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Rambling Wednesday morning reflections and a quick visit from Aiden…

Happy Wednesday everyone! I’m not going to lie…the last couple of days have hurt me a lot. I finally climbed back out of the depression that came for me. What a fucking battle….the battle to keep on keeping on…when my entire life feels to be slipping away from me. Trying to just grab a fucking handle; to anything, and holding tight for a bit, until the turbulence passes and I can try again to hold my own ground again. Being in this tsunami has tilted me a bit. Being in this constant fucking pain has changed me a lot. Changes like this are all the better for most of you, for I am gifted in my ability to do you better than I have ever done me. Changes like this for me are the very alterations in my life force that need some tuning up and love right now. Feeling like I’m in for a quick pit stop and some fresh new tires before I hit the track again. This time it’s for real and these laps count. Practice and running relays…it’s all come down to this. The Pace car and the engine roar…the silence and all of the noise…and I am hitting the track for the race of my life this time. The vibration of the engine draws my soul in and we are ready for the ride of our lives. I’ve driven race cars from the beginning of my driving career. Cornering on rails and dragging…high speeds and hugging the outside of my lane before I take over your lane. The rush and the tempo of it all. For a few years, I’ve switched to four wheel drive and off road gear. I can camp in my car. I can cover any terrain. The pace slows significantly and yet, even in the rock climbing mud gear of the FJ, I will always be a race car driver. My life lesson right now is to slow my roll a bit, and so the FJ is the vehicle of choice. The race car I drive is for endorsement purposes only and has no bearing on much, other than the skill set I call up when I need it. I rarely drive the race car anymore, unless it’s for the thrill of it. I guess life is kind of like that, isn’t it? I mean we all have our vehicles and we all use them for different terrain. Performance and precision on the race track and air in your tires and maps in hand for the trail…it’s all a matter of how you look at and prepare for the journey, isn’t it? Aiden has a thing about the FJ and the race car and when to take one and when to definitely not take the other. I think Aiden was talking about energy, not the cars, and how to use the things we have in our daily lives, like our cars, to maximize our energy. For court, Aiden took the race car. For life, right now, like our life seasons, Aiden says we have FJs and race cars… “Be sure to be in the right vehicle for the journey. Don’t ever take the FJ to the race track and leave the race car at home when we go camping or to Corals house.” I love Aidens outlook on life and I needed it this morning. Thank you Aiden for stopping by! I love you!

We all have the choice, don’t we? How we navigate our terrain and how we shift gears…how we brake and how we accelerate…how we use the transmission instead of the braking system to slow down….how we take up speed and how we lean into the curves. We have the wheel in our hands and the pedals under our feet, no matter which car we are driving and we are the inertia and the motion in our worlds. We are the control and force behind the machines…the minds and the intelligence of it all. We are the driver, the pit crew and the roaring audience…we are the blowouts and the shredded tires. We are the flames and the collisions and the turbulence and the adrenaline of the race track. We are the finish line and we are the winner, the loser and the observer of it all. The seasons of our life and the cars we navigate our terrain with are simply tools for the journey. For me right now, I am stepping out of both the race car and the FJ and taking to foot, in my bare feet, to summit my Mt. Everest! Have a beautiful day everyone! I love you! I love you Aiden! ❤️♥️💜