Coral’s Healing Room at 505-269-9242 I rise early. I go to bed early. If you need me, I will make myself available to you.

Welcome home!

Spring forward into Sunday!! Happy Sunday everyone! This is the first day of the week…of daylight savings time…of the rest of your life! I am so glad you are here! I really hope you like the new space. I have been working hard to clear some energy and set some positive intention in here.

I have been working on my blog while homesteading in the studio with Nahko. It is pretty surreal to think that this is actually my blog…something I did. I look at it and it feels like someone else’s page. I begin reading and it feels raw. I posted all of my drafts yesterday, so we begin anew this morning. Everything previously published…all of the past and the memory…the horror the torture and the abuse…and the blame, so, so much blame…the whole lot of it…I release it all now, back to the universe, to be recycled for the greater good of us all. I pray that it has served you and helped you to grow. I pray for my own power to release it all…every single last shred of it…I let it all go this morning as the sun rises. Today I am done dragging the pain of my past along behind me. This morning, at dawn, I rise. Today is my first day to be who I decide to be. If you are still here, thank you. If you are not still here, thank you. All is as is should be and I am at peace with that.

This space has become sacred to me. This healing room has become a church for me. I feel like we started out in a small circle on a basketball court, on the gym floor, with our morning coffee and blankies. Look at us now…in sacred union together…in healing space together, having morning coffee together once again. We aren’t on that gym floor anymore, are we? We are in sacred sanctuary now. So, grab that cup of coffee and your blankies and let’s get to some healing, shall we? I am going to grab my tea and I will be right in! Get comfortable and squeeze in. We are overflowing this morning! No worries though…we have plenty of room for everyone in this space.

I would like to start this morning by asking you guys for a quick favor, if you don’t mind? If you do mind, don’t participate. Easy enough? What has this space become to you? What do you come here for every day? What needs are met for you here? These are things that matter to me, and so I ask you, how can I help you? Is there anything you would like to read about or know about? Do you need one on one time with me in this actual studio space? Do your animals need someone sacred to facilitate their healing and continued wellness? I have added all of these options in the “pay now” section of my blog, for those of you who need my services. My words don’t really quantify the experiences I offer. My credentials do not really tell you who I am. Maybe your words will though…I mean to say that maybe your words will help others to know what I do. Maybe you can write a testimonial that will tell others who I am to you? I mean, would you mind writing something for others, about how working with me has helped you? Ok just throwing that out there this morning. I took most of my description of me, out of this page. I don’t believe I can define my work as well as you can. So, with that being said, if I have helped you or your animals and you don’t mind writing a brief testimonial about your experience, I would really appreciate you! It matters not who you are to me…a client, a friend…a follower…if I’ve touched your life and you have a moment to share, I would really appreciate it. You can email your testimonial to me at the following address:

Hey, thanks so much! Truly, I am really looking to put myself out into the world and to be available to you. So, thanks for helping me to let people know who I am and what it is that I do! It always helps me to read reviews and testimonials before I make decisions about our animals and our Sanctuary and ourselves, so thank you for taking the time to help me with this. If I may use your name, please say so. If you would Ike to be anonymous, please indicate that also. That wraps up the office-keeping stuff, so to speak. Now, back to us, and this space this morning. I am so glad you are here!

I have had a LOT of time down here with Nahko Bear to just be. In this studio space, we are just being together. Healing and laying and sleeping…we aren’t really “doing” anything. We are down here being done. We are sacred beings, traveling together in temporary bodies. We are souls in this space, carrying each other home. We nap in the baby bear den under the drafting table and we go for afternoon walks to see Mala Bear. We stretch and we cry and we just are. We go out to potty and we come in and we sit together for hours. We say nothing for hours. Nahko and I don’t need any words. We are treading on sacred ground down here and we know how blessed we are. This time, once passed, will always be a sacred space for us both to return for love and strength for the journey. We will never lose the bond we have built from this time of healing and solitude and time, just lots and lots of time, together. My life has moved into sacred space. I occupy sacred space. I am sacred space. Being with Nahko Bear in the studio for a slumber party that spans almost two weeks, is bringing us both home again. We are blessed and we are grateful. I love you Nahko Bear! Thank you for being here with me. Very soon baby girl, you will finally be free to be you! Without the confines of these walls and with your body healed and strong, you will be Nahko Bear, in all of your beautiful glory! This time with you is priceless to me. I love you Nahko Bear.

Yesterday I lost it a little bit. Feeling a little pent up and like I’m missing a lot of special moments in my life, I spun out a little. As soon as it came on though, I let it pass, for I am right where I belong, doing exactly as I need to be doing. There is nothing, there is no one…there is nowhere more important than right here, right now, with Nahko Bear. And so it is. We are al like that you know? We all know what really matters to us…who really needs us…how we want to show up in our world…we know who we are. Our challenge is to allow ourselves to be that…whoever that is…Who are you? When no one is looking and when no one is there but you, who are you? Thank you Nahko Bear for mirroring me and for showing me a little piece of who I am and what I am made of. You are glorious! You are majestic! You beautiful and you are perfect Nahko Bear! I thank you for sharing sacred space with me, and for walking me home. I love you Nahko Bear!

Have a beautiful Sunday everyone! I look forward to reading your testimonials! I thank you in advance for your help with this. I love you!

Be someone else’s angel…

Good morning! Welcome home! I hope you like the new paint! I lightened it up a bit in here. That shall be the first of many things we will do together in this room. Welcome back!

I am good! I am really, really good! I had a session with my pain management specialist yesterday afternoon, and he sent angels. I took angels and healing stones with me, gifted by my dear sister Eileen. I was greeted by angels and touched by angels! My physical pain is being healed in a way that lets me know I am purging all of what does not serve me, through whatever means necessary, most recently my body, to prepare for the journey before me.

I have been debilitated for as long as I can remember by pain in my left lower back, knotting up in my hip and gluteus muscles. Yesterday, with loving and diligent hands, with all of the love and prayers of the universe and with the love and prayers of all of you, a portal opened and my physical healing has begun! I worked vigorously and gently, intentioned and steadfast in that face cradle to heal myself…to allow the hands laid upon me to heal me…to let go of the bricks that weighed me down that were not mine to carry. We worked as a team with the angles to open a portal to release this pain and I am so, so thankful!

This shift in consciousness and this ability to see the light obscured in the darkness is my salvation and I thank God and my brother Rumi for walking and working me through this. We do not ever walk alone, for there are always angels among us. Be someone’s angel. Love someone so much that you want for them, more,the very thing that your heart desires for yourself. Want it more for the person whom you are having the most difficulty with. Truly, that peace and love and affection that you’re craving, want that for the person you cannot stand to look at right now, more than you want it for you, and watch your life open up! Watch your heart open up. Feel your own healing begin.

Damn! It is great to be back! I have sure missed me! I am sure glad to see each of you too, because I sure have missed you too, in my own absence.

I challenge each of us to be someone’s angel today. We are divinity, you and I. We are God, in human form, here to walk one another home. God obscures himself in each of us to watch and see who we will become. God sees how we will treat one another, and the true nature of our heart, by manifesting himself as us and allowing our free will. How are you going to treat the God that is you? The God that is before you? How will you show the God within you today? Let us all get out there and get loving and swooping into angel wings, shall we? We have much work to do; you and I.

Have a beautiful day everyone! I love you!

From plight to Pranja…

Good evening everyone! We want to introduce you to Prajna. We are using Buddhist spelling and pronunciation and the intention of the Buddha which states the following:


Buddhism, prajna is the ultimate understanding of the true nature of existence and reality. It is a Sanskrit word derived from the roots pra, meaning “beginning” or “premium,” and jna, meaning “consciousness” or “understanding.” Prajna is a state of pure consciousness that transcends worldly concepts or belief systems that might impede perfect wisdom. It is considered to be direct insight into the truth received from the teachings of Buddha and it is needed in order to reach enlightenment.”

In Sanskrit:
Meaning. The Sanskrit word प्रज्ञ (Pragña) is the combination of “प्र (pra-)” which prefix means – before, forward, fulfiller, and used as the intensifier but rarely as a separate word and “ज्ञ (jna)” which means – knowing or familiar with.
We took from all of that, what embodies this little soul. The beginning of consciousness. Prajna.
Prajna, meet everyone. Everyone meet Prajna! Pranja was found wandering the streets, in heat, with her left eye literally hanging out of the socket. Obviously raped and impregnated repeatedly, Prajna  was in bad shape. A dear friend of ours…a friend much like ourselves, who saw an injustice and was called into action immediately, rescued Pranja from her life on the streets.
Looking for the just right and perfect home, we set out to help our friend on her mission. Prajna, previously called Iris by the amazing medical team at The Rio Bravo Vet Hospital came through her surgeries beautifully!
Prajna has since been spayed and had her left eye removed completely. All of her medical needs have been attended to. I was headed over to meet her this morning after my doctors appointment, to do some Reiki and Lymphatic work on her surgery sites and within an hour, I was picking her up and bringing her home. Prajna is home and we are so thankful…so, so thankful.
Prajna is approximately 2 years old and weighs in at 4 pounds and yes, you are correct…Prajna’s first visit was directly to see Momma Tamara and then directly off to meet Aiden!!!!
Please help us to welcome Prajna to
our pack! Prajna is home now and we are all about to snuggle in for the evening and just be a family…count our blessings and love our very traumatized girl to happiness. Prajnas angel already made sure that she was nursed back to health.


Welcome to Santuario de Karuna Brixen…



Have you ever loved someone so much that you had to let them go? I want to talk about a love like that this evening, because I just had the privilege of meeting such an amazing human being, who loved like that…his friend.

Tamara and I were on a much needed, play hookie from therapy…let’s go have that amazing lunch that our amazing friend and donor stipulated we take each other out to today, kind of day.

I’m not feeling well and nothing is helping…Tamara is doing double time because of my health issues and so I booked us massages for after our lunch date at Brixen’s, where we ordered all things vegan and beautiful!

We received a message at lunch on the Santuario page about a pig named Munster. We read his story and saw his picture. We looked at each other, and we said “yes”.

This afternoon a very kind and loving man, turned over care and custody of his friend Munster, to Santuario de Karuna. With all of his favorite food and his favorite crate, and with tears in his eyes, he helped Tamara place Munster in the back of The Jeep.

We all three embraced and we cried together, as we closed the back of the Jeep. As he waved goodbye to his friend, we said a little prayer of thanksgiving…a prayer of overflowing gratitude a prayer of love for the man who loved his friend enough to want a better life for him. “God bless you” he said as we turned to walk away…and God did bless us all, in that moment of  painful goodbyes and exuberant hellos….God blessed us, every one.

As we drove away, Tamara and I cried together. We cried with broken hearts for the man who loved his friend so much, that he called us to give him the best, rest of his life. We cried tears of joy and gratitude for the amazing journey that we are on together…for the work we are entrusted to do every single day together. We gave thanks and we promised Munster the rest of his life would be the best of his life st Santuario de Karuna.

As we pulled into our driveway and opened the back of the Jeep, we pulled Brixen out of his crate and we welcomed him home!

There will be details to follow, of course. For tonight though, we are all winding down here at Santuario de Karuna and sitting in a huge and overflowing bowl of gratitude.

We would like to send a huge shout out to our friend Will who is doing the hard work to become vegetarian. Tamara and I are so inspired by you Will and we hope you know that you have a VIP pass to the Sanctuary anytime you want to schedule a visit. We can’t wait to meet your sister Ella! You are the embodiment of the work that we do here Will…opening hearts and  introducing friends, not food.

If everyone could, give Will a huge virtual hug for his journey into a vegetarian lifestyle. We love you Will! Namaste sends you all of her love and can’t wait to see you again! ( Here’s a little secret, when you come visit again, bring Namaste a cantaloupe…you will surely earn BFF status with her, by bringing her favorite food!)

We get asked a lot…”How can I help?….What can I do?…and I want to thank you for asking, because we could use some help!

We are a registered 501c3 non-profit, all volunteer run, donation funded Vegan Animal Sanctuary. We do not take salaries and we do not have paid staff. All donations are tax deductible and go directly to the animals.

With all of that being said, for those of you who have asked, we could really use monthly donors to sponsor the animals. With monthly sponsorships, we can continue to do the work we do, as stewards to this beautiful land and guardian to these amazing beings, while being able to budget a bit better and rest a bit easier. We also graciously accept one time donations and volunteers.

You can donate at and get more information on us and the work we do at the following link:

Please help us in welcoming Brixen home and please send the man who gave him up some love tonight, to ease the hurt in his heart. All together now, “Welcome Home Brixen. We love you!”



In case you haven’t heard…AIDEN is home!!!!


Good morning everyone! Great morning actually…waking up and knowing Aiden is with his Mom…my morning could not have started off any better! Incidentally, did anyone tell you that Aiden is home?!?

I know this has not fully hit me yet. Last night, in our kitchen, I started to break…and sucked it all back in because we had somewhere to be. The caliber and intensity of this journey…the emotions and the adrenaline…With all of that coming down a bit, I almost fell into a heap on the kitchen floor.

This morning, I signed on to Facebook to return messages and sprinkle my pages with love and gratitude, and WOW…truly, just WOW! The outpouring of love and support and prayers…the shares and the loving comments…I was truly humbled. Aiden and I and Aidens family thank you so much…truly, thank you…every single one of you…thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

For any messages I missed or didn’t acknowledge, please know that I tried to personally respond to everyone. There were literally hundreds of comments and messages on all four of my pages, so if I somehow missed you, I hope you understand. I feel your love and I thank you!

Aiden is home! Aiden is home! Aiden is home!

I know a lot of you have worked with me in the past, doing search and rescue. For the past 9 or 10 years, since my first call to help bring Tsunami home, I have met some amazing people. I have witnessed some amazing “coming home stories”…I have met the most determined, resilient and beautiful beings and there is no doubt that I am blessed to share such intimate space.

I have never received a call from anyone who was missing their companion that my heart didn’t immediately jump in. That is my work, all of it…heart work.

From the moment I am called in and asked to help, my heart automatically searches, until it finds, who we are looking for. My heart will not stop and my faith will not be shaken and I will not give up until they come back home. Once that heart connection is made, it cannot ever be severed, for any reason.

Heart connection work creates a safe place…a vacuum of sorts…and there is nothing in that vacuum but love and faith and hope. There is absolutely no doubt in that vacuum, as doubt has no place here.

From the puppies birthed in the culvert on the reservation, who no one could get to…to Tsunami and every rescue since then…there is but one common denominator…love brought every single one of them home…every single one!

Aiden has SO much love behind him, around him and in him. Aiden is love and when love attracts love…the outcome is favorable.

Using my heart energy and Aidens heart energy, I drew in Aidens Moms heart energy and we loved him home. We ALL LOVED AIDEN HOME!

This story has many, many more facets to It. The criminal and the unimaginable. There is negative energy around Aidens story and I am going to ask everyone a huge favor…please, just hear me out…

This is my theory:

Aiden was stolen from someone who loved him deeply, by someone who may not even really know what love is. Aiden was in his space, minding his business, when someone who felt entitled to something that is not theirs, literally crashed into Aiden and his companions life…and ripped Aiden from everything he knows.

Broken glass and loud noises…being literally ripped from his comfort and his safety…into the hands of an angry, violent and entitled person…this has been very traumatic for Aiden and for his companion.

Aiden came from love and love is not where Aiden ended up. It is a blessing, beyond comprehension, that Aiden is love, because I have no doubt that is what saved Aidens life.

Even people filled with hate and evil intentions…inflictual and self-destructive…entitled and careless…They fell in love with Aiden…

We all know how falling in love can be, when we don’t stay in love…it can get fucking ugly, can’t it? And it got ugly…and this is where my story ends and where I don’t feel comfortable sharing…

I will say his though…Aiden still needs our love. Aidens Mom and Aidens family need our love. Even the man who took Aiden and all of the people involved in Aidens kidnapping, need our love. The police department and the news media covering this story…could we take a moment and give them all some love?

Oh…I see…you stopped reading here, didn’t you? When I asked you to love the man who took Aiden and all of the people involved in his kidnapping…you don’t want to do that, do you?

We can be angry and we can want revenge. We can point fingers and we can place blame…we can all do that. I am going to challenge every single one of you to not do any of that…none of it. I will tell you why…it serves no one. Please hear me when I say that we must stay in love. We must be love, even now…especially now…love is the answer.

Seeking justice…now that is a different energy all together, isn’t it? Let us seek justice, with all of the love in our hearts.

Let is not forget that hurt people, hurt people. I do not condone evil and criminal activity, especially as it related to a helpless animal. I am not happy about how Aiden was ripped from his Mom and subjected to such horrors…and yet, I am going to stay in love. I ask you and encourage you to do the same.

This man clearly has his own demons and is fighting his own battles. I will fight for Justice for Aiden, however that looks, but I will not crucify, berate or belittle someone who is already so clearly broken inside.

Do any of you, looking at Aiden, think that Aiden would retaliate with hate? I don’t believe that Aiden would be hateful and I don’t believe that Aiden wants us to be hateful. Be just….absolutely. Be vigilant…without a fucking doubt…

Aiden reminds us all…above all, all always and in all ways, be kind, and you will always be right. Aiden came home because of love. Aiden is love. Our love…all of us together, loving SO, SO much…that’s what brought Aiden home.

I am going to be very clear…ANY negative comments will be deleted henceforth. I will not allow judgement or negative commentary, of any kind. Not about why Aiden was in the car…not about the person who took Aiden…not about this persons family…Aiden is home and if you want to help Aiden, love Aiden some more…love him a little more deeply…and stay out of the drama and the hate surrounding the events surrounding Aiden.

So, if you don’t mind…take a moment with me this morning and let’s all send Aiden and his Mom, Aidens entire family our love. With all of our intention, let us flood them with all of our love.

And for those of you who are willing, I am going to also ask you to send love to the man that took Aiden and to his entire family. We never know what battle anyone else is facing…Let us always be kind. Truly, for the sake of us all, let’s send this guys some love.

I know I ask you guys to do some hard shit, don’t I? I ask you to hang in here with me in some pretty hard stuff…and so I want to thank you so much for being here. You’ve no idea what your love and support means to me.

We are all just walking each other home…Let is never forget that.

All together and from the deepest place in your heart…can we all say together…”I love you Aiden. Welcome home!”


In all of this darkness…You are the light…

I am restless and not able to fall back asleep, so I thought I would get up and write.

So strange…when I just wrote that I realized that it is 2:05 am and in my earlier days, I would just be getting started…bars closing, after parties beginning…restless? Hardly…tired? Not even close…and invincible? You bet your sweet ass…Always ready for another ice cold beer and a cigarette…

How life changes and evolves and waves and bounces…ebbs and flows…ever changing and evolving. How beautiful that out of such immense and intense darkness, we are the light.

Doesn’t there feel to be a dark shroud over us all lately? As children kill children and adults rape our children…as husbands beat and rape their wives and as wives step out on their husbands…as those same wives beat their husbands and abandon their own children…doesn’t it all just feel a bit heavy? A little overwhelming? Doesn’t it just break your heart?

I know that it certainly breaks my heart, numerous times an hour, to feel the hurt and dysfunction that surrounds us all. We are overwhelmed and desensitized and we seem to like it that way. We walk through our lives half asleep and anesthetized, inundated with bullshit programs that we have all been running, unconsciously for generations, upon generations, upon generations.

How many times a day do you do something because you are supposed to do it? How much of what you do, is because you should do it? I started being mindful of this in my life and holy shit…I am replacing all of the things I “should” do and everything that I am “supposed” to do with things I want to do…and if you haven’t tried this practice, I highly recommend it…

We walk around uncomfortable and unaware and pretty fucking unconscious…some of us more than others. We do not even realize that we are the light.

I wrote about “aspiring” in one of my blogs and how you might want to try dropping the word aspiring from in front of whatever word you put it in front of…do any of you remember that? Did anyone actually go and drop this word, literally or figuratively in your own life? If you did, how did that feel? Let us never aspire to be who we already are…and let us never search for light outside of ourselves, because we are the light. You are the light. I am the light.

I think there may be some confusion on this, so here is my take on it:

No matter who you are, what you have done or not done…no matter where you are at right this moment and no matter who you have been prior to this moment, you are the light.

I can look in your eyes and I can see your light. I’m fact, please hold…I am going to do that right now. I am going to visualize you, right now, and I am going to take a moment to honor your light, to look as deeply as I can, into your eyes, and sit with your light.

Kind of twitchy at first…your candlelight…flickering and barely dancing…faint and off in the distance…subdued by the darkness around it, and yet brilliant, from where I am standing…

My light is drawn to your light and so I allow my light to do what will set it on fire…without any intervention, without exercising desire or control, I join my light to merge any slight separation, and we dance…slowly and clumsily at first, tripping and slipping…up and down and back and forth…bowing and leaping…in and out…and then, as our lights come closer, they intensify…not only in color, also in rhythm and synchronicity…in vibration and we fucking collide…

I look around and I start to see hundreds of other tiny flickers…faint and distant, at first, and then breaking out into this dance…all moving in an unspoken synchronized rhythm, and now, I begin to hear the honor beats, faint and way off in the distance…(loud beats during the songs, sometimes called “honor beats” are a time for dancers to honor the Drum)…

Can you feel all of this?! This is you! You are the light! Your heartbeat…the drum…WE ARE THE LIGHT!!!

We, you and I…we are the light. We must stop searching for the light outside of ourselves. We must stop the pursuit of something outside of us and ignite what we carry within us. YOU ARE THE LIGHT!

So, with that happy Saturday everyone! Go shine that light! In the realization that you are the light, go ignite someone else’s light…this is how we do it! With our flame, with our candlelight…we light up the entire world!

We are all just walking each other home, lighting each other up and if we are going to set the world on fire, why don’t we do it with the most beautiful, warm and inviting fire…the fire that invites us all home…I mean, aren’t those the best fires of all?

I am fondly thinking of John Denver and Solstice at our home…I am thinking of the fire I kept going for my Mom the whole time she was in hospice…how I have always been the fire tender in our home growing up…

I see you. I see your sparkle, through the barely flickering flame. More importantly, I feel you. I always feel you.

Do you feel that? Or maybe you hear it? However you do it…the honor beat is getting louder, getting closer…in your chest…in that mirror…YOU ARE THE LIGHT!

Welcome home!