Coral’s Healing Room at 505-269-9242 I rise early. I go to bed early. If you need me, I will make myself available to you.

And the alters have me this morning ❤️♥️💜

Good morning everyone! Happy Thursday! I did not get much sleep and I am a little bit pissy this morning. I apologize in advance for that. Fatigue and sleep deprivation do not help this girl to deal gracefully with her struggles at all. With that being said, I hope your night was more restful and peaceful than mine was!

I read a post on a page I follow this morning about “alters” and I am so thankful. Truly, I love reading something that I relate to so much, that explains so much about me, without fetching another diagnosis or being presented another smorgasbord of narcotic medication to “help” me. I do not want to be medicated with narcotics. I do not want to be more comatose than I already feel on some days, just waking up. I don’t want to be any more eccentric and outlandish than I already am, just to attempt to be well. Having alters scared me so much at first and the idea of other people finding out I had alters scared me even more. Now, it just simply explains me and how I survived the horrific abuse in my life. I have different egos and personalities that are actual split pierces of myself, and they work with me to navigate my life. Sam is my inner child and she came to save me from the impact that little Coral couldn’t survive. Sam and Coral work pretty well together. Some of the other alters do not work well very with anyone. Social anxiety, plagued with too much talking on my part, causes much discomfort and awkwardness for me daily. Misophonia, which is quite literally the hatred of sound, in which negative thoughts, emotions and physical reactions are triggered by sound, is my constant companion. If I had to pick one of my disorders that makes my life intolerably difficult daily, it would be the misophonia. A living and waking hell that knows no ends or bounds or limits. Dogs barking incessantly last night have me full blown triggered this morning. And so I begin reworking today’s schedule. I don’t want my colleagues to see me this way, and so today I skip VCA and do distance work with Aiden. My first client, also a dear friend, is a safe zone and so I can work comfortably there. My other client will be at work and so I’m feeling safe there. My errands, except for getting gas, can wait, and I’ll get back home as soon as possible. Back at home, I can begin to decompress a bit and recalibrate myself. This is my morning routine and today it fucking sucks. The struggle is real and I am a hot fucking mess today, all because I haven’t lined out my alters and my day and my emotions enough yet, to function.

My life is definitely a trip. I am super fucking intense. I care more about many of you than you care about yourselves. I love with all of me and I hurt deeply when love is with held from me. I give more than I’ve got to keep you on track and I care more about your finish than my own. I feel you. I am you. I spend time inside you and so I know who you are, your workings and your idealism’s. I allow you time inside me also, to allow for balance and intimacy in this very cold world. Your fears and inadequacies, I feel them. Your doubts and your negative self talk, I hear it. I am empathic. I bilocate. I intuit beyond the comprehension of most people. I truly do feel you. My alters saved me from death and yet, surviving the horror I did was a fate worse than death, many times over. Some days I grab my own arm and shake me to see if I really am still here at all. I am definitely not like any of you and I’ve known this my whole life. Bullying and constant taunting have always reminded me that I am different and kept me pretty fucking humble. These disorders that I have are simply who I am…this is me…this is my life and who I am. I’m awkward and crazy and without filter. I want life to be fair and when it’s horrifically unfair, I intervene to restore balance. I do this by divine guidance. I am a vessel for the work that comes through me and most days I feel So blessed for who I am and for my ability to do what I do. Today though…today I am tired and sleepless and irritable. Today I wonder what it would be like to be “normal” and I remember why I drank so fucking much. I drank to forget that God expects much more of me than he does from most. I drank to not feel so alone and isolated in who I am. I drank to fit in where I could once only sit and observe from the sidelines. Without drink…sometimes the pain of the my alters slams me into the wall suicidal and begging God to take me from the pain of not fitting in. This morning God said “no”and Aiden says it’s time to get going and so I set all this self pity down. I know how this is going to go…I’ll go grab my brightest tie dye and I’ll get myself presentable for my day…I will spend extra time in prayer and meditation this morning. I will take my hands off of all of you and Aiden and I will handle it. We will just handle it and get into our groove. Aiden and I do not get days off right now, as we are building Aiden a brand new airway. I never need days off from Aiden…just from everyone else sometimes. Today is one of those days, and so I’m going to lie low and mind my own business. I am going to keep my head down and keep my awareness on myself. I surround myself in love and purple light today, that we all be protected from the parts of Coral that serve no one…from the parts of society and one another that serve no one. We all survived something just to be here and we all developed survival skills for keeping us here. Some of those skills do not serve us anymore and yet, we’ve no idea what to do without them. We hold them tight, just in case we need them again. Our alters bring more subtle tools and today I accept those tools happily, as my own toolbox has me locked out this morning. Thank you Alice for your brilliant writing this morning, which totally inspired my own. Thank you for your honesty and your sharing yourself with us, so that I could share too.

To each of you, I love you. I really do love you. I don’t know how I love you or why I love you or what it means that I love you. I just know that I really do fucking love you. I’m going to keep saying so, even though I vowed not to. I vowed not to because some days I grow weary of being so fucking weird man. Fuck! Some days it’s a lot, even for me. Walking up to people and loving them for a deceased spouse or an absent, abusive, asshole spouse, simply because God said so…ya, some days, even in Coral land it’s a mother fucking doozie. I’m sure I’ll be back to my crazy, eccentric self soon. For today though, I’m not going to lie, just to get through it, I’m cutting my day short and laying low. I’m keeping my eyes down and to myself and my soul protected until I get back home. My soul, always open and peering from behind these green eyes, is closed this morning for self preservation. My eyes, constantly in contact with your own eyes, will be shifting away from your gaze today, to heal my own soul. I hope you each have a blessed and beautiful day today. I’ll love you from where I’m at and I will love you with all I’ve got. And if you would please, say it with me…”I love you Aiden!!!!!”

So Thankful for Aiden…

Good morning everyone! Happy Tuesday! Aiden and I have been very busy working on some things. Thank you for fueling us with all of your love and prayers while we work! We love and appreciate how you love us.

This time with Aiden is teaching me so much. Truly, giving your life over to someone else, to be them, to heal them…to unconditionally love them in a way that gives all of yourself to them…it is humbling and eye opening and surreal and beautiful and sometimes a little scary in spots. Aiden is a a great spotter though and we do not touch the ground. Ebbing and flowing, healing and growing and fro growing…Aiden and I are one. An opportunity presented itself for me to leave town for a week of musical medicine and festivities and I just could not leave and miss Aidens court date next week or my time with Aiden and his mom during this very important time in Aidens healing. Decisions like this bring me full circle to realize that some things are just more important than other things and Aiden is most important to me! I am blessed to be as I am and to be so close to Aiden and he is most important to me. Our time in healing space together is opening my eyes and my heart to many things. Thank you Aiden. I love you!!!

Our vet came out for all of the pigs, the goats, the cows and Hondo yesterday. It was about five hours of inoculations, hoove trimming and tusk trimming. It was humbling for sure to hear and see the stress and the fear of all of the animals as their turn approached, and to watch them react and adapt. If you have never heard a pig scream, you’ve absolutely no idea how that decibel registers in your own heart as it cuts through the air. It’s a sound like no other and it literally penetrates my soul every time I hear it. We were so blessed with skilled techs, an amazing veterinarian and our faithful volunteer and everything went off without a hitch. Thank you Western Trails and Dr. Thornton for an amazing afternoon taking care of our babies! We love you guys and are so thankful for you!!! Thank you Rob for always being so fucking amazing! We love you! And to my amazing girl, living her amazing dream, all of my love and respect. Truly, I am in constant awe of the passion that you have and the dedication that you have, to the love and commitment that you have to these animals and to your work in the world with and for them. Living your dream with you is an experience that I am so thankful for and I thank you for making me part of your world. We are so blessed and on days like yesterday, when it all just comes together, we are reminded just how blessed we are. Thank you universe for blessing my life so abundantly!

Today I woke in gratitude. Exhausted from yesterday and sore all over, I know I gave my all and did my best and that feels good. I’ve been working on a prosthetic for Aiden and I am going to drop that off to his mom today, so please pray that it works to help Aiden to keep his trachea open so he can breathe with ease. All of my love went into this design and Aiden and I think that it just may work! Love always works Aiden says!

I hope each of you have a beautiful day today! I’ve a full day today, so I’m off! Looking forward to seeing Aiden this morning and ready for some healing with my clients today. I hope each of you has a beautiful moment today that you share with someone else. A smile. A coffee. Lunch. A phone conversation. Go be for someone what you need in someone and see how your world opens up! Go hug someone…and I mean really hug them…and change your own world. Say you love someone and mean it and see how your heart feels. Open the door for someone. Buy two coffees and give one away. Start doing for others and see how much it does for you to do so. Aiden and I dare you! I love you guys! Have a beautiful day everyone! And say it with me, loud and proud…I love you Aiden!!!!

And Aiden chimes in!!!

Good morning everyone! Happy Sunday from Aiden and I! Aiden and I are getting back into our groove together and I am thankful for that. Aiden is in my body and I in his to try to make some sense of what is happening on the inside of Aiden. With that being said, I will be out of sorts, so to speak, for the next couple of days. I will be inside Aiden and absent and unavailable to some of you. I go somewhere and my thoughts and my comprende go there with me. Today and tomorrow will be Aiden and Coral days…intimate and cozy and close…prayerful, contemplative and meditative. If you need me, I will be with Aiden, so please be sure it’s really important if you reach to me before Tuesday morning at dawn, as I am in session with Aiden. I go on and my life goes on and I don’t know how to explain all of that really…other than to say that if I seem aloof or distant or completely absent or downright fucking rude in the next couple of days, I apologize in advance. I will be in spiritual surgery so to speak. I will not be myself, for I will be in Aiden and Aiden will be in me, as we build new constructs together.

It would mean so very much to Aiden and I and to Aidens family of you could lift us up as high as you can, in love and light and prayer.

This is Aiden,

I prefer the word exhaulted. Coral doesn’t like to use it because it has a red line under it. Anyway, I would like to be exhaulted, to the highest of highs, to the almighty himself, to examine my throat. I do not wish to pass “go” or to wait in throat jail any longer because I have important stuff to do. I have to be in court, for instance, with my mom. I need to protect my big brother Jackson. My Dad and my mom need me and so do my sisters and even Michael. I cannot tell you the long list of things I need to be doing, other than lying around and trying not to cough. It is exhausting, not exhaulting, if you know what I mean? Anyway, happy Sunday to you and to me too. I’m going to love on my mom today, well more today than yesterday for sure. And more tomorrow than today, no doubt. As I was asking though, please lift me up to the highest of high and the mightiest of the most mighty to get my throat fixed. To me, that’s my mom…and so lift her up, okay? To lift me up…to lift Coral up to the highest healing place of all? If you don’t mind…I mean even if you do, please just lift me up. I love you. Thank you. ❤️♥️💜

So, with that being beautifully said by Aiden himself, please lift us up as we also lift you, to the highest healing place of all, exhaulted to your highest high!!!! Happy Sunday! We love you!! And all together…”I love you Aiden!!!!!”

Happy Saturday from Coral and Aiden…

    Good morning everyone! Happy Saturday! I hope your week has been a good one. I have had a productive week and feel fairly accomplished. My mom and dad would have celebrated their 50 year wedding anniversary yesterday. All day I felt a little sad that I wasn’t planning their 50th like Shawn and I had always wanted to do for them. I didn’t get stuck in my sadness, although I did visit there a few times throughout the day. So, happy belated anniversary to my parents. With my mom in heaven and my dad remarried, the day still held a whole lot of meaning for me and for that I am so grateful. Changing the way I look at things is a difficult tide to turn, and so fucking worth it. So, so worth it. The way I have looked at things in the past has made things ugly for when they didn’t need to be, difficult when it wasn’t hard at all, sad when it really wasn’t and overwhelming when it was easy. My thoughts have harmed me more than anyone or anything else, simply because I allowed my thoughts to take me over. Mindfully, I correct my thinking and miraculously my life is changing and I am so thankful for that.

Aiden is a soul from somewhere very special. Something about Aiden is the pure the and good. Aiden exemplifies and is the epitome of the beauty in us all. Aiden came from somewhere special to take us all back there with him.

I really am all Aiden all the time right now. My life goes on…it’s just that Aiden is the center of my world and the recipient of my constant attention. Practically every thought is of Aiden and every idea is to help Aiden to be well. It is just like the day I got the call about Aiden being missing…after that, until Aiden came back home, it was all Aiden until he was in his moms arms. When God calls you personally to care for his most beloved, you have a knowing that your life is blessed beyond measure. When God says to design Aiden a new trachea and think he called the wrong person because you failed A & P not once but twice, taking your massage licensing, you get out your paper and pen and you become a mother fucking architect. You make o rings out of C’s and E’s and O’s and you dance like you know how. You learn to balance and hold the weight and the world and the heart of someone else above you. You learn that the gifts you don’t possess will be evident in the gifts you allow others to come forward with as you rise and fall and ebb and flow in this healing process.

For me, life with Aiden has been a beautifully choreographed dance. We dance to the left for all of you and we come back to center to bring you in with us, before we slow start back to the right again. We go FJ cruising and race car driving together like old friends. We lie together for hours on our stomachs inviting the air to visit us in our windpipe very slowly and gently. We manipulate our windpipes and we reminisce about our beautiful moms together. We dream of a better world, and we find our own ways to improve the world we landed in for this incarnation. We have been together before, Aiden and I and his mom. We have journeyed together before. We are all in different roles now and our life is different than it was in the old world. In the old world, we were one and we knew that. Now we are seemingly separate and looking to reconnect. All of us are doing that you know? All of us have deja vu sometimes don’t we? A familiar smell, a sound, a voice or a place…and we know we have been there before. We know we have loved these beautiful beings before and we are here to love them better this time around. Blessed by more time with Aiden, I am beyond dedicated to do whatever I can to give him what he needs for his journey to be comfortable, safe and well.

Our lives begin to really matter the day that we realize that we are not here for ourselves. Our purpose begins to reveal itself when we openly share the gifts we have available to us. Finding Aiden to some was like looking for a needle in a haystack. For me, it was like my own life depended upon Aiden coming home. I can’t really explain it. I just knew when the call came in that Aiden would return to his mom. I can’t explain it now eitherwith that same knowing, I know Aiden is to be exalted of his struggles. So again, I ask each of you to pray with me for Aiden and his healing. I ask each of you to throw all of your love at Aiden and his mom and his dad and his siblings, as the struggle is real for each of them.

On this morning as I get ready to go out into the world, I reach up and feel the soft growth on my head, the hair that I’m growing for Aiden. For years, I’ve been shaving my hair off to give strength to those battling cancer. Now, with all of my love, I grow my hair to give Aiden all the love and strength I’ve got. As my hair grows, so does Aidens strength. And so I say, let that Aiden fro grow! Let it grow! Let it grow!

Thank you to each of you who is loving Aiden and his family so, so much. Please dial up the love and prayers with me this morning. Please open your heart and say it with me…”I love you Aiden!”

Have a beautiful Saturday and Aiden says thank you for loving him so much! Aiden will share the name of his groomer with me, so not to worry, I will be in the best hands with my new hair! Thanks Aiden!

Asking for love and prayers for Aiden…

Good morning everyone! This morning I am calling up love for Aiden and his family. Aiden has been struggling with Tracheal Collapse. The way his mom describes it, the cartilage in Aiden’s trachea gets weak and so when he breathes harder, his trachea literally collapses. It’s like drinking thick milkshake through a straw and if you try to drink too quickly, the straw collapses and nothing gets through. So…imagine trying to breathe through that! The struggle to breathe is real for Aiden and Quality of life for everyone in Aiden’s family is diminished, as Aiden must lie fairly still to avoid the coughing that ensues if he gets agitated or excited by getting up and moving about the cabin. Once the coughing starts, everyone is caught in its turbulence and it’s uncomfortable grasp. At only four pounds, this collapsed trachea is rocking Aiden’s little world, literally. Much consulting is going on and everyone who can help is being contacted to get Aiden whatever help is needed to improve his quality of life. As we are gathering and assembling teams to get Aiden all fixed up, I ask for your love and your prayers for Aiden. I ask you to lift Aiden and his mom up as high as you can and into the healing light. Please pray for the competence and steadfastness of Aidens medical team and everyone on this team, as we all place our love and hands and healing energies on Aiden to return him to wellness.

As many of you know, Aiden and his mom, and his entire family…are my heart. Aiden is part of me. Aiden and I are spending nights together and long afternoons lying still together. Although I cannot seem to explain exactly who I am or what I do, to most people, Aiden knows. Aiden and I are the same and I do my best to work with Aiden and his body through my own body. My heart functions as Aidens and Aidens as mine. Aiden and I are the epitome of walking each other home. So…when Aiden is not feeling well, I am not feeling well. And when Aiden needs love and prayers and healing energy, I am going to go out there and get it for him! I ask each of you to take a moment this morning to lift up Aiden and his family. Please pray for their hearts and for relief and healing and a return to wellness for Aiden. Aiden really is someone spectacular and special and extraordinary! Aiden is part of me and I ask you to lift us up as we embark on a healing and telling journey together. Aiden needs us and so I will be rallying the troops and gathering tribe to carry our precious Aiden through this storm.

I began growing my hair out yesterday, for Aiden. I have never grown my hair, only ever shaved it, for anyone. So, this is a bit of a twist for me. Divinely guided and full of faith…trusting and knowing…I begin my fro grow for my beautiful friend Aiden! All of my hair and all of the strength that it symbolizes, I grow, with all of my love for Aiden.

Please pray with me:


Hear our prayer. This morning Lord, I lift my friend Aiden up into your loving arms. I turn him over to you Lord that you mend him and make him well again. Aiden is so special to so many of us and we need Aiden down here Lord. Aidens trachea is in collapse and Aiden is struggling to breathe and to be well. Please Lord, open Aidens throat clear and wide. Let Aidens air pass through with ease and please remove Aidens discomfort and struggle to breathe. Lord, in your will and your capabilities, please take Aiden into your arms and make him well again. With all of our love and gratitude, and in your name, we pray these things. Skill our hands and open our hearts. Fill our minds with knowing of what to do and bring forth the people who can make Aiden well again, to assemble his team, to raise him up to you, that you may make him whole again. And so it is. Amen.

Have a beautiful day everyone and thank you for loving Aiden and for praying with me for his wellness and for his beautiful family. All of my love and gratitude this morning. Thank you. And please, if you will, say it with me…”We love you Aiden!!!!!”

Rambling thoughts about being kind…

Happy Friday everyone! I am in slow motion this morning and not moving very quickly yet. Sleep was scarce and interrupted and I feel the morning fatigue or it all this morning. I sometimes wish I could just lie here. Nothing else…just lie here, until I don’t want to lie here anymore. I wonder how long that would be…I mean I wonder how long, if I could just lie here, how long would I lie here? How long would you just lie there? Anyway, that is my intricate thought process this morning so far. I’m booked solid today and so I shall not just lie here. Just a thought about what if I did and how long I would just stay in bed if I didn’t have to get out of bed at all. Random thoughts from my meandering mind this morning.

I was hopping to have some inspiration or some words of wisdom this morning. I wanted to reach out and inspire you this morning with my words; and words elude me a bit. I do hope that you have a lovely day and that you find happiness in the small stuff. If you’re hurting, I hope it passes quickly. If you’re sad, I hope a smile finds you today. If you are beat down, I hope someone reaches down to lift you up. Most of all, I hope you are enough for you today. I pray for your health and your happiness and you safety. I pray for your family and for your friends and for the animals in your care. I pray you make more than enough money and that your kitchen is full of your favorite healthy foods. I hope you will always put a hand out for someone who needs a hand. We must start living the basics differently, if we expect to see sustainable and substantial change in our world. We cannot act the way we act and expect the results to be different than they are. We don’t make time and we don’t speak with love and light and praise for those whom we see suffering. Surely someone else will help them, right? We are all someone. We all have something that we can offer. What do you offer? What do you give away to those who need something from you? The small acts of caring and sharing and loving…those acts make a huge difference. Just ask the person you bought water for or the guy you gave your lunch to on the corner yesterday. When we walk by like we don’t care, the people we walk by feel that we don’t care. How would you feel if you were the other guy? How many people would you have to watch walk by you, with no love or assistance at all, before you just gave up on asking for it? When did we stop loving each other you guys? Truly, what happened to cause us to justify not loving certain people and groups of people? When did throwing dogs out of windows, to their death on the pavement, become acceptable to us? When did witnessing violence become our norm? When did we lose our hearts and our sense of eight and wrong? Why do we stay silent about things that really do matter? Just some food for thought this morning…who the fuck are we? Truly, who are we becoming? This world that we are all bitching about…this is our world. What are we doing to right what’s wrong? What are we doing to be the change? Sitting around complaining about it surely isn’t turning this tide, is it? Maybe be love, in action? Go out there today and be love. At work…at home…in public…hold doors and say “hello”…smile and give a shit about each other. We never know what someone else is going through, so always be kind.

Have a beautiful day everyone! I love you.

A brief visit from our sister Robin this morning….

Good morning everyone. I really don’t have a lot to share right now. I am horribly saddened by the state of affairs in our world. Senseless killing and so many people wishing they were not here…angry words and disposable friendships and families. Violence and hate being spewed from even the mouths of babes. Man, I’m fucking disheartened and sad about the way we treat one another. I am sad to be so unable to understand the world I live it. I have always felt that I am in this world and not of this world. Days like this, I feel this even more so.

I know I’m here to help, to be of service and to do life solid, by giving my very best. I really do try. I am way better at solving your problems than I will ever be at handling my own, and I am working on that. I am seeing so clearly that I can’t fix you. Hell, I obviously can’t fix me either. I show up where I am called and I often stay too long. I stay where I’m not appreciated or wanted or acknowledged. I show up excited to be a part of a world that you never even prepared space for me to be in and then I wonder why it feels shitty to be trying to be in it. It’s not my fucking world and this in not my circus and these definitely are not my fucking clowns!

And so I regress. Truly, on all things. In all situations in my life right now, I regress. I pull myself back and out. I pull myself up and out, and I pause, on everything. I am at a stand still on everything in my life…holding pause, turning within. I get to going so fast sometimes into and toward things that don’t feel just right to me, thinking this will right itself eventually. I see the error of my ways and I stand down and pause in my life, for a spell, to re-evaluate and to reassess my current situation. Big life decisions are on hold for me until at least October as I really take some time to feel how I feel and to end up where I belong. I’ve an offer in in a space that was accepted and then I realized that I’m not sure what I need the space for right now. So, right now, I slow my roll and pray and meditate a lot. For today only, I realize that I am right where I need to be, doing exactly what I need to be doing. If the space is available in October and the clients are getting referred and booked, I will look again, into space outside of my current operating system. For now though, I have decided to work on the studio and to work on myself. I have decided that I prefer to lie kind of low and to turn inward as I re-evaluate some things in my life that are calling out to me.

I pray for patience and understanding, for love and light and for the ability to be content and in gratitude, no matter what. I pray for guidance and illumination. I pray for peace and prosperity. I pray for tolerance and understanding. Most of all, I pray to not partner with, end up with, or to be tied in any way, to anyone who does not listen to me, talk with me and value me. I remove myself from all situations that are not mine. I take my energy from that which has no concern for me. I lift up my brothers and my sisters who are on the brink of giving up, that they back away from the ledge that is beckoning to them. I lift up the sick and the broken and the beat down Lord, that you restore us to your glory, to your will and to your vision. May we be instruments of your peace Lord. May we be instruments of your love Lord. MY we be in your light Lord, always, in all ways. And so it is. Amen.

And our sister Robin chimes in…

I haven’t been up here too long, looking down over all of you. I’m not really up or down or over. I am everywhere now. From everywhere, I see how nowhere that you feel that you are. I watch you scurry around in a tizzy, trying to make it all just right….trying to line it all up and line it all out. I see your master plans in front of you, for a rebuild that isn’t yours. I see an overhaul coming on a rig that you haven’t fired up and taken out in decades. I feel your frustration and I raise you mine. You aren’t living your purpose. You aren’t fulfilling your Dharma. You are an ass kissing fool my friend. You are far more worried about being liked that you are about being yourself. You are way too worried about stepping on toes. You pick up the phone for people crying wolf while you are teetering over your own edge. Knock that shit off already! Truly, if they can’t love you, out loud, like a verb, and be elated that you showed up at all, keep on walking sister. If their cries simply get heard because they are louder than your own, you best raise yourself an octave or two or ten. You are a lame sitting duck Coral Dawn. You are a lame, and I empathize and emphasize at the same time, with lame sitting ducks my friend. What does anyone need or want with a lame and sitting duck? What does anyone want or need with someone who doesn’t feel worthy or good enough? What does anyone have to offer outside of you that you don’t possess within you? You don’t need office space. That space needed you. That space needed your love and your energy and your gift…you never needed that space. You were to sit in Lotus pose and pray for your world for hours and days on end, for a world who didn’t even open the door for you to enter. This is your time to stop and realize your error and to leave this place that doesn’t validate you, inspire you and open space up wide for you. This is true if all spaces, all people and all situations before you. If a space has not been prepared for you, this is your sign to walk by in love without crossing the threshold. If you can’t get calls and texts back and answers that don’t feel like dragging the bottom of a lake, you are notifying the wrong people, to light you up. If it feels wrong, it is because it is wrong.

Thank you for stopping in Robin, and for the message for us all this morning. Thank you for the angels who light my path. Thank you for a partner who loves me no matter what. Thank you for the love and support and input of friends and family, at a time when clarity eluded me. Have a beautiful day everyone. I love you! Great to spend time with you this morning sister! I love you!

Thank you for a beautiful Birthday weekend everyone!

Wow! How blessed am I? Truly, thank you for all of the Birthday love! What an amazing weekend, with the most beautiful and dear and amazing people! And further blessed by all of your calls and texts and messages and well wishes. Thank you everyone, so much for all of the love!

Thank you God. For everything. Amen.

My life journey promises healing space for us all. My life’s purpose is to give that away to everyone! Puzzlement has overcome me as to how to do that for my entire lifetime so far. Who am I? What is my purpose? Why am I here? What am I “supposed” to be doing? Where do I go from here, and how do I get there? So many loaded questions. So few answers to these questions. And yet, I have been doing this all along, to some extent, for my entire life, as we all have. I have been living my life’s purpose. As I know better, I do better. More conscious these days, I am aware of where I have fallen short. More willing to be wrong so I can learn who I want to be and less quick to blame others…and I am grateful.

I hope everyone has a blessed and beautiful day today! Thank you again for all of the Birthday love! I love you all right back!

A leap of faith is on the horizon for me!

Happy early Sunday morning everyone! I cannot sleep, as I’ve been working on plans for my new office space. I have been in constant prayer and meditation over this opportunity, as it’s a big decision for me. I am close to submitting an offer for the space I have chosen. I am asking for love and prayers to guide me in this decision and to light me up as I take a new platform and a new role in my life. This opportunity comes at a time when I am transitioning my focus and my work into spiritual overdrive.

It feels as though I have Always and forever obsessed with job descriptions and credentials and resumes. I have put in a lot of hours, sweat and tears, never really fulfilling my dharma. This opportunity comes at the perfect time, as I enter a place in my life where I do not give a shit about any of that. I do not care what my resume looks like or how many jobs or career paths I have previously chosen. I’m not attached to who you think I am or to what people think I do anymore. This venture is not about any of that. This is about being the light and this is about coming with that light and passing this torch. My mission is simple and that is to love us all home. This opportunity…this space…this opening…is simply an invitation for us all to show up and to work together. I will be available in my new office space three days a week. I am scheduling myself in office on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday to start with. My appointments will be scheduled in one hour segments and two hour segments. My rate will be $100 per hour for all services and must be paid at the time of service. I accept cash, checks, PayPal and Zelle. Appointment times for Studio Sessions and for Animal Communication and Animal Reiki and for all Human and Animal Massage will all be conveniently billed at the same rate per hour, to keep it simple and affordable for everyone! All of everything else, I’m doing away with. Simple is my motto moving forward. Being available to everyone is extremely important to me, and so I am taking a huge leap of faith here and making myself available, by opening office space, continuing my mobile and pet sitting clients and by offering studio space at Santuario de Karuna on a one on one basis.

If there is enough interest, I will offer a monthly group meditation. I also have some workshops in the planning phases and will be available for lectures and silent space opportunities. I want to offer you plenty of time with me one on one. So…there are a lot of good things coming!

As I said, I need some extra hands and a skill set outside of my own to help me to demo a wall and to build a couple of walls. It seems pretty straight forward and yet, it’s not my strength, so is anyone available for a few hours this week to help me out? I am looking at this week on Wednesday or possibly Thursday? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Please hit me up if you can help a girl out. Thank you in advance!

I can feel the momentum building and the energy lighting up! I know that we are in for some amazing things coming! We must be the change. We must be the love. We must hold hands and stick together.

As I prepare to take this leap of faith, I ask each of you for all of your love and prayers. As I program for being both a provider and for being so provided for, I pray for each of us to give and get what we need from one another. My mission is to be of service and to be available. This leap of faith makes that more possible than it has been and for that, I am very grateful.

With my proposal in hand and my offer ready, I walk into the light, ready for all of the amazing opportunity, the financial security, the abundance and healing headed our way. Please pray for my offer to be accepted and for my proposal to be embraced and accepted, so that we can get moving toward all of the amazing things coming our way!

With all of my love and thanks this morning, I ask for all of your love and prayers as I jump, with all of my heart, into my amazing future. I really do hope you will join me!

All of my love today! I believe in the good things coming! And so it is.