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Gratitude post for amazing love all around me…

Good evening everyone. I have been introspective and creative on this day. I had a beautiful evening with a beautiful friend last night, whom I’ve known for many lifetimes and not seen for many years, until quite recently. It with all of my love and gratitude that I thank you, Eileen, for the gifts and knowledge you bestow upon me. I love you.

Also want to say that I love you Tamara, to the moon and back. The infinity and beyond. Forever and for always, in all ways. Thank you for taking the hard knocks with me. Let us get ready for all of the good things coming.

Missing my Mom differently today and so thankful.

To each of you, with all of me, I fucking love you! Have a beautiful evening. Be kind and you will always be right. Let us all join hands and figure it out together!