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We hand you our angel…

Good morning everyone! I lost my blog twice this morning, due to internet and technical errors. With that being said, there is only one thing that I really need to talk about this morning.

There is someone whom I love dearly, who needs love and healing prayers this morning. This person means so much to me and is my chosen family…a hand-picked piece of my very own heart. That is all I will say about this. I will invite you to pray with me, if you are so inclined;

Our Heavenly Father,

We come to you this morning with our angel in our hands. Our angel, loyal, steadfast, honorable and true, desperately needs your healing Father. We ask you to take our angel in your arms and heal what is not perfect, align what isn’t aligned and restore to health that which is not healthy. We turn our angel over to your love and your care and custody, that you may exercise your will. With all of our hearts, we thank you Lord, for taking our angel unto you and for healing and restoring balance and wholeness to one of the greatest of us down here. Amen.