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“Close your eyes. All we’ve got is this.” Trevor Hall

Happy Saturday everyone! I love you. I apologize for my low vibing energy lately. I definitely got stuck in a rut. Fortunately, I walk with amazing angels and I rise up this morning. To each of you who has also fallen along the way, I lift you up with me this morning. With my hand outstretched before you, you’ve a choice to take hold or not, just as we all do. I’ve been unable to take hold until this morning and so with all of my love, I reach to anyone in that struggle. Just let go. Stop fearing the fall and just let go. I am in free fall right now myself. The letting go was scary and the fall has its moments of uncertainty. The bottom comes quickly some days and I’ve learned that’s okay too.

We are all in this together and I’ve been called to action. I am in the process of bringing myself forward and I believe I’m about to get a pretty swift kick in the ass to do so, so, hold on you guys…we are about to exhault our pinnacles with Aiden. All of those good things that Nahko speaks of….all of the good things coming…those good things are here already! We are about to embark up on them together.

My mind is being emptied of all of its contents. There is major demolition and renovation going on inside of me at a cellular level. All that does not serve is breaking off and being removed in truckloads. Material possessions, thoughts and ideas…ideals and expectations…wants and needs and desires…it’s all being leveled as we speak. My heart is being repaired and the thorns are carefully being removed and dislodged from my psyche. The holes are being mended and the bleeding is coming to a slowing stop. The generational pain and annihilation of broken beings many centuries ago who raped children and destroyed animals is being called front and center and I shall be responsible for the healing of this devastation. I shall be the keeper of this gate and there will be no passage until we get her locked down, sorted out, healed up and for to return to mainstream. We will not keep polluting the stream and pretending it’s not killing our oceans.

So it is written and so it shall be…so everyone hold on! We are not in practice mode any longer. This is the real deal and we are headed to our heights! I repeat, This is not a drill. Please gather your things, and only the things you really need. Leave the rest behind. Come with me. Thank you God, for everyone and everything in my beautiful life!And so it is.

Have a beautiful Saturday everyone! “Close your eyes. All we’ve got is this.” Trevor Hall

Can we forgive them for that too?

Good evening everyone! I tried to reach a lot of you personally tonight, just to say I love you. For those of you I didn’t reach personally, I love you.

I am saying a prayer for us all, that we may know true forgiveness in our hearts. My life has transformed miraculously, as I am learning how to forgive. There is nothing in this world worth being upset over or holding onto. Nothing. Withholding forgiveness is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to fall over dead in front of you. We have all heard that, right? Think about how true that is. We forgive to free ourselves from the bondage that denying forgiveness holds us in. We shackle ourselves with every thing that we cannot let go of. We harm ourselves, on top of already being harmed, because we don’t know how to forgive others. We don’t know how to forgive ourselves. Rather than learning how to do that, we just don’t forgive. We don’t let go. We don’t know how and we are somehow okay with that. We can change that, you know? We have a choice.

Why am I writing like a mad woman? Why am I unable to and unwilling to stop being the change I wish to see? So you want to know why? Because it’s working!!!! Look at us, in this healing room…look around you…we are doing this! We are turning the tide, you and I…we are the love!

We must not dive into the abyss of negativity and blame and stay there indefinitely. We must dive in and we must do what we need to do, and stay as long as we need to stay, and then we need to forgive it all, without discretion, and let that shit go. All of it. I fucking dare you, to let it all go! You know my laundry list…all of it…everyone on it…let it go and with all of your heart, forgive. No matter who and no matter what and no matter why…for your own sake, let it go. Forgive the most unforgivable and you will begin to break those shackles. Don’t take my word for it, ever. I always challenge you to do your work, however that looks. Take the worst thing that ever happened to you…the absolute worst thing. Pull that into your heart and hold it there. Better yet, here’s an exercise, just shared with me this evening by one of my readers. With permission, I repost this exactly as I received it. Here it is:

One last thing before I go. It’s something a guru taught me at this retreat I attended in LA. I think your readers can use. He spoke about when you are feeling emotions you are uncomfortable with you should take a bath. But this is an “Emotional bath”. You sit in the tub and think of what you need to work through. Example: you are mad at your partner. They didn’t understand your feelings and it bothers you. Now it’s time to go to bed and you don’t want to feel the anger anymore and sleep. Start filling up the tub while you feel that anger. When tub filled up(water represents ANGER) STEW in it. Feel all those thoughts. It can be 10 minutes it can be hours(I have refilled a tub a time or two😉). When you are ready to let anger go for the night, start releasing water(ANGER). When water is out that is all you can go for today and it allows you to sleep.

Let us all wash ourselves clean! Let us all gift ourselves and each other some forgiveness. The very, very worst thing…go and get it and bring it back here to the circle with the rest of us. Dig deep and go big…bring me the ugliest and the worst that you’ve got, all of that ugly junk up in your trunk. Lay it on me. You did it. It was done to you. Makes no difference, because only you know and only you need to know, what and who and how…and don’t go too deep there either. Don’t rip this wound open again…just got straight into your center and pull out the one thing you can’t let go of, or two or three or ten things. Bring them all and let’s circle back up, because we have some healing to do.

Is everyone ready? One at a time, and will all of your heart, bring yours up to me and set it down next to mine. Everyone, respectfully, and In no specific order, go ahead and come up.

Okay, everyone stand in a circle and put down what you brought, all of it, on the ground before your feet. Now everyone take one step to the left. Stand there and stop for a second and see how that feels. Better? Worse? One more time, three steps to the right and stop again. Stand there and tell me how that feels. Anything? Okay, last time, 17 steps to your left, everyone go slowly now. Stop again and we will stay in place. From here, everyone pick up what is in front of you, with no attachment what so ever, and bring it to their fire pit that I built for us. One by one and right on time, gently place yours in the fire. When you are done, we walk away in silence. We walk away in gratitude and we walk away for good, from that which no longer serves us.

With this, I will close the circle with a prayer of substantial and monumental healing for us all this evening. And so it is.

Your sins…my sins…their sins…they are all in there, rising back up in smoke, from the smoldering ashes, to the universe, to be recycled for the greater good of us all. All together now, taking each other’s hands…repeat after me…”Please forgive me. Thank you, I’m sorry. I love you.” Say it over and over and over again, in whatever order, from now until eternity…and don’t take my word for it…you can look it up…never mind…I got you!

Two years ago, I heard about a therapist in Hawaii who cured a complete ward of criminally insane patients–without ever seeing any of them. The psychologist would study an inmate’s chart and then look within himself to see how he created that person’s illness. As he improved himself, the patient improved.

When I first heard this story, I thought it was an urban legend. How could anyone heal anyone else by healing himself? How could even the best self-improvement master cure the criminally insane? It didn’t make any sense. It wasn’t logical, so I dismissed the story. However, I heard it again a year later. I heard that the therapist had used a Hawaiian healing process called ho ‘oponopono. I had never heard of it, yet I couldn’t let it leave my mind. If the story was at all true, I had to know more. I had always understood “total responsibility” to mean that I am responsible for what I think and do. Beyond that, it’s out of my hands. I think that most people think of total responsibility that way. We’re responsible for what we do, not what anyone else does. The Hawaiian therapist who healed those mentally ill people would teach me an advanced new perspective about total responsibility. His name is Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len. We probably spent an hour talking on our first phone call. I asked him to tell me the complete story of his work as a therapist. He explained that he worked at Hawaii State Hospital for four years. That ward where they kept the criminally insane was dangerous. Psychologists quit on a monthly basis. The staff called in sick a lot or simply quit. People would walk through that ward with their backs against the wall, afraid of being attacked by patients. It was not a pleasant place to live, work, or visit. Dr. Len told me that he never saw patients. He agreed to have an office and to review their files. While he looked at those files, he would work on himself. As he worked on himself, patients began to heal. “After a few months, patients that had to be shackled were being allowed to walk freely,” he told me. “Others who had to be heavily medicated were getting off their medications. And those who had no chance of ever being released were being freed.” I was in awe. “Not only that,” he went on, “but the staff began to enjoy coming to work. Absenteeism and turnover disappeared. We ended up with more staff than we needed because patients were being released, and all the staff was showing up to work. Today, that ward is closed.” This is where I had to ask the million dollar question: “What were you doing within yourself that caused those people to change?” “I was simply healing the part of me that created them,” he said. I didn’t understand. Dr. Len explained that total responsibility for your life means that everything in your life – simply because it is in your life–is your responsibility. In a literal sense the entire world is your creation. Whew. This is tough to swallow. Being responsible for what I say or do is one thing. Being responsible for what everyone in my life says or does is quite another. Yet, the truth is this: if you take complete responsibility for your life, then everything you see, hear, taste, touch, or in any way experience is your responsibility because it is in your life. This means that terrorist activity, the president, the economy–anything you experience and don’t like–is up for you to heal. They don’t exist, in a manner of speaking, except as projections from inside you. The problem isn’t with them, it’s with you, and to change them, you have to change you. I know this is tough to grasp, let alone accept or actually live. Blame is far easier than total responsibility, but as I spoke with Dr. Len, I began to realize that healing for him and in ho ‘oponopono means loving yourself. If you want to improve your life, you have to heal your life. If you want to cure anyone–even a mentally ill criminal–you do it by healing you. I asked Dr. Len how he went about healing himself. What was he doing, exactly, when he looked at those patients’ files? “I just kept saying, ‘I’m sorry’ and ‘I love you’ over and over again,” he explained. That’s it? That’s it. Turns out that loving yourself is the greatest way to improve yourself, and as you improve yourself, your improve your world. Let me give you a quick example of how this works: one day, someone sent me an email that upset me. In the past I would have handled it by working on my emotional hot buttons or by trying to reason with the person who sent the nasty message. This time, I decided to try Dr. Len’s method. I kept silently saying, “I’m sorry” and “I love you,” I didn’t say it to anyone in particular. I was simply evoking the spirit of love to heal within me what was creating the outer circumstance. Within an hour I got an e-mail from the same person. He apologized for his previous message. Keep in mind that I didn’t take any outward action to get that apology. I didn’t even write him back. Yet, by saying “I love you,” I somehow healed within me what was creating him. I later attended a ho ‘oponopono workshop run by Dr. Len. He’s now 70 years old, considered a grandfatherly shaman, and is somewhat reclusive. He praised my book, The Attractor Factor. He told me that as I improve myself, my book’s vibration will raise, and everyone will feel it when they read it. In short, as I improve, my readers will improve. “What about the books that are already sold and out there?” I asked. “They aren’t out there,” he explained, once again blowing my mind with his mystic wisdom. “They are still in you.” In short, there is no out there. It would take a whole book to explain this advanced technique with the depth it deserves. Suffice it to say that whenever you want to improve anything in your life, there’s only one place to look: inside you. “When you look, do it with love.”

An excerpt from Joe Vitale