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I found the remedy for my pain!

Good morning everyone! Happy Saturday! I had a rough night, full of nightmares and dreams of vomiting and running and vomiting repeatedly. The tears started as soon as I opened my eyes and I said hell to the fucking no! I am not letting this pain hijack me again today! I jumped into action this morning, with my new remedy for this pain. I know I have to change the way I am looking at things and so when I feel like this, I have committed to being of service in some way, to take me out of me. I will not be controlled by my fear and my pain, at least not today! I know the remedy for my pain is to be of service, to love and help others…to be love…to hug and smile and laugh and to share myself with you!

I came down to the studio to blog and to meditate. Somehow, I needed to do more. I received and email from Propeller yesterday and I finally opened it this morning, inviting me to volunteer on Andrew McMahons tour. Andrew founded the Dear Jack foundation to help young adults diagnosed with cancer. I disregarded it a few times and something kept pulling me back. I listened and I opened it and I applied to volunteer at his event in Aspen Colorado on March 10, 2018, for his Upside Down Flowers Tour. I always find myself wanting to do things like this and I rarely make the time. We make time for what is important. Loving and being of service and healing…those are all top priority for me right now. I am going to make the time, even though I could give myself a dozen excuses not to. I am important. You are important. Being of service to one another is why we are here. We must truly look at what is important to us and at what drives and heals and propels us, and we must take action.

My Mom died unexpectedly and very quickly of cancer, on December 3, 2015. I have not been okay since. My life literally went offline to a large degree, and has been such since. Countless hours at the cemetery and billions upon billions of tears. So, so much loss. So, so much unrecognized and unhealed pain. I have shaved my head for many, many years for people with cancer. My mom insisted that I not shave for her and I honored her wishes and did not shave while she was living. After my Mom passed away, I shaved my head for her and for so many of you with cancer,and I had “FUCK CANCER” tattooed across the back of my head. Presently I am shaving for 5 people in my life with cancer, and for everyone battling cancer. I shave every couple of days and I shave in silence, solidarity, prayer and reflection. I will never not shave my head, to give Sampson’s strength to those of you fighting this battle. Please know how much I love you and that I am with you always, loving you and cheering you on. When your time comes, I will be with you still, to carry you home. I will always be with you.

The past two weeks hit me even harder than my moms cancer hit me and I have not been okay at all. I have known not what to do. I have been a constant companion of Wayne Dyer and Nahko and SOJA and Rumi. I have been in silence and in prayer, wailing on my knees and inconsolable. Yesterday, with all of my might and with everything in me, I promised me to pull me out of this before it destroys me. I know I came here to love and to teach love, to be of service and inspiration. And so it is.

This morning I made the same choice again. One minute at a time for me right now, with one foot in front of the other, I cross the threshold into me…I am here to find me! I hope you will come along. I’m so glad you are still here. I fucking love you! Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for how you all love me. Have a beautiful day everyone! Go out today and be an instrument of thy peace. Be someone’s reason to smile. Be that hug that you give away because you know you need one too.

We love you Zach! FUCK CANCER!

Good morning everyone! I would like to ask each of you to take a moment with me and to send Zach all of your love this morning! I am shaving my head every couple of days for Zach as he is battling cancer. I am shaving for several people right now and I ask that you also send each of them all of your love this morning. In loving memory of my Mom, I shave…every single time, for now until forever, to honor her memory and to remind each of us that we do run out of time to say and do things, so whatever it is…say it…do it. I shave for every single one of you who needs my strength, for whatever battle you are fighting. Cancer is one of the names for the battles we fight under different labels and under no label or diagnoses at all. For anyone who needs my strength, I shave my head every couple of days. For Zach, until he kicks cancers fucking ass, I will be shaving my head. For you, in solidarity, I shave my head. For you, across the dining room and you at the stoplight…you at the oncologist and you who just lost your breast…I shave for you. For you who lost your wife and you who lost your mom…the daughter without a dad and the mother without a son…the son without his father and the wife without her husband…for those waiting to find out and for those who know and cannot say so…for those who know and have no one to tell and for those who just give up…I love you. I shave my head for you.

This morning though, when I woke crying, I knew I had to make a different choice. I could fall into the grief of losing my mom to cancer or I could call Zach up in prayer and love and healing light, and ask each of you to do the same, as he battles, in his twenties what many will never fathom. FUCK CANCER. For Zach, please say a prayer this morning, that he know we’ve got him…that we are fighting for him and with him and that we fucking love him!

I love you Zach!

Zach, we love you! We fucking love you buddy! There are so many of us praying for you and loving you! We just want you to know that we are here and that we have you in our hearts. We are fighting with you. We are praying for you. We love you.

Fuck cancer. We can all agree on that, right?

Good evening everyone! Thank you for all of the love and texts and calls and posts. I feel you and I thank you and I love you all right back.

To get out of the pain I was in when I woke, We made today about being of service…about being in action…about loving like a verb. Every call that came…we answered. Every need we could meet; we met.

I got a text from my best friend who asked me to shave for a dear friend of her family who is battling cancer. I just got done shaving and I will shave every week until he kicks cancers ass. I offer my strength by shaving my head, and so it is. On December 3rd 2018…I continue my fight against cancer. I invite you in my crusade to love one another like a verb. Fuck cancer. Please, everyone say it with me…”we love you Zach. You’ve got this and we’ve got you.”

I love you everyone. Good night.