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Care to join me in an Unconditional and inexhaustible love bath this morning?


Good morning everyone! Do you have your coffee ready? Awesome.,.now go ahead and set your coffee cups down, because we’ve big work to do together this morning! This morning I want us to spend some good time together to start our day off right. I envision that to be bathing in a sea of inexhaustible and unconditional love. Are you able to envision that with me? We are all going to take a nice morning swim in the sea this morning! How does that sound? Clothes on…clothes off…no matter, just jump in! Let’s take a nice and relaxing morning swim and meet back here in a little bit, okay? While you’re swimming, remember that you are literally being bathed in unconditional love…inexhaustible love…allow yourself to soak that all in and feel how that feels. Allow yourself to swim, to float, to immerse yourself and bathe yourself in love this morning. Feel the sun, gently warm your face and listen to the waves crashing…the tide going out and rolling back in…as you drench yourself in love! How are you feeling so far? I am feeling like I want to stay here for a bit longer, so let’s do that!

Everyone grab a raft and let’s head over here together. This little cove looks perfect for all of us! Wow…there are a lot of us here this morning, so please make room for your neighbors, okay? Cozy on in and let’s all come in as close as we can to one another, without touching rafts. We want some space around us, and to know that we aren’t alone, all at the same time this morning. How did it feel to swim and bathe and play in love this morning? How do you feel now?

Let’s all lie back on our rafts and close our eyes. Let the sun soak into your skin and fuel you for today’s journey. Allow the water below you to gently rock you into a relaxed and sleepy state. I will keep talking softly…you just relax and take what you need right now.

What was that like for you? For me, it’s like I don’t want to leave! I want to stay here in unconditional love and inexhaustible love…floating peacefully in my own space, and yet not entirely alone, here with you today, soaking up the sun and basking in love, love, love….

Hey, why don’t we take this with us today?  I mean not the rafts and the ocean…we can take the love though, can’t we? We can take each other in our hearts today, all day long. We can bathe in love all day long AND we can bathe others in our unconditional and inexhaustible love, all day long! We can take this with us! Teachers In the movie “The Secret”always say to imagine the feeling of the wish fulfilled. The law of attraction says that we attract what we focus our energy and intention on. I know that’s right, don’t you? What is better to attract than love? Unconditional and inexhaustible love, love, love…yes please!

As we leave the healing room this morning, how are you going to share this feeling with others today? How are you going to keep these love waves rolling in? You can take this with you, you know? You can pay it forward. You can hold a door for someone. Remember the day I challenged you to buy two of whatever you’re buying for yourself, and gift the other to someone else? You can do that today…better yet, you can do that every day. Imagine how that small gesture alone will change our world? You can let someone in, who is trying to cut you off in traffic…I know. I know. Just try it. It feels better than the escalated blood pressure you get otherwise. Just trust me on this one. Road rage kills. What does road love do? Wave to pepole, even if you don’t drive a Jeep. I dare you! Wave and smile with no expectation. What would Road Love look like to you? Replace road rage with road love, and let me know how that feels, oaky? What about taking an intentioned moment to send someone some love who is struggling? Just stop what you are doing and envision them for a moment…hold them close to you and tell them that you see them and that you love them, no matter what. With all of your intention, send all of your love to them. Send so much that you feel them feel it. That’s how we are going to do it today, oaky? We are going to grab a coffee refill and we are on fire! We are going to spend this day, in as many ways as we can, loving ourselves and the people we encounter today, so that we can all feel it. I send all of my love to you this morning and ask you to pass it on to everyone you meet today. Who is going to heal our world? We are! We are the change we wish to see in our world. I want love and so I am headed out there to love! I really hope you will join me!