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From plight to Pranja…

Good evening everyone! We want to introduce you to Prajna. We are using Buddhist spelling and pronunciation and the intention of the Buddha which states the following:


Buddhism, prajna is the ultimate understanding of the true nature of existence and reality. It is a Sanskrit word derived from the roots pra, meaning “beginning” or “premium,” and jna, meaning “consciousness” or “understanding.” Prajna is a state of pure consciousness that transcends worldly concepts or belief systems that might impede perfect wisdom. It is considered to be direct insight into the truth received from the teachings of Buddha and it is needed in order to reach enlightenment.”

In Sanskrit:
Meaning. The Sanskrit word प्रज्ञ (Pragña) is the combination of “प्र (pra-)” which prefix means – before, forward, fulfiller, and used as the intensifier but rarely as a separate word and “ज्ञ (jna)” which means – knowing or familiar with.
We took from all of that, what embodies this little soul. The beginning of consciousness. Prajna.
Prajna, meet everyone. Everyone meet Prajna! Pranja was found wandering the streets, in heat, with her left eye literally hanging out of the socket. Obviously raped and impregnated repeatedly, Prajna  was in bad shape. A dear friend of ours…a friend much like ourselves, who saw an injustice and was called into action immediately, rescued Pranja from her life on the streets.
Looking for the just right and perfect home, we set out to help our friend on her mission. Prajna, previously called Iris by the amazing medical team at The Rio Bravo Vet Hospital came through her surgeries beautifully!
Prajna has since been spayed and had her left eye removed completely. All of her medical needs have been attended to. I was headed over to meet her this morning after my doctors appointment, to do some Reiki and Lymphatic work on her surgery sites and within an hour, I was picking her up and bringing her home. Prajna is home and we are so thankful…so, so thankful.
Prajna is approximately 2 years old and weighs in at 4 pounds and yes, you are correct…Prajna’s first visit was directly to see Momma Tamara and then directly off to meet Aiden!!!!
Please help us to welcome Prajna to
our pack! Prajna is home now and we are all about to snuggle in for the evening and just be a family…count our blessings and love our very traumatized girl to happiness. Prajnas angel already made sure that she was nursed back to health.