be blogging and texting, as my life and my wellness and my existence thrive upon contact with each of you. I am just evaluating what that will look like henceforth.

To each of you, happy Sunday. I love you and I sit in silence and solidarity for us all, that we may know the power of our words and choose them wisely and carefully. Words, once release into the universe, cannot be retrieved. Most especially, let us choose the words we speak to our children and the animals we share space with much more carefully. In my silence, I lift up our six pack, that they may know my silence, as I have screamed and begged for theirs. May they carry me as my heart softens and as my mouth closes, that I may relish in the beauty of their songs. As the dysfunction melts from me and as the trauma in the wake behind me falls away, I stand humble here before you with nothing else to say. And so it is.