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The Lame Goat-Rumi

The Lame Goat-Rumi

You have seen a herd of goats

going down to the water.

The lame and dreamy goat

brings up the rear.

There are worried faces about that one,

but now they are laughing,

because look, as they return,

that one is leading.

There are many different ways of knowing.

The lame goat’s kind is a branch

that traces back to the roots of presence.

Learn from the lame goat,

and lead the herd home.

Good morning everyone! I begin every day with Rumi. Today’s message really speaks to me and so I wanted to pass it on to you. I was introduced to Rumi a number of years ago. I could not have known then, the role that my brother Rumi would have in walking me home. Thank you Rumi for your wisdom and guidance. These years with you, I have read your words and they were jumbled in my mind. I know now to always read you with my heart, so that the words will always make sense. Thank you Brother for your love. Thank you for showing me my love. I love you Rumi.

The Lame Goat captures my heart this morning and I think of Basil. We have five goats and Basil is often ostracized and picked on by the others. When Basil was a baby, Kale kept fucking with him. I finally went out there and rolled Kale to give Basil some reprieve. Kale rolled my ass but good and Basil stood by watching. I rolled Kale. Kale rolled me. Covered in goat shit and dirt and no worse for the wear, I held my own pretty well I would say. Coral did not win that fight. No, no she did not. Here’s the thing though, I went into the ring to defend my little friend Basil. Kale still thinks I’m fucking crazy. Maybe so. You will always find me sticking up for the lame goat, for I am the lame goat.

I march to my own beat and I dance to my own drum. I see the world my way. I am a child in an older adult body. I am the Lame Goat. Meandering aimlessly along, a good distance behind the others, where the world makes sense to me. All of my life, this has been my ritual and my way. Unbeknownst even to me until now…this question of who I am. It is beginning to make sense to me now, as you all return, I will be here to lead you home, for I am the Lame Goat.

Have a beautiful Friday. I love you and hope you feel it! Today as you are out in your herd, maybe you could slow down, look back, and give the Lame Goat some love, for some day he will be leading you home.