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In case you wanted to buy or sell your records, tapes or CDs…this guy is the one not buying from me. Maybe he will buy yours?

Many of you have asked how you can help me and for this information…so here you go!

Good Thursday morning everyone. Thank you for all of the love yesterday. These things hurt our hearts don’t they? Hearing about the people that we love getting assaulted and hurt and abused…mistreated and refused service…feeling them break. You felt me break and it hurt, didn’t it? Unless you are one of the broken ones projecting your pain onto me, which is what happened in that CD/Record/tape store on Washington; you know the store that buys records tapes and books and CD’s, except for not from me? I know. I thought it odd too. Maybe you would like to go in and see if he will look at your CDs before he screams at you that he isn’t buying? If you would like to go in and try to sell something, maybe he will buy from you? If you stop in, I would love a picture or video or audio of him looking at your stuff, even if he turns you away…if it’s not too much trouble. I mean…I hope I’ll be sending the guy a lot of business today, so I would love to celebrate in photos.

Maybe this will jog your memory? Posted in his front window?

No? Then…hold on…let me ask safari…Maybe you’ve seen his listing yourself?

So, I’ve an FJ full of CDs that I wanted to sell. I had driven by this place a hundred times and so on Monday, my friends helped me load the CDs into my car and I took them to try to sell them. Needless to say, the CDs never left my FJ, as I was refused service and then refused a reason that I was refused service. I was then screamed at and berated and belittled…pretty much chased out of the store…Oh and then when I got in my car, peacefully to leave…(you can see it in the reflection in the glass window, backed in and ready to show him my CDs)…after I closed the door, he came running out and took down my license plate. So to oblige him, I got back out and offered him to take a photo of my plate and my ID and we could wait for the cops to come together. He ran back in and I got back in my car. I decided that since he took my info, maybe I would take some pics of he and his info. I’m sure he won’t mind, since he didn’t ask me before taking mine….so I stepped back in and snapped a couple of photos. I thought you might like to see them too, so they are attached to my post this morning.

Many of you have asked how you can help me. What can you do to help? You can help me to document and video and photo document injustices when you see them and to do something about it. Be the change. If you’re in Albuquerque, grab a few CDs and go and sell them to this guy, or be refused as I was. Maybe he will scream at you and take your plate down too…maybe not. Either way…you want to help me…drop in today and sell him even on CD…shoot me photos of your receipt and your picture selling it…today…tomorrow…next week…that would help me.

Have a beautiful day everyone. I love you. Thank you for getting my back! I’ve got your back too!

Anyway, best of luck selling your things to him today…even one CD would be such a victory, as he said he was buying nothing when I went in…and a maybe a photo of your receipt and a photo of you going in to sell it and coming out victorious with cash in hand having sold it! We would all love to share in your joy!