Coral’s Healing Room at 505-269-9242 I rise early. I go to bed early. If you need me, I will make myself available to you.

Welcome to Our healing room…I am so glad you are here!

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Good evening everyone! Welcome to my healing room. I visualize this room as a safe place for us all. We can be wrong here and we can be different here. This room is my manifestation of space I wish I could physically share with each of you. A room without judgement, without fear. A place where we can gather together to be love. I just put it up, so it’s rough, no doubt. I will work out the kinks to bring my three pages into focus and alignment, for the healing of us all. In the meantime, imagine a safe place where you can come and be yourself…a place to set it all down and rest for a spell…a healing room for each of us.

All three of my pages will autopost to Facebook, as I have decided to use my personal Facebook page for some good work, some hard work…some work that needs to be done. I have become so disheartened with the ugly and I bring you this page to celebrate the beauty. I’ve a choice between deactivating my facebbook pages, which I have seriously considered all day long, and then I realized, I will transform my personal Facebook page into a healing room for us all. I will pray and ask for prayers here. I will speak my truth here, even and especially when my voice shakes. I will post my meditations and my quotes to inspire us all.  I will transform the ugly, right before your eyes, on a page I’ve been ready to take down for years…my personal page.

When my Mom got sick, we used my page to keep everyone updated and apprised of my Moms journey. When my Mom died, I kept her page going on my page, so you could all follow me. Now, I take my page back and I promise t my spin on it. I post what I want and I say how I feel. You are free to take it, leave it, like it or not…either way, Bear in mind that you came here, I didn’t come to you. You sought me out, not the other way around.

My personal pages will have my clients and my business page posts, my blog posts and my meditations, for all of you to join in, as you wish. I am no longer attached in any way, to Facebook and how the drama of it all has pushed me to my witts end. I am simply going to use my Facebook pages as a forum for my writing, so if you like my writing, there you go. If you do not like my writing, I’m easy as hell to avoid.

This Page, different than my daily blog commitment on and different than my maxandme business page….different because I created it with all of us in mind and I invite everyone, without bias, to come here and heal and learn and teach and grow. For those not interested in that, I invite you to leave.

Life is short. Life is really fucking short and I’ve no more time for petty bullshit. I am here to be the change. I am here to guide us home. I am because you are. This is our room and I am stoked that you are here with me!

I don’t do petty. I don’t do shitty. I don’t do mean girl. I don’t edit myself anymore. I am here to heal and I am ready to take you with me!

Welcome to our healing room. Welcome home. Welcome to my journey…another layer…another level…another minute or two, here with you, as we walk each other home.

Thise of you who already know me from my blog, know that I write to heal us all. My words, somehow, are needed and I am willing. I have been called and I accept. I have been asked and I am happy to stand up. If you’ve got it in you and I feel you’re so inclined…I invite you to stand with me now, as we become the change we wish to see in the world. I wish to see more love and so I will be more love. I wish to see more peace and so I will teach peace. I love you and I’m going to let you love me too. That’s how we do it! Let’s get to it!

There will be a learning curve for me, as to which page is posting, as this is posting on my blog, not on my new healing page right now. No bother. We’ve got this! All posts will forward directly to Facebook. Enjoy!