Coral’s Healing Room at 505-269-9242 I rise early. I go to bed early. If you need me, I will make myself available to you.

Thank you for being here in the healing room with me!

Good morning everyone! Happy Tuesday! I woke up early this morning and wanted to spend some time in prayer and meditation. I am so glad that I took that time. We needed that!

My prayer this morning was that of gratitude. I was showered with such amazing and beautiful and steadfast and true love yesterday. I was loved like a verb. I was loved through my tears. I was gracefully reminded that is why we are here. We are here to be with one another…to touch each other…to celebrate and love and break bread with one another. We are here to walk each other home. I want to thank each of you who walked hand and hand and arm and arm with me yesterday. All of your love…I feel it! All of your tears, I share them. All of your joy…I share that too.

Yesterday seemed to me, both a breaking and a tipping point. There was a death and a birth. There was a letting go and a moving forth. There was love. There was so much fucking love and I am so thankful.

I have this overwhelming desire for you to know that I love you. I really do. I feel your love for me and so, I hope you feel my love for you too. I really, really do. The healing room is that place and that is how we roll here. We love here. No matter who or what or why. We love in this room. To be in actual rooms with you, to be able to actually hug you…now that is fucking epic! To take the healing room and open it up so that we can really be together, in body together, that is what I am talking about! Every day we are here together and I am so, so grateful. Thank you for being here with me! I love you! Have a beautiful day!

Care to join me in an Unconditional and inexhaustible love bath this morning?


Good morning everyone! Do you have your coffee ready? Awesome.,.now go ahead and set your coffee cups down, because we’ve big work to do together this morning! This morning I want us to spend some good time together to start our day off right. I envision that to be bathing in a sea of inexhaustible and unconditional love. Are you able to envision that with me? We are all going to take a nice morning swim in the sea this morning! How does that sound? Clothes on…clothes off…no matter, just jump in! Let’s take a nice and relaxing morning swim and meet back here in a little bit, okay? While you’re swimming, remember that you are literally being bathed in unconditional love…inexhaustible love…allow yourself to soak that all in and feel how that feels. Allow yourself to swim, to float, to immerse yourself and bathe yourself in love this morning. Feel the sun, gently warm your face and listen to the waves crashing…the tide going out and rolling back in…as you drench yourself in love! How are you feeling so far? I am feeling like I want to stay here for a bit longer, so let’s do that!

Everyone grab a raft and let’s head over here together. This little cove looks perfect for all of us! Wow…there are a lot of us here this morning, so please make room for your neighbors, okay? Cozy on in and let’s all come in as close as we can to one another, without touching rafts. We want some space around us, and to know that we aren’t alone, all at the same time this morning. How did it feel to swim and bathe and play in love this morning? How do you feel now?

Let’s all lie back on our rafts and close our eyes. Let the sun soak into your skin and fuel you for today’s journey. Allow the water below you to gently rock you into a relaxed and sleepy state. I will keep talking softly…you just relax and take what you need right now.

What was that like for you? For me, it’s like I don’t want to leave! I want to stay here in unconditional love and inexhaustible love…floating peacefully in my own space, and yet not entirely alone, here with you today, soaking up the sun and basking in love, love, love….

Hey, why don’t we take this with us today?  I mean not the rafts and the ocean…we can take the love though, can’t we? We can take each other in our hearts today, all day long. We can bathe in love all day long AND we can bathe others in our unconditional and inexhaustible love, all day long! We can take this with us! Teachers In the movie “The Secret”always say to imagine the feeling of the wish fulfilled. The law of attraction says that we attract what we focus our energy and intention on. I know that’s right, don’t you? What is better to attract than love? Unconditional and inexhaustible love, love, love…yes please!

As we leave the healing room this morning, how are you going to share this feeling with others today? How are you going to keep these love waves rolling in? You can take this with you, you know? You can pay it forward. You can hold a door for someone. Remember the day I challenged you to buy two of whatever you’re buying for yourself, and gift the other to someone else? You can do that today…better yet, you can do that every day. Imagine how that small gesture alone will change our world? You can let someone in, who is trying to cut you off in traffic…I know. I know. Just try it. It feels better than the escalated blood pressure you get otherwise. Just trust me on this one. Road rage kills. What does road love do? Wave to pepole, even if you don’t drive a Jeep. I dare you! Wave and smile with no expectation. What would Road Love look like to you? Replace road rage with road love, and let me know how that feels, oaky? What about taking an intentioned moment to send someone some love who is struggling? Just stop what you are doing and envision them for a moment…hold them close to you and tell them that you see them and that you love them, no matter what. With all of your intention, send all of your love to them. Send so much that you feel them feel it. That’s how we are going to do it today, oaky? We are going to grab a coffee refill and we are on fire! We are going to spend this day, in as many ways as we can, loving ourselves and the people we encounter today, so that we can all feel it. I send all of my love to you this morning and ask you to pass it on to everyone you meet today. Who is going to heal our world? We are! We are the change we wish to see in our world. I want love and so I am headed out there to love! I really hope you will join me!

Let us love us back to life today…

Good morning everyone! How is your day starting out? I started good this morning and I got some sleep last night. I am fucking stoked. Post op, I feel good and am looking great, and I am thankful. I intend to stay right here!

This morning, I would like for us to grab our coffee and head into the healing room together. Bring your blankies, because we are having a morning huddle. We need to be close this morning…we need to touch hands and souls and hearts, don’t we? How many of you need a morning meditation like this today? I know I do, so come on in and let’s get started. Grab that coffee and let’s get loving!

Looks like we are all settled. You all look great, by the way! I love meeting you here every morning, and I thank you for being here. I really, really do, love being here with you every day!

I have a very special prayer request. Actually, I have several, very special prayer requests this morning. We have people who need some serious love. Is everyone up to deliver this morning? I need all you’ve got today my friends. I really do…lives are hanging in the balance.

We are all hanging somewhere in the space between it all, aren’t we? We are leaving things behind us and we are looking at things ahead of us. For this morning, for these moments though, we shall all, just be here together. Nothing before and nothing on its way matters right now. Right now, this moment, that’s it, and to remind us all again, it’s all any of us really have anyway, right? In this moment, I ask each of you to pull those little lights out of your hearts and place them in your hands in front of you..cupped and open, so we can get some oxygen to those flames. Let us each allow our sparks to be ignited this morning, into flames. Everyone got their heart light cupped in their hands? Okay….now we all breathe in together all of the love and goodness in the world. As we breathe out, we breath out sickness, illness, doubt, of our bodies and our minds. We breathe out anything that poisons ourselves or that poisons others. Let us do this together a few times to clear any uninvited energy.

Please gently close your eyes and visualize with me, healing…abundant and true, real and honest, healing. Please visualize your pain, my pain, the pain of this world, the pain of nations and generations…take in a huge life breath, through your nose, full of phenomenal healing….hold it for a second, and with all of your intention, breathe all of the unwell out your mouth…do it with some vigor, some push…get it the fuck out!! One more and this time, on your out breath, let’s blow doubt the fuck out…all the way out…as forcefully as you can…breathe the doubt out!

How was that for everyone this morning? I feel better…less weighted down. I hope you feel lighter too. Now I want every other person to turn to their right and every other person to turn to their left. You should now be facing the person next to you. That will pair us each up with someone. Does everyone have someone? Okay, one person without someone…come on up here and you will be with me. Okay…now does everyone have someone’s eyes to look into right now? Perfect! Today, this is your mirror…these eyes, these moments, our mirrors, as we venture out today, and every day. We see our reflection in the eyes and the actions of others. We project onto others. Today, I ask that we all look deeply into this mirror…send all of our love to the person sitting in front of us. Now, like a plastic blue ball, pass that love back and forth for a bit…mix it up…fill it up…let’s get this love flowing! Never forgetting that we are all just walking each other home, let’s get that momentum up…let’s get that love flowing  let’s get those sparks ignited into some healing flames!

Okay…now everyone look down into your hands…how are your flames looking? I see some fucking fire up in here! See how that works…we just ignited our sparks into flames. Everyone take your flame and trade it with the person in front of you. Feel the difference and feel the same? We are all ignited now, so let’s all take each other’s flame and place that one back in our hearts. I carry yours and you carry mine. Where mine is weak, yours is strong and vice versa, right? Together, we are healing our world. This morning, with all of the shared love in our hearts, I lift us up for substantial healing and growth and love, love, love…and so it is.

For those of you who need this as much as I did , I attach this meditation below for you. “Don’t Go There”…a meditation sent to me just now, by my sister. Thank you sister! I love you! I have gone there my whole life! Now, after my heart stopped beating and a reset button was pushed, I do not go there.

Moving forward and with loving and healing momentum, empty coffee cups and blankies on the floor, let’s bring  everyone to the center for a healing group hug this morning. Everyone in and let’s love us all back to life today, shall we?

As you head out into the world today, let that flame come rising up out of your hearts and ignite the torch in your hand. Today, we are all here, torches in hand, hearts on fire…let us go out there and light up  some more hearts and torches, shall we?

Hey, thank you again for being here with me today. I love you. I really do. Let’s go out there and do some loving and some helping and some healing today!  I dare you!


This little light of mine…I’m gonna let it shine…

I am recovering nicely and being well cared for. Make no mistake that I am blessed. I want to share the love abundantly blessed upon me, with all of you, and so I shall.

I write today about “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” The great Martin Luther King, Jr…that man had a dream!

In this room, we do love. In this room, we do hugs. In this room we are safe.

We have all been wrong. We have all fucked up. In this room, that’s okay. It really is okay.

I have a dream too. I dream of a world where we learn to accept that we are spiritual beings having a temporary human experience. We are here, temporarily, in these bodies, navigating this terrain, scared fucking shitless. Guess what? So is everyone else!

If we cannot see the dysfunction in a world where we approve of and encourage suicide, because we believe we have fucking arrived, I’m not sure how it could be more clear. We are fucking sick! Evil begets evil and you’ll get yours. An eye for an eye has made our whole world pretty fucking blind, hasn’t it? Just look at us…judging the shit out of each other while drowning in our own fucking sin. We need to get a handle on the reality that it isn’t us and them. This isn’t us against them and them against us.

We  have a beautiful opportunity here to grow, don’t we? I mean, how beautiful that we can be love all of the time. We don’t have to follow the masses into the darkness. We have a choice and I’m going to let this little light of mine shine. “This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine, let it shine, let it shine, let it shine…”

In this healing room, with my little light, I put forth my candle to ignite yours…every single one of yours. You want to know how amazing that is? It takes absolutely nothing from me, to share my light with you. It takes absolutely nothing from you to share your light with someone else. One light, one prayer, one step at a time, I’m gonna let it shine.

We must be the change my friends. We must stop looking outside ourselves for answers that only lie within. We must silence the screaming so that we can hear the choirs of angels in chorus all around us.

I send love and light to Anthony Bourdain and to the family and to the life he left behind. I take that troubled man in my weary arms and I lift him up, as high as I can, that he may find his peace. I ask God himself to shine down upon him and show him grace and mercy and the error of his ways, in a love that passes all understanding. I pray for every animal, ever harmed by him, by you, by me. I thank them, each and every one, for holding space and sacrificing so much for the sickeness that is overwhelming the human race.

We stick our forks and our knives in them. We hang them on our fucking walls and we wear them. We exploit them for our own entertainment. We abuse them because someone fucking abused us. We eat them because that is what we grew up knowing to do. They have no value because we were taught that they came here, for us, to do as we damn well please with them. We say we love the animals and we hate this man who didn’t…and I ask each of you, how many animals have you loved to death,on your own fucking plate, sliced away into bits with your own forks and knives? How many of you were born vegan? If you were not born vegan, and I was not born vegan, you have been the reason for tremendous suffering for the animals. You love your dog and you slaughter your cow, and you call this man evil and vile and insensitive. Maybe you’re right and maybe he is, and maybe, just maybe, that is where we all come in, in the healing room, to love this man home. Truly, here and now, let the one of us here without any sin of our own, cast the first stone. Let the rest of us stand the fuck down and exercise some compassion, shall we? Let us stop judging for long enough to see that a very troubled man, left this world and loved ones behind, and isn’t that enough to just say a prayer and send him on his way?

You May do as you see fit, of course and I’m not here to tell you what to do. I am here to offer up a suggestion though, that we start driving out the darkness with some light and that we start loving some of this hurt and healing the world we live in. Whether you know it or believe it or not, we really are all just walking each other home. How do you suppose we are doing that effectively when we take the guy who said shitty things about vegans and mutilated animals, and crucify him after he already fucking died, and quite possibly, took his own life?

Do you suffer from mental illness? Have you ever tried to kill yourself? Do you have any fucking idea what it is like to be that hopeless? Have you ever hurt someone who couldn’t even defend themselves? Have you ever been hurt by someone you couldn’t defend yourself from? The rage all around this is fear and fear breeds hate…hate breeds more fear.

You are so worried about those poor animals that this poor man publicly and proudly destroyed? The animals would ask you why your compassion ends with them? Compassion is not just for the animals. Compassionate lifestyle choices and compassionate living comes from a much larger spectrum than being an armchair vegan.

My name is Coral and I have been vegan for just over four years. I worked animal rescue for years and we celebrated the ones we got adopted, the ones we saved, by barbecuing the ones who don’t matter anyway. I have killed and harmed many more animals than I care to know, in my selfish decisions throughout my lifetime. I sure did love me some burgers and beers, some steaks and crab legs. I sure did love to eat me some shrimp and some chicken breast…was I a fucking monster? I prefer to say that I was not awakened yet and that I am slowly waking up. I was wrong, so fucking wrong and I stand corrected and educated and educating.

I see a Coral of days before, and I am not impressed some days. I feel the fear of the life I lived and he entitlements that I took, the liberties that were not mine. I see the faces of the animals in our front yard and to say that I am sorry…well, that would just be a fucking drop in a big ol fucking bucket, wouldn’t it? The blood on my hands does not wash itself off with the tears I cry in deep and soul crushing regret for not knowing what I didn’t know before I knew it.

So, to you, Mr. Bourdain, to every single one of us who has been so fucking wrong that we rocked the world around us, Godspeed, and May you find your way home.

For those of you sure there is no God, and even more sure that if there is a God, Mr. Bourdain will not be meeting him, I would throw caution to the wind, as that is not ours to involve ourselves in, and we ought to let go of that for our own sakes.

You don’t have to agree with me or even listen to me. I speak because I need to say these things. I speak my heart and pour it out for you, in this our healing room. I created this space, to do just that…to somehow, somewhere, someway…find some love and forgiveness and light for us all…without conditions or judgement, and only to say that I love you just the same.

I did not know Anthony Bourdain and I am not sure why this had struck such a deep chord with me, other than to say that my heart has literally hurt and my eyes have teared for him and the torture that must have haunted him. I cry for his kids left behind without heir Father, as I lie here desperately missing my own. My heart aches for his children, as being a kid is hard on a good day, and I cannot imagine having to hear such horrors from my father and about my father after his passing, at his own hands.

I am not for everyone. Everyone knows that, right? Hey, that’s okay. I love you just the same.

Welcome to Our healing room…I am so glad you are here!

  1. A2939C6F-441D-48BF-90BE-00C7E9FC51CB.jpeg

Good evening everyone! Welcome to my healing room. I visualize this room as a safe place for us all. We can be wrong here and we can be different here. This room is my manifestation of space I wish I could physically share with each of you. A room without judgement, without fear. A place where we can gather together to be love. I just put it up, so it’s rough, no doubt. I will work out the kinks to bring my three pages into focus and alignment, for the healing of us all. In the meantime, imagine a safe place where you can come and be yourself…a place to set it all down and rest for a spell…a healing room for each of us.

All three of my pages will autopost to Facebook, as I have decided to use my personal Facebook page for some good work, some hard work…some work that needs to be done. I have become so disheartened with the ugly and I bring you this page to celebrate the beauty. I’ve a choice between deactivating my facebbook pages, which I have seriously considered all day long, and then I realized, I will transform my personal Facebook page into a healing room for us all. I will pray and ask for prayers here. I will speak my truth here, even and especially when my voice shakes. I will post my meditations and my quotes to inspire us all.  I will transform the ugly, right before your eyes, on a page I’ve been ready to take down for years…my personal page.

When my Mom got sick, we used my page to keep everyone updated and apprised of my Moms journey. When my Mom died, I kept her page going on my page, so you could all follow me. Now, I take my page back and I promise t my spin on it. I post what I want and I say how I feel. You are free to take it, leave it, like it or not…either way, Bear in mind that you came here, I didn’t come to you. You sought me out, not the other way around.

My personal pages will have my clients and my business page posts, my blog posts and my meditations, for all of you to join in, as you wish. I am no longer attached in any way, to Facebook and how the drama of it all has pushed me to my witts end. I am simply going to use my Facebook pages as a forum for my writing, so if you like my writing, there you go. If you do not like my writing, I’m easy as hell to avoid.

This Page, different than my daily blog commitment on and different than my maxandme business page….different because I created it with all of us in mind and I invite everyone, without bias, to come here and heal and learn and teach and grow. For those not interested in that, I invite you to leave.

Life is short. Life is really fucking short and I’ve no more time for petty bullshit. I am here to be the change. I am here to guide us home. I am because you are. This is our room and I am stoked that you are here with me!

I don’t do petty. I don’t do shitty. I don’t do mean girl. I don’t edit myself anymore. I am here to heal and I am ready to take you with me!

Welcome to our healing room. Welcome home. Welcome to my journey…another layer…another level…another minute or two, here with you, as we walk each other home.

Thise of you who already know me from my blog, know that I write to heal us all. My words, somehow, are needed and I am willing. I have been called and I accept. I have been asked and I am happy to stand up. If you’ve got it in you and I feel you’re so inclined…I invite you to stand with me now, as we become the change we wish to see in the world. I wish to see more love and so I will be more love. I wish to see more peace and so I will teach peace. I love you and I’m going to let you love me too. That’s how we do it! Let’s get to it!

There will be a learning curve for me, as to which page is posting, as this is posting on my blog, not on my new healing page right now. No bother. We’ve got this! All posts will forward directly to Facebook. Enjoy!