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Good evening! Stay cozy!

Good evening everyone! I have been running pretty non-stop for a couple of days and life is good! I find I don’t have the time or the energy for the petty and the drama and the pain when I am busy with my own healing. I don’t have the heart for the hurt that comes with holding on to those who have released me. I am good to be free of anyone who does not want me in their life. I have so much more time and energy for those of you who do want me in your lives. And so it is.

I am pretty exhausted this evening. I am going to eat and go lie down. I know I must take care of me and right now, that means to really hold space in my outer circle, while turning toward my inner circle, to replenish and rejuvenate my spirit and my energy.

Taos and I spent all day together, for the first time in a really long time. I have been consumed with worry and left Taos “safely” at home, not having to be impacted by the depth and horror of my pain and trauma. It was so wonderful to go FJ Crusin’ all day with Baby Taos! Thank you Taos for holding space and being patient. I love you so much!

Celebrating a dear friend today for her birthday felt so nice also. I am so blessed and so grateful for all of the love in my life…for each of you. I love you! Have a beautiful evening! Stay cozy!

Have a beautiful day and know that you are loved

Happy Tuesday morning everyone! I hope you had a beautiful Monday! I had a beautiful Monday with my girl and I am so, so thankful!

My day…my week is full and I am grateful. Full of people and places close to my heart…every day I am scheduled to see someone I love and I am so happy!

As the struggle remains real, so does the opportunity for gratitude and growth. I am learning to release my grip and move on life’s terms. I am learning to ask questions and to listen more. I am blessed and I am thankful.

This morning feels more like I am reaching out for you…like maybe you need all of my love today? I feel your heart and your heavy this morning. I am here to love you through this. I am praying for you this morning. I am with you and I love you. Please reach if you need me. Have a beautiful day and know that you are loved.

I bow my head in prayer…

Good morning everyone! Today is one of introspection for me. I feel that I need to pull myself inward a bit and lick my own wounds. I need to handle my own demons and address my own life fall out. I need to spend some time loving myself today and more time loving my girl today, as this day hurts her.

I imagine you may be hurting today too. I know you are. I feel your pain as my very own. Today, I spend time in sacred meditation to clear the residual pain that didn’t pass through. Your pain and my pain…they have lingered in me. Today, for us all, I do a clearing and blessing of that pain, as I send it back to the universe to be recycled for the greater good of us all.

I revisit the Upledger Course I took very early in my career, called, “Healing From the Core; Grounding and Healthy Boundaries” this morning. I remind myself to ground and center and to unravel your pain from my own, that we each be blessed with her lessons and her blessings. Our pain is here to teach us,to grow us and to bring us to our joy. Forgive me for trying to shield you from the pain that you have coming as your own birthright. I stand back and allow you your journey. Somehow I merged into your journey and lost sight of my own. It feels nice to give us both space and permission for our pain, doesn’t it? I believe in the good things coming! I believe in you. I believe in me. I believe in us, collectively and individually on this journey. I do fully believe that you know what is best for you. You called upon yourself what you need to evolve and grow on your journey, just as I have. The harder the lessons, the deeper the blessings, right? I do not speak of those of you who’ve come to me and asked for help, as you’ve got me in your pocket. I speak of those who have not asked for my help…those whom I tried to help anyway. To each of you, I apologize for interfering in your journey and all that befalls and blesses you. I return to my own journey and to what befalls and blesses me. And so it is.

  • My journey will always cross lines to protect those without voices, for whatever renders them speechless is their cry for help and our call to action. No matter who you are, you’ve a responsibility and a moral obligation to those who need your help and cannot speak for themselves. We must help those who cannot ask for help themselves and those who obviously and desperately come to us and ask, just the same. We know right from wrong, don’t we? We feel it when it’s wrong, in our guts…in our hearts…in our shaking hands and quivering and screaming voices…we know right from wrong. We are our own moral compass, you know? And not one of us is without opportunity for some balance and some Good Orderly Direction. So, today is about all of this for me. Returning to center and to balance. Evaluation of what is mine and what is not mine. Finding balance and synchronicity within my own compass and my own life’s path. I am so thankful for the studio that surrounds me and for the wilderness that blankets her this morning as I bow my head in prayer.
  • I hope you have a beautiful Monday. I love you and I thank you for being here this morning. I know the room still feels heavy. I am working on it…thanks for staying with me as I figure it all out.
  • Be the Angel that you have prayed for…

    Good afternoon everyone! Happy Sunday! I have missed you. Hell, I have missed me! I will not lie. The struggle has been real and I have had to hold my tongue. I return today with love in my heart, to where we left off with the beautiful new paint, in our healing room!

    I hope you are loved deeply by someone. Being loved deeply by someone has truly saved me and given me the strength, to begin to find ways to love me deeply. I am talking about being loved deeply, like a verb. Loved so deeply that you cannot not feel it. I am learning how to love, and part of how I am learning is to feel how I want to be loved. I want to feel it in my soul and know it in my heart and so that is where I begin. To me, love like this has to be a verb, because I have to feel it. I cannot see it. I cannot hear it. Not unless it is in action and in harmony with how I want to feel it. I must know it in my soul because it has returned to me, this knowing of love. I have always known. Now, I feel home.

    I write today for us all, to remind us that we are not alone. Not really a poem…a writing from me to you, to remind you to be the Angel that you have prayed for.

    When we scream out in need, love answers the cry. We must feel it. We know only what we have come to feel, not what we have come to hear.

    When we pray for the angels, they appear. Often in ordinary clothes and without their wings. Angels on earth walk among us and they guide us home.

    When the darkness overcomes us and the demons run us out, love brings us back to our own soul. Love will never co-exist with fear and God will never co-exist with fear. God is love. Fear is not God. Fear is not love. God is benevolent. We forget, don’t we? Our own divinity…we forget that we are God. God created you in his image and God is in your mirror. We are not and never have been separate from God. God is not out there. God is in here. He asked me to remind us all of this. And so it is.

    Every single one of us is here with opportunity to be an angel to someone else, every single day.

    Every single one of us will see the angels we have called upon if we lose our expectation as to what they will look and be like. Angels will feel like angels. You will always know the angles among you.

    What feels amazing to you? What lights you up? What cozies you up in loves embrace? Go be that for someone else. We must act outside of ourselves, in both thought and deed, and the angels will surround us. Wayne Dyer reminds us to want what we want, more for someone else, than we want it for ourselves. The person you are struggling to love right now, love them the most. Want for them, more for them, what you want for you, than you want it for you. Truly. If you doubt, try it and then you shall doubt no more.

    Unconscious action and behavior still has accountability.

    Compassion is just a word without action. Karuna means compassionate action in Sanskrit.

    Love is just a word without action.

    Saving those without voices does not only include the animals and sentient beings. Those without voices are those who cannot and do not and have a voice to speak up for themselves.

    Being an advocate for anyone begins with first advocating for yourself, with all of your heart. You must fight harder for you than you will ever fight with anyone else. In the end, the battle is only ever with yourself anyway.

    If you want it badly enough, you are the only one who can make it happen for you. Only you can set it down and never pick it back up. SOJA thank you. You are the only one who can release whatever it is that you are struggling to release. Stop holding whatever it is and hold yourself instead. I believe you. I have always believed in you.

    We…you and I…we are fabulous, aren’t we? Angels and lovers and friends…we are blessed. We are love. Let us go out there and spread ourselves amongst those who do not know that they are angels also, shall we?

    Have a beautiful Sunday afternoon! Go be the Angel that you have prayed for, for someone else! I love you!

    I just Stopped by to say I love you.

    Good afternoon everyone! Happy Saturday. I’ve been holding my tongue. Not sure why. It has been debilitating though, and I won’t do it anymore. I can’t write or speak or move and I am not okay with that. I took a tongue-lashing and verbally abusive tirade this week that has literally rendered me paralyzed, from someone whom I was only trying to help…someone whom I do not know and who obviously does not know me. I’m taking pause. I’m turning within. I ask for love and prayers to guide me. I pray for love and light to cast out the darkness. I stay silent until I find the balance of silence and words I need to do what I’m called to do. This is not even mine and so I ask those responsible to handle their own shit. I’ve plenty of my own. I assure you. Today marks three weeks of my own personal hell, so please and from the bottom of my heart, step up where you’ve been called up and handle your business. Please and thank you.

    So, without explaining why I’m distant, in my own healing space, I just wanted you to know I love you and I will return soon. Have a beautiful day!

    Good morning 🌙 moon!

    Good morning 🌙 moon! Wow! Tamara alerted me to check out her splendor this morning and I’m so glad she did! The moon and a faithful star behind her? Absolutely breath taking!

    Thank you for your beautiful and encouraging comments on the improvements to our healing space! Your suggestions are always welcome, as you know. The paint was just a start. And sage…lots and lots of sage!

    Coming here in the morning reminds me that I am not alone and also that there are no others. The moon appears to come alone and some nights she appears to have beside her, a companion, such as she does in this moment. The beauty of the moon shifts, as it does in each of us, from moment to moment. Stepping back to allow the sun ☀️ to take her place, they dance and they ebb and flow in and out. Yet, they are always ever present and supporting of one another. There are no others as Ram Dass reminds us.

    This morning has been one of beautiful and much needed meditation. Prayers and healing and silence. I am really enjoying the silence! I wish you a beautiful day! I thank you for being here! I love you!

    Be someone else’s angel…

    Good morning! Welcome home! I hope you like the new paint! I lightened it up a bit in here. That shall be the first of many things we will do together in this room. Welcome back!

    I am good! I am really, really good! I had a session with my pain management specialist yesterday afternoon, and he sent angels. I took angels and healing stones with me, gifted by my dear sister Eileen. I was greeted by angels and touched by angels! My physical pain is being healed in a way that lets me know I am purging all of what does not serve me, through whatever means necessary, most recently my body, to prepare for the journey before me.

    I have been debilitated for as long as I can remember by pain in my left lower back, knotting up in my hip and gluteus muscles. Yesterday, with loving and diligent hands, with all of the love and prayers of the universe and with the love and prayers of all of you, a portal opened and my physical healing has begun! I worked vigorously and gently, intentioned and steadfast in that face cradle to heal myself…to allow the hands laid upon me to heal me…to let go of the bricks that weighed me down that were not mine to carry. We worked as a team with the angles to open a portal to release this pain and I am so, so thankful!

    This shift in consciousness and this ability to see the light obscured in the darkness is my salvation and I thank God and my brother Rumi for walking and working me through this. We do not ever walk alone, for there are always angels among us. Be someone’s angel. Love someone so much that you want for them, more,the very thing that your heart desires for yourself. Want it more for the person whom you are having the most difficulty with. Truly, that peace and love and affection that you’re craving, want that for the person you cannot stand to look at right now, more than you want it for you, and watch your life open up! Watch your heart open up. Feel your own healing begin.

    Damn! It is great to be back! I have sure missed me! I am sure glad to see each of you too, because I sure have missed you too, in my own absence.

    I challenge each of us to be someone’s angel today. We are divinity, you and I. We are God, in human form, here to walk one another home. God obscures himself in each of us to watch and see who we will become. God sees how we will treat one another, and the true nature of our heart, by manifesting himself as us and allowing our free will. How are you going to treat the God that is you? The God that is before you? How will you show the God within you today? Let us all get out there and get loving and swooping into angel wings, shall we? We have much work to do; you and I.

    Have a beautiful day everyone! I love you!

    Cleansing our healing room!

    Good morning everyone! I have turned a corner. As I round this corner, I find that I am invited into more introspection and reflection and more self care and awareness. I accept this invitation, as it allows me to take in more and to learn more. I look forward to reading more, to painting more and to just being more. I look forward to speaking less.

    This journey has had its moments of difficulty and despair. Moments of hopelessness and brokenness. Sadness and blame have been a constant companion on my path. I had to endure what I had to endure, to be here with you now, and I regret not one single moment. Not one. With that being said, I need to leave my wake behind me.

    I learn every day how little I know and I’m okay with that finally, as it gives me so much to learn! My quest for love and to be love is mostly with myself. I am learning to love myself. I have invited you to intimately share this journey with me, and I am so glad that you are here! I am a work in progress and the struggle is real for me, as it is for each of you. It has been messy at times and painful to watch, of that I’ve no doubt.

    I have made public, what many people can’t acknowledge in private and that has been a hard pill for many of us to swallow. I have used words and spoken in language that is shocking and offensive and often even foul, to purge from me that which no longer serves me. I have come here to get it all out, to heal, to learn and to grow, and I have. There has been blame and venom and rage in my writing, as I write from my soul. I believe those things have served us, and helped us all to purge ourselves. I believe the time has come to be sent on their way, back to the universe to be recycled for the greater good of us all. Spewed our all over, it is time for them to go.

    I am in a bit of clean up mode right now. The room is a bit musty and needs a good airing out. The stench of the past lingers a bit and so I open all the windows and air her out. I light some sage and cleanse every nook and cranny. All that has been held here is free to go. I am free to go. I leave here in peace. I leave here in gratitude. I leave here in love.

    As I walk out into the sunshine of a brand new day, I thank God and each of you for holding space for me here.

    When we meet in this space again, it shall be in a place of possibility and purpose! We shall get this room aired out and cleansed of all of our demons and our wakes. We shall allow ourselves to leave all that no longer serves us, here this morning, that it may be cleansed and cleared away, for once and for all.

    We survived the storm. We walked through the fire. It is time to rest now, for we are the good things coming!

    Presented with a choice to go or stay…we stay in body, absent the passion that is our spirit. We have been dead inside. We have been asleep. We have been in the dark. We made it! We survived!

    Welcome home everyone! Today, I call each of us to do a bit of house keeping in the healing room. If it serves you and makes your heart happy, take it with you. If it doesn’t, leave it here. We begin anew tomorrow.

    This room will be cleansed and blessed and purged completely out before we meet again. We survived and now we clear space to begin our journey into us!

    I can’t wait to see you tomorrow in our new space. Take what you need and leave the rest! I love you!

    Closing thoughts from today…we rise!

    Good evening everyone! Epic things on the horizon for me….for you…for us! I know this room has been dark and dreary and hard to come into for a while now. Moving forward, this room shall be light and bright and inspiring! Always real and always raw. We are on our way out of the darkness. We survived. We fucking made it! We get to celebrate us now…to step up and out and to find us. This room is our room and we are so blessed to heal here, aren’t we? We are rising up!!!

    I came here to count some blessings this evening and you are amongst them. Thank you for walking through this storm with me. We are on our way up now! We are through the worst of it. We made it!

    I have a lot to be thankful for and this evening, I am just going to do that…be thankful.

    For the most amazing and beautiful and true and steadfast partner and my best friend and my lover and my wife…I am thankful more than words can express. I love you Tamara. Thank you for helping me out of my darkness, even as it began to consume you too. I love you. Thank you.

    I had a very powerful and amazing session with my sister Eileen this morning. Her words, similar to so many of your words, penetrated and then I felt the release, the knowing and the understanding of what had already been said to me, by Tamara and by many of you. My Mom and Dads purpose was to bring me in to this world and they did that. Beyond that, I was gifted. I am blessed and my time is now. I cannot both hold on and let go. I cannot be there and here. I cannot be steered by the wake of the past that I have finally left behind.

    Shawn and I and JiSan and Tamara are building our little family the way it feels right for us and I am have family that chooses us. I am so, so happy to have my little brother back!

    Somehow, having heard and said the words enough, I believe what I have come to know, I know nothing at all. I need know anything at all. All I need to do is to let go. All I need to do is be. All I have is this moment. And so off I go, to be in this moment.

    I love you. I’m better than back. I am being birthed anew and I am so thankful. Good night and did I say that I love you?