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Cleansing our healing room!

Good morning everyone! I have turned a corner. As I round this corner, I find that I am invited into more introspection and reflection and more self care and awareness. I accept this invitation, as it allows me to take in more and to learn more. I look forward to reading more, to painting more and to just being more. I look forward to speaking less.

This journey has had its moments of difficulty and despair. Moments of hopelessness and brokenness. Sadness and blame have been a constant companion on my path. I had to endure what I had to endure, to be here with you now, and I regret not one single moment. Not one. With that being said, I need to leave my wake behind me.

I learn every day how little I know and I’m okay with that finally, as it gives me so much to learn! My quest for love and to be love is mostly with myself. I am learning to love myself. I have invited you to intimately share this journey with me, and I am so glad that you are here! I am a work in progress and the struggle is real for me, as it is for each of you. It has been messy at times and painful to watch, of that I’ve no doubt.

I have made public, what many people can’t acknowledge in private and that has been a hard pill for many of us to swallow. I have used words and spoken in language that is shocking and offensive and often even foul, to purge from me that which no longer serves me. I have come here to get it all out, to heal, to learn and to grow, and I have. There has been blame and venom and rage in my writing, as I write from my soul. I believe those things have served us, and helped us all to purge ourselves. I believe the time has come to be sent on their way, back to the universe to be recycled for the greater good of us all. Spewed our all over, it is time for them to go.

I am in a bit of clean up mode right now. The room is a bit musty and needs a good airing out. The stench of the past lingers a bit and so I open all the windows and air her out. I light some sage and cleanse every nook and cranny. All that has been held here is free to go. I am free to go. I leave here in peace. I leave here in gratitude. I leave here in love.

As I walk out into the sunshine of a brand new day, I thank God and each of you for holding space for me here.

When we meet in this space again, it shall be in a place of possibility and purpose! We shall get this room aired out and cleansed of all of our demons and our wakes. We shall allow ourselves to leave all that no longer serves us, here this morning, that it may be cleansed and cleared away, for once and for all.

We survived the storm. We walked through the fire. It is time to rest now, for we are the good things coming!

Presented with a choice to go or stay…we stay in body, absent the passion that is our spirit. We have been dead inside. We have been asleep. We have been in the dark. We made it! We survived!

Welcome home everyone! Today, I call each of us to do a bit of house keeping in the healing room. If it serves you and makes your heart happy, take it with you. If it doesn’t, leave it here. We begin anew tomorrow.

This room will be cleansed and blessed and purged completely out before we meet again. We survived and now we clear space to begin our journey into us!

I can’t wait to see you tomorrow in our new space. Take what you need and leave the rest! I love you!