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Literal food for thought…enjoy!!!!!

I will start with the French Toast that my beautiful girl bought down for me for breakfast this morning…and yes, it is absolutely vegan!

Good afternoon everyone! I blogged on March 10th about my 5 year Veganversary. A lot of people seem to miss the compassionate part of being vegan all together. I mean, fuck the fact that we are killing billions of innocent animals…what about you and your love affair with cheese? And what about your protein? What the fuck about you man? I mean really… fuck those animals! What about your needs? Right? I mean if we are being truthful here…don’t we do what we do because we fucking want to? Don’t we do what we do because we have always done it this way? Our parents and our grandparents….Ya, they were ignorant too! Your parents. My parents. You. Me. Ignorance is not bliss my friends. Ignorance is fucking ignorance.

My last non-vegan meal and one of my all time favorite non-vegan meals was my Moms ground beef enchiladas. (God, do you hear how ugly that sounds? Ground beef. I mean when I ate ground up Ahimsa and Karuna, and I liked it, by the way.) When we got to pick our birthday and holiday dinners, we often picked my moms homemade ground beef enchiladas. When my mom died, I missed her cooking and the comfort food she made me throughout the years. I was grief-stricken and I was determined to do something about it. I decided that I would learn to make my favorite comfort foods vegan. I have finally perfected my Moms enchiladas, without one ounce of suffering. No one died for me to enjoy one of my favorite foods. I just had to learn how to make it vegan. I want you to know that you can do that too. Live compassionately. We all have a choice and I just wanted you to know that.

So…here they are! Ready to eat, my veganized and cruelty free version of my moms enchiladas. We can re-write recipes. We can take the animals out and the suffering out of our favorite foods. We can re-write our fucking lives. We do not have to do it the way that they did it. We just fucking don’t. I didn’t know that and five years later…I cannot not know it. We write our own rules. If you want to meet who you eat, well, hit me up. That’s why we are here, to educate those of you, so inclined to want to know. That is what our Sanctuary is here for…for you…for us…for them…we are all welcome here.

This is some good stuff right here…I want you to know that you are just as capable, and likely more so, than I, of making your own life the way YOU want it to be. If your mom cooked you dead animals and you don’t know what to do…well, what do YOU want to do? Whatever it is, YOU do that. Doing what we have always done because we always did it that way….really? If it never worked, it’s likely never going to work.

Anyway…I felt that I needed these enchiladas in my life, and so, I made it so! I encourage you to do that too. You know…what your heart knows to be true and real and just…do that. Be real to yourself. Be good to yourself. Be true to yourself. Do you really love your dog and not the animals on your plate? I mean if they were sitting on the couch where your dog is right now, instead of shrink wrapped in styrofoam, in your refrigerator, could you eat them then? They are friends, not food. Meet Ahimsa. Ahimsa is someone, not something. I love you Ahimsa!

Corals reliable rule of thumb….if is has a face and if it shits, don’t eat it, because “it” is someone, not something. If it is someone, it feels, like you and I feel. They feel pain and they suffer and they are not ours. Eating them ends their life. It really is that simple. These enchiladas didn’t hurt anyone. No ones heart stopped for these beauties!

Bon Appetit!

Have a beautiful evening everyone. Enjoy your food for thought! I love you!