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If you can’t help them, please don’t hurt them

Good morning. Happy Monday everyone. I hope you had a nice weekend. I had a nice weekend. I have a nice life. I am blessed beyond measure. My struggle is not because my life is bad. My struggle is because there are such mother fucking atrocities and such fucked up and sick and twisted and un-evolved, unconsciousness surrounding me. My struggle is real because hurt people hurt people. My struggle is real because I would rather be a mother fucking liar than to accept some of the truth I have come to know. My struggle is real because so many people are not real. My struggle is real because the shame that covers me isn’t even mine, and yet, I must do the work to remove it. There have been many breaking points in my life. This one though…point break…this one fucking matters. This is going to determine the outcome of this game. This determines if we level up, lose another life or finally hit “GAME OVER” status all together. And let me just say this, I don’t do GAME OVER until it’s fucking over. It’s not over and I’ve plenty of extra lives saved up. I have spent my life mastering the skills that I will need to blow this fucking game sky high. Unfortunate for those who thought I crawled under a rock and fucking died, it will be to realize that the game is over. This game is fucking over. With the lives that I have saved up, the skills that I have mastered and the inertia built up inside of me, I will blow this game into non-existence. Life is not a game. Life is not to be manipulated and twisted and toyed with. Life is to be lived. My life is mine to live, as your life is yours to live. You’ve plenty to do over there, without concerning yourself with what I am or am not doing over here. What I am doing over here, is the best I can fucking do right now. What I am doing over here is rebuilding myself again. What I’m doing over here is wishing I was a fucking liar, while I find a way to swallow this truth. So, if you can’t help me out over here, please do me a favor and stay over there, okay?

Truly, I am not in a good place. I am not a ray of fucking sunshine today. I am not feeling the love. I’m feeling beat the fuck down and anxious and agitated and pissed the fuck off. I am at my limit and so I turn inward and wish you all a beautiful day. And if you can’t help them, do us all a favor and at least don’t hurt them, okay? Please…can each of us just commit to that? If you can’t help them…don’t hurt them either. Please.

A list of 20 things to make us better…and please send the Dyer family some extra love on this day…

Happy Sunday everyone! I am so glad you are here this morning. I am so glad I am here this morning. I have been battling a lot lately and this morning I was able to set it down, to be here with you. Lost and consumed by the struggle, I have so appreciated your love and prayers. I want to remind everyone of why I come here. I come here to write, to heal, to get it all out, rather than keeping what no longer serves me inside. I come here to heal. I come here to love. I come here for each of us, that we may heal and live a life of love and purpose. My life experiences are mine and I can only share them from my perspective…hence you being here, on my blog. You’ve your own experience and I honor that. No more than I would deny you your life experiences and your processes, do I appreciate energy and intention that deny me of mine. We have no idea what other people are going through…we need only always be kind and loving. If we cannot be kind…we really ought to be silent. I am flawed. I am human. I fuck up daily. I am wrong sometimes. I lose my way. I talk shit. I lose focus and balance and decorum. The thing is, we all do. We all fuck up. We all make mistakes. We all lose our moral compass from time to time. We may not know we have done so, unless someone tells us that we have done so. I came up with a list this morning to help us all. I give us twenty opportunities here to be better. I will be the first to implement this in my own life. I miss the mark sometimes. And so today, I began again and I do better. We can all do that, can’t we? We can all do better, so how about we do that? Let’s all do better today than we did yesterday. Let’s just start there. Here are some things that I believe could help us all, and so I share them and encourage you to make your own lists. Let people worry about themselves. Let people be. Work on you. And most importantly, if you cannot help them, no matter who they are, please do not harm them.

My Sunday morning list to help us all be kind today:

1. Be the person who tells the person and not the person who attempts to destroy the person to everyone else.

2. Be the girl who straightens the girls crown, and not the girl who tells everyone that it’s crooked in the first place.

3. Be the man who tells the man he’s a coward and not the man who rallies all the other men against him, to teach him a lesson.

4. Be the truth amongst the lies and the shelter in the storm. Be steadfast and honest and loyal.

5. Be brave and stand up for what you think and feel, especially when you are standing by yourself.

6. Be a friend that you would like to have. Be silent if you cannot find positive words to speak.

7. Know that “no” is a complete sentence. You don’t have to explain or justify yourself.

8. You are not always right and that is okay. This does not ever mean that you need to make others wrong. Your rightness does not depend upon my wrongness.

  • 9. When someone is really struggling and going through it, grab some of their load and give them a hand. If you cannot do this, leave them alone.
  • 10. If you have nothing nice to say, how about you don’t say it at all?
  • 11. If you aren’t out there doing it better, don’t criticize those out there doing it. We are here to learn by doing, not to criticize and critique behind our computer screens, those doing the actual work.
  • 12. If what is coming out of your mouth would hurt you, it is going to hurt the person you are talking about too. Think before you speak. If it hurts, don’t say it.
  • 13. If you’ve something to say about someone, say something to them. Don’t speak ill of them to everyone else. Be the friend you would like to have. Be a good and decent human being.
  • 14. Does it pass through all three gates? Is it kind? Is it necessary? Is it true? If it does not pass through these three gates, zip your lips until it does.
  • 15. We are all just walking each other home. We are all struggling. We are all wrong sometimes. We are here to help each other through it. Life is not a competition.
  • 16. If you aren’t going to get off of your ass and work for it, go out on a limb to reach for it or wake up every single day and do it, please stand out of the way of those of us who are.
  • 17. We all basically want the same things in life. We want to be safe and loved and heard and accepted. We should want that for everyone else too, if we are to ever have it for ourselves. We want it more for someone else and it comes to fruition in our own life experiences, because that’s just how it works.
  • 18. As much as we don’t want it to be true, there are people pretending to love us that are causing more harm to us in this moment, than people who openly admit that they hate us.
  • 19. Hate will only ever destroy anything it comes in contact with. Love is the only thing that will ever counteract the damage and ugliness that hate causes. Hate is fear. Fear is hate. Love is the only thing for these two ailments, which are actually one in the same.
  • 20. If you have something to say, and it passes all three doors, and you’re saying it to the person whom it’s about, we could begin to live in harmony right now. We perpetuate our own hell by being in other peoples lives and business more than we are in our own. Keep your own side of the street clean and don’t worry about the other side. If it’s not your circus, they are not your clowns. Set the circus and the clowns down and go find your happy.
  • This is just my list. I’m sure you’ve your own. Like I said, if you take nothing else from all of this today, take this with you…if you cannot help them, please don’t harm them. Today, I will be better than I was yesterday. And so it is.
  • If you would, please send all of your love to Robin Dyer’s family today. Robin left us last Saturday and her family is trying to find their new normal. We have all departed and they are all still having to come to terms with this loss and what it means to them. At this time, please surround them all in love and light. Lift them up. Hold them close. Love them more. Losing ones mom is no easy feat…and you will never suffer another loss such as this. If you’ve lost your mom, you know exactly what I speak of. If you’ve not lost your mom, you won’t know until you do. Either way, please take Tiffany and Tam and Dennis in your arms today and lift them up. Love them through this. All of our love to you all…truly…all of my love. I feel you guys today and I’m here if you need me. I love you.
  • Have a blessed and beautiful Sunday everyone and love the Dyer family a little extra today, would you? I love you!
  • Thankful for a good day!

    Today has been a beautiful day…a new day…a true day and I am grateful. Life has a way of being what you make of it and I’ve made a decision to make it fucking amazing. Thank you to everyone who reached out for me and checked in on me. My struggle is real and I will do all I can to overcome the adversity and survival mentality that overcomes me at times. Today was a good day and I am so thankful!

    I am off to enjoy an evening with my girl! Have a beautiful evening everyone! I love you!

    When we take what we need, we can begin to offer what we have

    Happy Saturday morning everyone. I am glad you are here. I feel better pulling myself off of social media for a bit. Everything feels so negative and heavy and unenlightened and it’s just a bit too much for me right now. The energy of it all drains me and causes me sadness and anxiety. And so, here we are, in the healing room. Thanks for being here!

    I am kind of existing in a certain sadness right now. There aren’t words for it. It just is. Reality became clear and my heart became broken and it really is that simple. I know we all feel this way sometimes. I am just finally letting myself just feel it until I don’t feel it anymore. Tossing and turning and not eating or sleeping…all signs that I have had a bit too much. These are the same signs that I ignore and push through most of the time. For me, for now though…I hear myself saying that I need to take a moment. I need to heal. I need to cry and let go. I hear all of you all of the time. I am finally screaming so fucking loudly inside that I hear me too. I must take what I need so that I am able to offer what I have.

    My journey with Robin and Aiden further opened me up to my purpose. My journey with you opens you to your purpose. That is why we are each here…to walk each other home. On our walk, let us not forget the people right beside us. Let us not be so fucking cliche and hurt the ones we love the most. We can stop doing this…we must stop doing this. Loving someone the most is not a license to disregard their heart and their feelings. Hurt people hurt people. We must break this cycle. If you’re hurting someone…stop. Truly, do what you need to do to fix yourself to stop hurting others. You really don’t have the right. Your excuses…well they are just that…they are your excuses. Your fucked up programming and your insufficient child rearing…your diagnosed disorders and your mental inadequacy…all legit and all yours to figure out. Society does not owe you and we do not owe you. You are going to have to pull yourself out of this on your own. Each of us has come to this place, where we are all we’ve got. Each of us are all we’ve got. Everyone and everything else is an illusion.

  • My life is a pretty open book. Our home has also been a revolving door. Our private life is in the distant past. Being on display has proven to be a bit much at times. The scrutiny and the rhetoric around who we are and how and what we do…the morbid fascination with us…it’s pretty surreal and unprecedented. We are here for the animals, and somehow, we fall under scrutiny for every little thing with the people. Strange dichotomy for sure. Learning to live this way is proving challenging at times. And so I find myself in constant prayer and meditation. I am pretty melancholy and badly beaten from the blows. I am not and I will not be broken though. The sadness from the inside is running down my cheeks. I feel like I’ve been in battle. I set my sword down, for I am weary and I need rest. The battle I’ve been fighting is only ever with myself.
  • The snow on the trees and the chill in the air…the darkness around me and Taos at my feet. The stillness overrides the undercurrents in my life that do not serve my highest good. The stillness finally overcomes me also. No time or words for the things that elude me…a clear reminder that they must not be my things. And so I set them back down. I was so caught up that I forgot to even notice that I picked them up at all.
  • As I learn, I grow. As I move forward, I regress. As I finally get it, I forget. As I try too hard, I am reminded to stop trying and to just be. The not taking shit personally though…fuck me running…For the life of me, I cannot yet see, how things with my name directly on them are not to be taken personally. Hence, a work in progress. Working every day to progress a little more, in the direction of my own soul and my dreams, to a world that chooses love.
  • Have a beautiful Saturday everyone and thank you for joining me here! I love you!
  • Turning inward for a while…

    Good morning everyone. I am really struggling to be here and so I will make this brief. My blog is reflective of my feelings and my experiences in my life. Coralsblog and Santuario de Karuna are two of my passions and they express very different aspects of me. Coralsblog is fairly unedited and yet so edited you can’t possibly imagine. Santuario, well that’s the important stuff. I regret any moment where coralsblog has seeped into the Sanctuary somehow. I see times where my personal journey has been too much, and believe it or not, I toned it down. I do my best to be neutral and objective and compassionate. Right now, I am not those things. Right now I am just hurt and done being in this position…a position that so many scrutinize and so few really understand.

    My blog and my Facebook have been used for the good of so many…my mom when she was dying, Aiden when he was trying to get home, and Robin as she journeyed with us here at the end of her life’s journey. My body and me have been available for so many, for the same reasons. I am here for you, really, I am. With that being said, I am going to pull myself back in a bit. I am going to retreat and go inward. I am going to journey within, with me for a while. This world hurts me and right now, it’s damn near destroying me. All of the ugly and all of the hurt…all of the prejudice and judgement and rhetoric…I just need to step away from it for a while.

    I will be pulling my blog off of Facebook completely. I will be off of Facebook as much as humanly possible. To keep Max and Me active, I will continue to post quotes that inspire me. Other than that, I am taking some time away from social media. I am taking some time away from social functions.

    I am doing some amazing work and yesterday and the day prior, I was rendered completely unable to do what I do. I had to pull all of my energy back off of everyone I am working with, to deal with shit that isn’t even mine. I had to stop doing me to sort out and unravel things that have absolutely nothing to do with me.

    With all of this being said, I hope to still meet you here, in the healing room every day. I am making a very clear choice here, to pull myself back and to do my personal work from a different forum. I am deciding that I’ve too much to offer to continue being consumed by or worried about what others think of me. Several times, I have pulled my blog back from Facebook and then I think many of you would benefit from a post and so I begin posting again, or Robin needs my blog, or Aiden has a song to share…and here I am again, back on Facebook, feeling this way again. This is a pattern that I am ending now, as social media seems more detrimental to me than beneficial to me at this time. For those of you who do want to find me, please follow and subscribe at you are welcome to comment and interact with me there.

    Thank you for being here and for sharing this time and space with me. I remind myself and each of us, that I come here to heal and to get it all out, rather than keeping it all in. My intent has never been to harm anyone or to be ambiguous. If I have mentioned you, you know who you are. To everyone else, no need to concern yourself with it. This blog, this space, this time and this commitment…this is for me. I pull it back into me and I invite you to join me if you are so inclined. To anyone I have ever hurt, harmed or upset with my words and my journey, I Am deeply sorry. My blog does not reflect the ideas, opinions, thoughts or feelings of Santuario de Karuna or Tamara. My blog…corals blog…well, it simply is Coral, trying to heal.

    Have a beautiful day everyone! I love you and I hope you will follow me here and share space with me here.

    This is a rant and a warning. I am done and fucking done being silent about this…

    Good morning everyone. I am coming back into myself a bit and yet I’m still not fully back. Thank you for your patience as I navigate my way back. During my journey with Robin, I gained a teacher and I am so grateful. In my teachings, it is clear that I need to separate myself from things that do not serve me. Toxicity and toxic people. Toxic thoughts and ideas. Toxic relationships and “friendships”…toxic energy and negativity. Robin and I lived together and after that, Robin and I died together. Robin was a dying woman who needed to borrow a healthy body and a mind that thought like hers, to journey home in and I loaned Robin my body to get her home.

    For over ten days, I was with Robin. I was Robin. I spoke for Robin and breathed and relieved myself for Robin. I advocated for Robin and for her family. All of this came about simply because Robin called for her archangel. I got the call and I answered it and it really is that simple. Life is about answering the call. I had to google “archangel”…I won’t lie. It matters not who you are called. It only matters that you answer the call when you are called.

    The details of this journey are nothing short of amazing. Miracles abound and things happened in those rooms that you could not possibly believe, if you weren’t standing in those rooms yourself. The call came and I left Coral to be for Robin, whatever she needed, to get her if the body that finally gave out on her. This is how I do Coral. I do Coral how God calls me to do Coral.

    It has come to my attention that there has been someone working against me, deliberately. There is another human being whom I’ve shared time and space and energy with who has been causing my family and I harm. This individual has literally created an undercurrent that has pulled us from underneath. Never have we been pulled all the way down and yet, we have damn near drowned with our lungs full of all the water we have taken in. There is an actual person, with a name and a face, who has set out against us, who has tried to sabotage us, who is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. There is a name to this face and I am so grateful, for now I can clear this energy and set this circus down. This individual has not only worked against us, they have also pretended to be our friend. They have been in our home and we have broken bread together. There is more than one. This has been going on for a long while. This ends now. I do not intend to visit this again, so let me be abundantly clear…we do not do drama. We do not hurt human beings while saving animals. We do not condone, nor will we ever support, human beings annihilating other human beings.

    The false and fake personas and faces of the people behind the harm, have been revealed. The harm these individuals have done ends here, as I am escorting you out of our space, our aura and our awareness. You are finished here and it is best that you close your mouth and move on along. You are being placed on notice and I will be aware of you and your energy. You are not welcome here. You are free to go.

    You see, this is my fucking life. This is my blog and these are my words. I come here to sort my life out, to get it all out, rather than keeping it all in. I come here, in this healing room, to heal. My healing has been stagnant, due to a force working diligently against me. I rise up and I say once more…remove yourself from my realm or I will remove you myself.

    This healing space…my work…the Sanctuary and everyone who resides here…my clients and my girl Tamara…those things are protected and not up for debate with me. Those aspects of my life are non-negotiable. Tamara is my world and I will not stand by and watch her be harmed any longer, in any way. Stand the fuck down and move along. You will not spew shit out of that filthy mouth of yours about the most amazing woman in the world. I’m not asking you. I am being very clear…set my girl down and shut your fucking mouth. One more word…just one more word, and I will be paying you a visit in person. We are done here…you are done doing damage here. You have been ostracized and you will not return here.

    As for me, my mom is dead. My dad is gone. I do what the fuck I want to do now. I act in accordance with me. I play by my fucking rules. No one, and I mean no one, controls or owns me anymore. I am my own person and I will not tolerate the shit that I have survived in my life. If you are an abusive, clueless, asleep and miserable person, I grant you safe passage through my life…and no invite to stay.

    If you hit me or fucked me against my will…if you swish my name around in your mouth with utter contempt and disregard for my best interest, you are cut off. If you raped me or beat me or had me suck your dick…guess what, I’m calling you out, and we are finished here. If you disregarded and disrespected the life force in me by attempting to take it from me, you are on notice. If you drowned me and hit me and slapped me and berated me…we are done here. I am, in this moment, absolutely and entirely done, with anyone who has harmed me on purpose. Names aren’t necessary. You know who the fuck you are. Own your shit and step the fuck away from me.

    Being dead may make it easier to decipher who is in my life and who is not. Dead in the sense of deceased and dead in the sense of completion…both the same dead to me. The same amount of done…if you are dead to me, there is a very good reason, so please honor the fact that I have chosen to not have you in my life anymore. You are not welcome in my life and my name does not need to leave your mouth. Robin, in death, is more alive in my life, than many of you who share the air that I breathe. I am so fucking okay with that…so fucking okay with that.

    For so long, I played the game. I kept my head down and my mouth shut. I did what the fuck I was told to do, simply because I was told to do it. Those days are behind me now. I do what serves the highest good of us all. I speak my heart. I speak the truth, even if I speak it all by myself.

    I’m not angry. I’m not retaliatory. Im not wasting one more moment on this. We live in the Sanctuary that we have created for all of us. This is our home and the home of 40 other sentient beings. All have been welcome here. Many have been invited to our kitchen table, in our home, to break bread with us. We have trusted, without asking anything of anyone. We have been hurt and betrayed and talked about and harmed. We have struggled through it and the animals have struggled through it with us. Your shitty does hurt them though, just so you know. Your mean attitude and your drama…it effects them. Your words, behind our backs, in the very community that we helped to cultivate, well it’s downright fucking shameful and I am done with it.

    Tamara did not endorse this post. These are Corals words. This is Corals blog. This is my expression of my feelings and my hurt, at the people who have lashed out against us, simply because they have nothing to offer themselves. The line has been in the sand and I am making the line clear now…you are either for me or you are against me. If you are against me, there is the fucking door. And hey, don’t let it hit you where the good Lord split you, on your way out. And stay the fuck out because we are done here.

    This blog is about someone. There is a name, an actual someone, who has set out to cause harm. I would be remiss in my work and in my sense of self if I did not put an immediate stop to what has been going on here. You are on notice and I will not hesitate to call you out by name should I hear one more fucking shitty thing about Tamara or myself in this community. Tamara and I have big work to do and we do not have the time or the energy to deal with petty shit like this anymore. The animals need us and you are taking from them and that’s not going to happen henceforth.

    Hey, I’m not for everyone and that’s perfectly okay. If you can’t help me though, I will no longer stand by and let you harm me and those that I love. This blog is for anyone who feels the need to harm me…just stop. Go do something productive. Go be the change. Go start your own Sanctuary or your own business, if you can do it better. Raise the fucking bar. We are up for the challenge. Otherwise, be gone so that we can get back to what matters here…the animals…each other…the climate…Mother Earth…compassion…love, like a verb…

    Thank you for being here this morning. I really needed to clear this air and this space again. I needed to use my voice, to speak up for us. Maybe you could do that too, you know, speak up. When someone spews shit, say something for fucks sake. Speak up and use your words. What we allow will continue and I am done allowing this. And so it is.

    This blog is reflective of Corals opinions and of Corals experiences and this is Coral’s warning shot. One more word…just one and we will be dealing with this in a public forum. I hope that I have been abundantly clear here, because this is my life and my work and this is my girl and I have heard enough.

    I ask for all of your love and prayers as we clear the energy brought about by this unfortunate Tsunami. Have a beautiful day everyone. I love you!

    The undercurrent has been identified. Let me be clear…This ends it.

    There has been an underlying undercurrent in our lives. An unsettling and undefined undercurrent. A stirring of the pot and a triangulation of the worst kind. For years, an unexplained and unknown imposter in our midst, an undercurrent. Unsettling. Painful. Resolved now that the vail has been pulled. This mystery, so obvious in retrospect, and no longer a mystery at all.

    When will we stop harming those we cannot help? When will we stop judging others? When is enough going to be enough? Truly…when will those with the most negative shit to say, finally shut the fuck up? If I’m doing it wrong and you can do better, do it! Truly, get down on it. I fail to understand how talking shit about people actually doing something, from your armchair, is productive at all. And…guess what? I’m fucking over it. The undercurrent…the bottom feeders…the gloom and doom and all of the I cant’s….you’ve clearly mixed me up with someone else. You have got us confused with someone else. We don’t do can’t here. We don’t have the time to criticize others. We don’t have the time to be criticized. The undercurrent has been identified and we are so grateful. We are so sorry for those of you who latched on to this, as it had nothing to do with any of us. This circus, full of clowns, is not ours. Not our circus and not our clowns.

    Here’s the thing…I am going to say this once. If you can’t help me, stay the fuck away from me. If you intend to harm me, don’t bother. The tide has finally turned my friends and this shall not continue. What I have allowed has continued. Shitty behavior, “friends” who wouldn’t know a friend if a friend showed up on their doorstep. People doing nothing feeling obliged to have any say in my everything…done and fucking done with people like this in my space.

    People, do your work. Worry about you. Keep your side of the street clean before you worry about mine. Mind your own fucking business. Don’t make assumptions. If you can do it better, do it better. I would love to see you do it better and to raise the bar for all of us. If you do nothing more than flap your gums, just fucking stop. If you have something to say to me, how about you say it to me? If you have something to say about me, how about you say it to me, and not to everyone else? Grow the fuck up and do your work. Truly, I’m sending you my love and I’m calling you out. Enough people and animals have suffered at your hands and your rampant mouth. If you have nothing nice to say, how about you just shut your cake hole? If you aren’t doing anything other than bitching about how others do it, why don’t you get off of that ass of yours and do better? Most of all though, why don’t you take my name out of your mouth, okay? That will do me just fine. You do you. I’ll do me. You mind your business and don’t you worry your pretty little self about mine. The undercurrent has been identified. One more blast from this source and I will be more than happy to call you out, so be mindful of your mouth. You and your energy…you and your jealousy and your hate and your shitty outlook on life…bye bye. We are done here and you may leave my space on your own. If you do not leave my space on your own, I will toss you out on your ass myself. If you can’t help me, do us all a favor and at least don’t fucking harm me.

    This post has been lying dormant, in wait for me to not be out of bounds, as I didn’t have a name for this undercurrent and this destructive force. I have identified the undercurrent and I am putting a stop to it now. One more fucking word…just one, out of your mouth, with my name on it, not directed at me, will land me on your porch for a conversation about all of this. We are done here. You are done being destructive here. You are free to leave now. I surround you in love and light and I truly do hope that you get some help and find some peace so that you will stop destroying other human beings. You and your energy are not welcome. You are not welcome in my space. My name is not welcome in your mouth. And so it is.

    As always, and more than sometimes, I send all that does not serve us back to the universe to be recycled for the greater good of us all. I will not sit in other peoples shit anymore. If you’ve something to say to me, say it to me. If you can’t say it to me, keep it to yourself. Seriously, enough is enough.

    Have a beautiful evening everyone. This rant is brought to you by someone who is sick and tired of being judged and ridiculed by people who do less than nothing to make this world a better place.

    Calling up love for the Dyer family and Happy Birthday Regina!!!!!

    I have been blessed beyond measure. Truly, I have been. My hard days are less difficult and my good days are getting better and better. I’m coming back into myself a bit and I feel so blessed to have been journeying with Robin and her family for the past couple of weeks. Life is precious and death reminds me of that. Memories make and sustain us. Everything else…well, that’s just everything else. When we leave here, we cannot take any of it with us. So thankful for the reminder of that and so honored and blessed to be a part of the Dyer family. Please lift them up and hold them in prayer and in your hearts, as they navigate their world without Robbi. The days after are difficult and I encourage you to reach for them and love them and lift them up. When I lost my mom, the days after were almost surreal. Let us all take a moment to love them up and to remind them that we are here for them. They need us now. If everyone would say it with me…”We love you Dyer family! We are here if you need us!”…I would really appreciate it. We need people the most when we can call upon them the least. Please surround this family in love and light at this time, as they learn to live differently, to heal and to say goodbye for now.

    Today is the Birthday of one of the dearest and most angelic and beautiful souls that I have ever known. Today is my cousin Reginas Birthday. Please wish her a beautiful day and the happiest of Birthdays this morning, will you? My rock and my calm in life’s storms. The beauty in my ugly and the truth amongst the lies. A very piece of my own soul and an angel in a human body…my cousin. Happy Birthday Regina! Have a beautiful day my love! I will be celebrating you ALL day long!!!!

    Thank you Robin, for sharing your journey and your family with me. I love you sister. Rest in sweet peace.

    Good morning everyone! Happy Monday! Thank you for all of the love and prayers and for blasting our songs and lifting us up! Thank you for hosting my beautiful sister Robin Dyer in our healing room! Robin passed away on Saturday, April 6th 2019 at 12:22:59pm. Robin was surrounded by the people whom she loved the most, when she peacefully left this world in our loving arms.

    All of my love and condolences to Tam, Tiffany, Dennis Dyer and all of Robins family and friends. I got the privilege of meeting Robin in her last ten days on this earth. Robin was at UNM-H, non-verbal and moments away from coding when I first laid eyes on her. For ten days, Robin and I journeyed together, like I have never journeyed with another.

    For the blessed privilege to walk this sacred journey, upon such delicate and hallowed ground, I am forever grateful, thankful and blessed. To the Dyer family, thank you for allowing me the privilege of being so close and intimate with you and Robbi in her final days and hours. We have made some pretty amazing and crazy memories of our own, haven’t we?

    I am still coming back into myself a bit and so I close this morning’s blog in loving memory and infinite thanks to my sister Robin Dyer this morning. Thank you sister for the beautiful and amazing journey that you shared so intimately with me. What a blessed privilege it has been, and continues to be, to journey with you and your beautiful family. Thank you sister, rest in sweet peace before your next excursion, okay? I love you Robin. Thank you. Love, Coral